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Thursday, December 31, 2009









     In our previous post, we gave a mention about using Entrecard. After that, we received more than 100 emails and enquiries about Entrecard and how to use it more effectively. Here in this post we will describe, how to generate free instant traffic to your blog using Entrecard.


Entrecard is a program that allows a blog owner to advertise his blog and keep some advertisements in his blog. This program promotes, “blog walking” through their widget and help you network with other users, increase traffic to your site, earn EC (Entrecard Credits), and free advertise on other sites.


This is absolutely free program to Join. Click here to join  ENTRECARD. You should give “Valid Email Address”, “Category”, “Entrecard Style” ( you can upload a picture 125x125 or just select any default styles), “Blog URL”, and other details as required. Then Grab the code for “Entrecard Widget “ for your blog. After copying the code, Login to your “Blogger Account”,”Dashboard”, “Layout”, “Add A Gadget” and paste the Code and Save. Now the Entrecard Widget will appear on your blog. Your blog has now been submitted to Entrecard moderation team for approval. You will receive an email once your blog has been reviewed and approved.

It has been observed that, rarely your Entrecard Widgets are not scanned properly by Entrecard Automatic scanners. This will delay the approval of your blog and advertisements will not appear in your blog. Simply login to Entrecard, “ Dashboard”. Then you can request again for a scanning of the presence of Entrecard widget on your blog. When the scanner detects widget in your blog, then advertisements will start appearing on your blog.



Learn Blog Walk: Once the Entrecard widget on your blog start showing advertisements, login to your Entrecard account, and in the Dashboard, where you can see “Drops inbox”.  Click on that, to see different blogs (date wise arranged) who visited your blog and “dropped “ you. Now a click on any of those will take you to that blog. Find the Entrecard Gadget in that blog. You can see a small tab called “Drop” where you had to click. Now it will return as “Thanks”. This means you will be in the “Drops inbox” of that blogger and whenever that blogger looks into the ‘Drop inbox”, will see your blog. This process is called Blog walk and automatically prompting bloggers to visit back their visitors. This process also will help you to earn more EC ( Entrecard Credits)


Buy Advertisements for Free: Once you earn Entrecard Credits, then you can utilize those credits to display an advertisement of your blog in another blog. Login to Entrecard, go to “Dashboard” and then to “Campaign”. Here you can find blogs based upon category, popular, cheap or random. By searching here, to find a blog where you can advertise is quite easy. Here you can see our blog appearing in this Campaign. From this you can understand that if you want to advertisement in my blog, then you had to wait for 5 days and when you advertise on my blog, 32 EC will be deducted from your EC account. This EC will be credited in my account. Once you select a blog of your choice, simple click on “Advertise” tab as seen in this picture. Advertisement of your blog will come on that blog automatically on due date. Those bloggers who visit the blog that shows your advertisement will see your advertisement resulting in more visitors to your blog. So while preparing advertisements, use good pictures in your Widget to represent your blog.

  1. Earn Credits for dropping cards : Blog walking will help you to earn EC. Find blogs of your choice from the campaign and simply walk through blogs.
  2. Advertising price : Let others apply for display advertisements in your blog. When there is more queue of applicants, then  your EC rate also will go high.
  3. Referral Program : Try to keep a widget in your blog to attract referrals. The referral banner codes are available in Dashboard . You can earn 300 Entrecard credits for each new users you referred to Entrecard that resulted in a sign up
  4. Selling items in the Marketplace : This depend upon various offers, up to you to participate or not.
  5. Contests : You may earn credits buy participating in contests
  6. Buying Credits : You can buy credits directly from Entrecard by payments


Care should be taken that your blog meets the “ Quality Standards” of Entrecard. Simple Rules of joining:

  1. No nudity in participating blogs
  2. English only blogs
  3. Minimum 5 posts must be present in the blog
  4. Content must be original
  5. No full-screen ads or popup 
  6. No illegal file downloads from your blog
  7. Entrecard widget must be present in your blog
  8. Redirects URL such as tinyurl, linkbee etc are not allowed
  9. No duplicate accounts allowed
  10. URLs must be valid and should land in valid page
  11. No auto playing audio allowed in participating blogs
  12. Content must be recent in last 3 months

Hopes that all my readers got a basic idea about Entrecard. Don’t forget to collect the official E-book after joining Entrecard. Any doubts, feel free to comment.

Monday, December 28, 2009


Link exchange is a very important term in search engine optimization. Bloggers must concentrate more in developing more links pointing towards your blog or website. Link exchange always help in increasing the importance and presence  of your blog in  blogosphere. In other words. This is one of the most powerful search engine optimization in blogosphere. An excellent weapon of all search engine optimization companies in internet.

LINK EXCHANGEUsual methods in link exchange are Blogroll, Directlinks in Posts, and Favorite Blog list.  A major disadvantage in making links using these three ways is that we had to request another blogger to exchange links. Is there any automatic way to make a link to your blog from another blog.

Here we are explaining an easy technique for an automatic link building.


  alarm Please completely read this post, and get your blog name in next post.


image Make comments after every new posts of other blogs that blogging on  related topics of your blog.It is easy to make comments in other blogs. Go to the latest post, and comment. All comments belonging to a post in a blog are crawled by search engines while indexing or crawling that post. If you have your comment in another blog with a link back to your blog, that also will be crawled by search engines and will be counted as one more link pointing to your blog. Care must be taken that never post similar comments because such comments with identical words are neglected by Search Engines.

So, always comment with some good words related to that post. More words you use in commenting, makes the search engine crawl relatively more time on it.


  • Comment linking usually have relative importance. That means, it doesn’t matter whether you make a comment link from a blog of high PR or not. You will get more points in making comment links related to Total number of comments in that blog , Size of the comment (Comment with at least 20 words), Quality of the comment (Comment with the topic or keyword in that post), Nature of comment (Never use HTML links direct in the comment words as it will kill PR of blog owner. But you may link naturally using the method given below) and Time of comment (Try to comment as early as possible, be in the first 50 comments).
  • You can make comments in new blog posts of other blogs without asking their permission. Blog owners happily accepts any comment that praises or analyses their blog posts.
  • Bloggers who receive good comments will naturally visit and comment back to those who comment on their blogs. This will create a mutual agreement between bloggers in commenting and monetizing further.
  • If a blog post get a PR increase, then weightage of all comments in that posts will be automatically increased on next crawling and indexing.


  • STEP A : Find a blog that have related topics of your blog. (Joining in Entrecard, is very helpful in finding blogs categorically ). Take the new post and click on comment.
  • STEP B : Have a look on below given comment box. image Type your comment in the box provided. Then Type your name, preferably the “title of your blog” in the space provided. Then type the URL of your latest post in the space provided. (You may type your blog URL also here, but making link directly to individual pages is much better) . Then click on Publish. In some blogs, it require approval from the blog owner to view the comment


  • STEP A : Find a blog that have related topics of your blog. (Joining in Entrecard, is very helpful in finding blogs categorically, ).
  • Take the new post in that blog and click on comment.
  • STEP B: Type desired comment in the comment box. Then select any particular word which you want to make a link. Replace that word with this HTML code.

<a href=>XXXXXX</a>

Here in this code replace “” with your website or blog URL and replace “XXXXXX” with the word you are placing inside the comment. Then Submit your comment. Most blogging hosts like Google and Wordpress are allowing small HTML pieces like this inside comment box. But overloading a comment box with such HTML pieces will kill a blog. We usually don’t approve such linked comments as many bloggers use this as an opportunity to create links.



















Want to get added in this table? New list publishing soon

Keep this “COMMENT U BACK” widget in your blog and comment on this post. We will add your name in new list.

Login “DashBoard”> “Layout”> “Add a Gadget”> ”HTML/JavaScript”. Then copy the below given HTML code of any widget of your choice and paste. This will work as an identity between bloggers who love to comment back










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We have seen more than 200 illegal copy materials of our blog recently in different blogs. A quick survey revealed one fact that most of these materials are copied from our blog without permission and mostly done by some newbie bloggers. Some of them admitted that they copied these materials without knowing the copyright issues. Keeping this in mind, we have decided to let you know how to disable copying using right clicks of the mouse of a reader. We are not sure, how far this will prevent a reader from copying materials including images. At least we can warn them using a popup that shows the status of our copyright.
Simply follow these steps:
Step A:
Copy the JavaScript given in Maroon colors below:
<SCRIPT language=JavaScript>
<!-- -->
var message = "please don't copy, copyrighted contents";
function rtclickcheck(keyp){ if (navigator.appName == "Netscape" && keyp.which == 3){ alert(message); return false; }
if (navigator.appVersion.indexOf("MSIE") != -1 && event.button == 2) { alert(message); return false; } }
document.onmousedown = rtclickcheck;

Step B:
Login to your blogger account. Then go to “ Dash Board”,’’Layout”, ‘’Add a Gadget”, ‘’HTML/JavaScript’’. Paste the above given Code into that “HTML/JavaScript” box. Save the changes. Now take your blog and see how a Popup coming when you try to right click .
Let’s hope that the popup will make a reader rethink before trying to copy your precious posts and contents.
If you feel any trouble, feel free to comment and ask us.

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Thursday, December 17, 2009



No words required to describe about Amazon associates,now the happy news is that, Google Blogger entered into a direct integration with Amazon Associates to search Amazon’s product catalog and add links to products that earn you commissions when your readers buy products you recommend through your posts or Widget available to exhibit products in Amazon. Once you integrate your blogger account with Amazon, then money making is as simple as that.

  • Insert some Amazon links in every new blog post and any reader who buy an item from those links, you  will get money.
  • Add sidebar gadgets to your blog and earn money from each sale you get from that widget.
  • Earn 15% on Referrals
  • STEP A.
    Visit Amazon Associates website and Create an account. Please note your Tracking ID or Amazon Associates ID.  If you already have an Amazon Associates account, then move to STEP B.
  • STEP B.
    Login to your Blogger account, you will reach Dash Board. Click on “Monetize”  tab. Then you can see a new tab “ Amazon Associates”. Click on that.
  • Now the screen will look like the picture given below.

  • imageAs you can see in the picture, there are two options, “ I want to create a new Associate ID” or “ I already have an Associates ID”. Click on the first one if you don't have an ID, and give your email id and a new password. Remember that this login is for Amazon and please give a new password.

    If you already have an Amazon Associate account, then please check that option. Provide your Amazon Associates ID in the space provided. Some times, a login screen will appear to login to Amazon Associates, where you can enter the email id and password that you registered before in Amazon Associates.
  • imageThen Click on “ SETUP AMAZON ACCOUNT”. You will reach a page as given here.
    Here, Click on “ ADD THE PRODUCT FINDER” . That's all Done. Amazon Associates is very easily setup in your blog. Now we will see the applications of Amazon Associates.

    With the above integration, a blogger can earn money in two ways.

  • Write your new post and you can see a new Widget appearing in the right side of “ New Posts” . A sample picture given below for your reference.
    In that widget, search any item of your choice. You should search for any item you believe that your blog readers may buy for their use. Once you get search results, you can see three buttons, “LINK, IMAGE, LINK+IMAGE”. Select which type of link you want and click.  If you are writing a blog post about a gadget, book,review kids garments, toys, erotic materials, or even review movies,here with this integration, you can search the Amazon product catalog without leaving the Blogger and insert some links to the products you find into your posts. Not only is the process of linking to products more efficient, but Amazon makes it easy for you to earn money whenever your readers actually buy the products you write about.
    The most effective factor is that, you can link to any words in your post, you can place a Direct link in posts, you can place a link with image between posts.
  • Another way to attract customers, is to keep a WIDGET from your Amazon Associate. They have different types of Widgets of your choice which we can exhibit in our blog.

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  • Friday, December 11, 2009





    What is Google Ad Planner

    For a publisher like us, Google Ad Planner is a tool that help to increase the visibility of our websites, and blogs to potential advertisers in ADSENSE. In Google Ad Planner, there is an option called “Publisher Center” which is considered as the most useful weapon for a publisher, where you can claim sites of your own and customize the descriptions for each sites. In “Publisher center”  you can  add up to five categories that describe your site's content. Also, you can include the types, sizes, and formats of ads that your site supports. These data in Publisher center will help the Advertiser to analyze your site as the best one for advertise.

    For an advertiser, Google Ad Planner is a free media planning tool to identify websites that the targeted  audience is likely to visit so that an advertiser  can find the best place to advertise.Google Ad Planner, define audiences by demographics and interests, Search for websites  gives  aggregated statistics on the number of unique visitors, page views, and other data for millions of websites from over 40 countries. It create lists of websites or blogs where an advertiser like to advertise and store them as a media plan.

    How to join Google Ad planner

    Google Ad planner is free and bloggers may join with their blogger Login Id and password. You will reach a page where you can see “ Research”,  “Media Plan” and '”Publisher center”.

    The first two choices are for advertisers and now we will discuss about what an Adsense publisher had to do. Go to “ Publisher Center”. there you can see almost like the picture given below.


    Here in this picture, you can see a brick colored portion “ We found verified sites you can include”. Most of the bloggers who had verified their blog with Google Webmaster Tools will receive such a message, Now Click on that and you can see the site name of your blog is available there. Check that and Click Ok. Now details of your blog is displayed there. You may edit the details of your blog here and can change the description, may add up to five Categories and Adsense slot information. Please take care to give all these details in correct manner as the advertiser uses these data for selecting your blog.

    If your site is not verified, then just verify it with Webmasters Tools.It is very easy by uploading an HTML file to your web server directory or add a unique meta tag to your homepage. Those bloggers with blogger as their platform may add a unique meta tag to your homepage by going to LAY OUT ---> EDIT HTML in Dash Board.

    Installation of Google Verification Meta tag in your blog

    This is clearly explained in one of my previous post . All readers had to look into the “ Installation of Google Verification meta tag in your blog” and follow Steps A to Step F. Your verified sites will be available the next time you sign in to Google Ad Planner.


    While giving your details of your blog, you should add the Google Analytic data also in the Publisher center. This will help the Advertiser to analyze the importance of your blog or site.  Those who have not yet started using Google Analytics, may visit one of my previous posts and add it at the earliest. Read '” Setup Google Analytics in your Site” and “ Add Google Analytic tracking Code to your blog ”.

    Benefits of Google Ad Planner

    More valid targeting:

    Targeting of Advertisers by Publishers and Publishers by advertisers. Potential advertisers are never away from us.

    Display an Ad Planner badge

    Never forget to display a  Google Ad Planner Badge in your blog or website. Advertisers who click your badge will be brought directly to your Google Ad Planner site profile, where they'll find your traffic, demographics, and advertising information.
    1. Claim your site. Then Sign in to Google Ad Planner , then Click the Publisher tab. Edit “site Information”. Scroll down to see Site Badge.
    2. Select a badge size and style of your choice. Copy the badge code in the box, then paste the code in your site or blog.


    Claim your sub domains

    You can now add sub domains, in Google Ad Planner and advertisers receive a more detailed view of your site for their media planning.

    Google Analytics providing additional support

    Sharing Google Analytics data is the most worth thing a publisher can do because all advertisers believe in these data than any other data given in your blog. You can share your page views, unique visitors, total visits, average visits per visitor, and average time on site, and all data on Google Analytics, which ensures potential advertisers can collect the exact information of your site or blog.

    Based on this information, agencies and advertisers using Ad Planner to identify appropriate sites related to their targeted customers,  to include in their placement-targeted campaigns. When more advertisers come to know about  your sites and bid to show ads on them, the competition among your ads will increase. This will steeply increase the Adsense earning potential.



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    Thursday, December 10, 2009


    Adsense is the most  popular PPC program among all bloggers due to its consistency, regular follow up, multiple options and customer support. Google is known to be recording and analyzing all sort of customer feedback. Even if it s a small blogger like me and you, they are hearing each word from us. According to my experience, Google consider their customers as KING. Adsense have been working on building features based on customer’s feedback both from advertisers and publishers.

    Capture (4)Here is a chance for you to  tell Adsense about what's on your AdSense wish list for 2010. What features or product updates you would you like to see? You can submit  an idea for a brand new feature or just a small tweak that would simplify our work flow. We have heard many suggestions from many bloggers through these blogging days. Now its time for you to send those idea drops to Adsense and they will make it true.

    Any blogger interested, may please sign in with your Google Account and submit your suggestion at the earliest in this .You can also look through all submitted ideas and vote on the ones you like.

    Adsense will consider all top voted ideas and bring them to the AdSense Product Management team for review. This Ideas page will run through December 15, 2009 , so hurry up.

    3,230 people have submitted 537 ideas and cast 30,907 votes till now. May be your idea can give a heavenly boost to all Adsense publishers and advertisers.

    All the Best

    BV team

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    Friday, December 4, 2009


    Many bloggers use shortened URL, as a part of promoting blogs or for other purposes. Shortening of a URL will help a blogger to reduce the size of the long URL especially individual pages.Here I am explaining you about a FREE service that helps to shorten URL, create links and to earn money from the links. Linkb is a URL shortening service that can be used with blogs, forums, websites and Twitter.

    How to make Money from LINKS

    Linkb working on a simple idea. When you shorten a URL or a link, while redirecting, small advertisements are displayed . You will get a share of those revenue earned by Linkb. Also a share from the earnings of referrals you have joined


    Entire steps of money making can be done in two simple steps. Please read below.


    Step A:

    Click here to make an account by providing USERNAME, and your email. I suggest you to give a secondary email for this purpose.

    Login and click on “ Create Links”


    As you can see in the picture above, you can shorten Single URL or Multiple URL’s. Here type the URL in the space provided. Please give the full URL starting from http. You can select Ad Type as Interstitial or Banner or None. From earning point of view, selecting Interstitial will provide you more money. But it take 15 seconds while redirecting the URL and displays an advertisement. Usually visitors hate this and close the window. So better option is Banner because, it will show an advertisement only on the top of the window of the desired redirected URL . That means, visitors will not be delayed.

    You may select “None”, if you don't want income and just want to shorten URL.Now click on “Create”

    Now you will reach the page “ Manage”. Here you can view the statistics of the link you made. Just keep the move over the URL you gave to shorten. Now you will get the shortened URL.

    If you type this shortened URL in browser window, then you can see a small advertisement slot , over the top of the window. This brings revenue to Linkb and we also get paid.

    Step B:

    Different ways of making money

    • Tweet your shortened URL in Twitter. Every click on that link will generate income for you
    • Post your shortened URL in blogs, forums, chat rooms, advertisements, or in Social Media Networking sites such as Facebook, Friendster etc
    • Refer your friends URL or any other popular website / pages by shortening it and posting it anywhere. Every click on that, will bring revenue for you.
    • Refer friends under your Referral Link. You are able to receive income from the fifth level of your referral program.

    Now what are you waiting for. Click here to join

    Points to remember:

    1. LinkB sends payout on a NET 30 day basis through Paypal, Epassporte and Cheque. All cheque payments have a $25 processing fee. In order to qualify for payment, you must reach a minimum balance of $15, if you are under this amount your balance will carry forward to the next month.
    2. This program offers a fifth level income sharing in referrals. So our primary income is very less. Just make good quality useful links, which will definitely improve earning pace.

    The above information are received from their site as on today.


    1. Absolutely free of charge
    2. Easy link build up.
    3. Multiple revenue options
    4. More successful , if you can create viral links
    5. Can make money through any links whether it is owned by you or not.


    1. Not known whether it is approved or not approved by Google. Many bloggers are using it as a way to make money.
    2. The income is very slow and little when compared to PayPerClick revenues.

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    Wednesday, November 25, 2009


    YouTube is one of the most popular video hosting and sharing service in internet. Google allows its users to view, upload video files, rate videos, add comments, and subscribe to their favorite videos. The service is absolutely free and need to register to avail most out of that. Bloggers usually confuse themselves on how to add a video to their blog or blog posts. Here we will explain the most simplest way to add Video to your blog posts.

    Steps to add video on your blog posts

    STEP A:

    Login to your Youtube account, search for the video of your choice. When the window will start showing your video then just look in the right side of the page where you can see two options, “URL” and “EMBED” . Just click on the “EMBED” box to select it. Then copy and paste in Notepad. Save it in your computer for further use in Step B. The Picture below will describe where you can find the “EMBED”. This is given in a red circle with a red arrow pointing towards it.

    STEP B :

    Login to your Blogger Account. You will reach Dashboard, then Click on “New Post” . As usual, you may enter your post in the box provided and then Click on tab “ EDIT HTML”. Be very careful that you should not edit or change anything here in this option

    Just look at this picture, where it is highlighted  that  portion in yellow. Capture3

    Now Copy the code that you saved in Notepad ( According to Step A ). Then paste it in the matter of your blog post ( above shown box ). You can paste all these Code anywhere in the posts. But in order to keep the alignment correct, it is better to paste the full code either in Top or at the bottom of your blog post.

    Now click on “ Preview” which is on the left side of “ Edit HTML “ tab. You can see the preview of your blog post with the video. Some times, it may take few minutes for the Video to appear in the preview.

    Just look at this picture, where a recently added Video is previewed. Capture2

    If you feel that the preview is correct, then “ Publish”  the post. Now you may upload some other Video sharing services also like this way.

    So, what are you waiting for?? Make a Video, upload it in Youtube and Post it in your blog.

    Happy Blogging….

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    Friday, November 13, 2009


    Many bloggers struggle with time. Most of my friends and blog readers have another job which gives the primary income for them. Blogging helps to make some revenue apart from this. What will happen , if we stay away from blog for a long time? PR will go down, search engine rankings will go down, followers will say goodbye and anxious readers will abstain from the blog forever.I know one blogger who recently got a nice job in Standard Chartered  and still blogging quite nicely. She maintains the comments,  replies, bringing new ideas to her readers and very active in some social networking sites also. Her mobile and email helping her a lot to maintain her blogging.

    Here I will explain some ways to make easy blogging through Email.

    How to post via email to your blog?

    You can easily post without logging into Blogger. You may mail your post to a preconfigured email address and blogger will automatically post it immediately in your blog.

    Just login to your blogger account. Then go to Dashboard, then to Settings. As you can see in the picture given below, Posting Options, which is highlighted in ‘yellow’. This also known as Mail2Blogger.

    Now you can see  a box where written “ SecretWords”. You must write some words as your choice in this box. Suppose you write XXXXXX. Then the format of the email address is Please keep this email address as a secret one because  anyone who gets it will be able to post as you.

    Then check the box “ Publish emails immediately”. (It is very important that you check this option otherwise your posts will be saved on your account but will not appear on your blog until you log in to Blogger and publish them yourself)

    Now, Save settings.. Now you are able to send any posts, through the email assigned above. You may send an email that contains your post from your mobile or pc to this address which will get published quickly.

    Most email programs have some additional texts below the matter in the email. In order to avoid that also getting posted, please add # at the end of your each post.

    How to receive my latest blog posts through email automatically ?

    This feature in blogger is quite interesting. Whenever you post a  new article or picture or what ever  in the blog, a preconfigured email will bring that post back to you automatically. This will help to assure that your latest post is in a correct way or not. Enabling this feature will help to know, If somebody hack your id and post as you.

    Just login to your blogger account. Then go to Dashboard, then to Settings. Here you can see BlogSend address. Enter the email address to which you want to send each new blog posts.Then Save settings. Now you will receive new posts back to your email.

    Before, Blogger allow bloggers to enter only one email address. But now we can enter up to ten email address.You may choose these addresses  from your contacts also.

    So, Wish you Happy Blogging

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    Wednesday, November 11, 2009


    I was much worried when one of my dear friends said about his sad time and dropping one PageRank down to number three for his blog. I consoled him and explained some of the good reasons why PageRank decreased from higher levels. Before reading this article, my request is that, please keep away all hatred about such an act from our favorite search engines. Before reading this just try to know some basics of PR evaluations.

    PageRank Technology

    PageRank was developed by Google founders Larry Page and Sergey Brin at Stanford. PageRank gives more importance in how others link to a particular page, blog or a website. There are several factors that considers while designing PageRank and PageRank is only one of numerous methods Google uses to determine a page’s relevance in internet. PageRank does not rank web sites or a blog as a whole, but is determined for each page individually.  PageRank is believed to be calculated on an algorithmic scale.Google calculates pages PR and updates it once in every few months.PageRank does not define site rankings in Google or traffic. Some times, if the used keyword and the content is appropriate, then the page may come higher in  Search Engine rankings.

    The Pagerank™ scale goes from 1 to 10 on the Google toolbar and from 1 to 7 beside listings in the Google directory. A less important site is with a PR of 1 and an important site is with a PR of 7 or 10, in the directory or toolbar respectively.

    A simple  algorithmic formula that describes the PR calculation is given below

    PageRank value for any page A can be derived from

    PR(A) = PR (X)  /  Y

    X= PageRank values of each page that linking to page A
    Y= Number of links from Pages X

    With little more explanation:

    PR(A) = (1-DF) + DF(PR(X)/C(Y) + ... + PR(Xn)/C(Yn))

    DF is the damping factor that can be explained as the amount of your PR which we can  actually pass on when we link to another site. The value of DF is 0.85

    PR(A) is the PageRank of any page A

    PR(X) is the PageRank of the page which links to page A

    C(Y) is the amount of total links in (X)

    Don't confuse with these formulas. Just leave it to mathematical genius and lets discuss about how we can regain the lost PR.

    Now Google is following not only this formula but the quality of links, and activity pattern of a blog, before providing PR. Most of these methods of providing PR is a trade secret of Google. It is observed that a well disciplined blogger always get much respect from Google.



    Your page rank was decreased due any of the following reasons. Please try to find which one and rectify it.

    Check the downloading time and restructure  your blog

    Some blogs and websites are designed with complex designs and most of them shows much difficulty in getting downloaded. This reduces the crawl rate of your page by Google bots. So read this, check your pages' downloading time and restructure your blog. Read this

    Any hidden Text in your blog

    Just check your blog posts that you have placed any hidden text , may be some “Keywords”. If so just remove it.

    Remove any Paid Links

    If your blog posts contain much paid links i.e. links to websites that pay for links, then kindly remove them. PR will get a hit from back, if such links are more.

    Duplicate Content or Copyright protected materials

    Always write original content. Please note that search engines usually crawl everything available in web. If you copied some content and added to your post, then definitely it will affect your PR

    Avoid Mirror Pages or same pages under multiple URL

    Don't create multiple copies of a page under different URLs and if you have any such, please remove one of them or add a robot.txt file to prevent Google Bot to crawl any one of them.

    Submission of articles to directories with Lower PageRank

    In internet you can see many advertisements that offers free listing of your blog pages and free submission of your pages. Always make sure that you are submitting your blog to a directory that have higher PR.

    Bad Incoming Links

    Check whether your site have links coming from  certain sites or blogs of categories like , Gambling sites, Porn sites, sites having inappropriate contents and blogs once banned by Google.If so, just remove those links.

    Do you cloak?

    Check that any pages in which  the content presented to the search engine  is different to that presented to the user's browser. Make pages relevant to Keywords and search engines

    Check your Metatags, Meta Description and Title Tags

    If we add common MetaTags to our HTML, then chances are more for Google, to display some “Error” or “Warning” on “Title” and “Description”  Metatags. Usually duplicate description issues are not much serious but duplicate title issues are known to be harmful.


    Check your robot.txt file

    A robots.txt file restricts access to your site by search engine robots that crawl the web. These bots are automated, and before they access pages of a site, they check to see if a robots.txt file exists that prevents them from accessing certain pages. Want to know more about Robot.txt? Read this

    Avoid links to unwanted blogs or sites

    Analyze the outgoing links of your blog and avoid sites that are banned by Google. Outgoing links should be as less as possible to achieve higher rankings.

    Check for any  No Index tag in outgoing links

    If you don't want to keep your site hidden, then never put a Robot “No Index” tag in your HTML. Keeping such a tag will prevent spiders from crawling and indexing your blog.

    Check for  Comment spamming

    Look for any comments in your blog that have HTML links back to some low PR blogs or websites or some Porn sites. Just delete those comments. Always keep comments that have some relevance to the topic. Kindly avoid comments with links inside the comments.

    Scrutinize your  contents for illegal, malicious scripts or ideas

    Avoid spreading unwanted scripts, codes, ideas, or other harmful contents through their blog.  If you have any post against Google, its policies and modus operandi, kindly delete them at the earliest.

    Frequency of Posting

    Always maintain a good rhythm of posting. It is not good that one post you make in September and the next one in December. Show your presence in blogosphere at least once in a week with new original posts.

    Reduce Automated activities in blog

    Never fill your page with lists of keywords, attempt to "cloak" pages, or put up "crawler only" pages.If your site contains pages, links, or text that you don't intend visitors to see, Google considers those links and pages deceptive and may ignore your site. Kindly check the Webmaster tools from “ My Account” in blogger. You may please verify the sitemap submission and confirm that all pages are indexed.

    Add widgets approved by Google only

    It is always preferred that we must use Widgets approved by Google. Other Widgets may contain some suspicious links which will lead to the decrease in the PR of all pages of blog. Or make sure that the code that you are installing is safe.

    Inspect the images added to your post

    Remove any copyrighted, blurred, and huge sized images. Make sure you use tags ( Keywords) to help spiders to know what the image is about.

    Make Search Friendly Graphics

    Search engines have a tendency to skip Flash graphics. So reduce any flash graphic content in your blog. Always make plain text links in addition to or instead of Flash.

    Refer your SEO company

    If you have used service from any SEO company, then confirm with them about the ways of SEO they are choosing. Always avoid dangerous steps to boost PR. Create natural links and slow and steady blogging will give good PR.

    Where shall I apply to regain PR

    There is no need to apply to regain your PR. Once the above matters have analyzed carefully, then make sufficient changes and wait for next PR updating Definitely you can regain the PageRank.

    If you feel doubt about any matters discussed above, please feel free to comment us.

    Check your PageRank here 

    Check Page Rank of any web site pages instantly:
    This free page rank checking tool is powered by Page Rank Checker service

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    Tuesday, November 10, 2009


    One of our reader from Malaysia, mail us about ways to convert her blog into a book. We visited her blog and found that 167 posts with copyright protected photos. An excellent blog, but how we will convert it into a book. It need a lot of time and effort to design a book from that blog. Great surprise, when we said about this tidious nature of the job, she offered handsome money to us. In this post, we simply refusing her offer of money and introducing her about a new way of converting your blog into a book and market it worldwide.

    Convert your blog into a book

    Books Blog2Print is a website that lets you publish some or all of your posts and photos as a professionally-printed, full-color book or a digital book. You may select certain comments, and also add your own additional photos.

    Blog2Print is pretty user friendly, just enter your blog URL here ( Blog2Print - Link to URL entry page ), then select the date range for the posts you’d like to include, and choose a cover, both back and front, from different choices. Then add an optional dedication, and proceed to generate your book.

    You can opt for a soft cover or hard cover full color book, or a digital copy. You may save your work for later purposes also.


    This service is approved by Blogger, that means, an official partner as on today.


    Yea, It is a paid service, but you can view the book designed by them without any cost.

    How to make money from your blog book ?

    Please visit the Blog2Print, as described above and download a digital copy ( if you like ). Then please contact to discuss about resale of digital copy of your book. After entering into an agreement with Blog2print, you may start selling your book through EBAY. And I heard about some affiliate programs, but I prefer all of you to visit the website and read the most latest Terms and Conditions for sale fully.


    Why don't you print a book and give it as a gift to someone you love?

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    Thursday, November 5, 2009


    Music is a part of most bloggers life. Think about the peaceful mind while hearing good music, especially while blogging. Even now, I am hearing, “ Show me the meaning – Backstreet Boys ” which gives a lot of peace in my mind. I'm not talking about any external players to hear the music i like. But I'm introducing “ iLike”. One of the most beautiful application for bloggers.

    How to add music or soundtrack to your blog or websiteimage

        iLike is a service that helps you to organize, share, and discover your favorite music through your blog or website. It is very simple to add iLike to your blogger. Click on this pictureimage to reach the page of adding an embedded player in your blogger blog or website. 

    After you reach the page, Name your Playlist, Add songs and Organize. Then click on “ Done”. After clicking you will reach a page where you can see the tab  “ Add to blogger “. Click on that , you will reach login of Blogger. There is nothing to worry in login through this way, because this service is approved by Google.

    The Widget will  now ask your permission to get embedded in your Layout. Click on “ Add Widget ” and later you can change its position by going to your “ Dashboard” and then to  “ Layout”.

    Stay with iLike, because more applications on this widget will be launched soon, like……

    • 1-click posting to other web sites
    • 1-click sharing by email
    • Easy customization of fonts, colors and styles


    Additional Features of ILike ( Not necessary for a blogger )


    • Download the iLike Sidebar for your PC
      • You can feel concert alerts and new music from your favorite artists
      • You can enjoy Free MP3s from new artists who match your tastes
      • You may share your playlists on any Web page or on Facebook


    • iLike  have developer platform for music, partners include Google, Evite, Slide, Flixster
    • iLike have Full-Song Playback on Facebook; Chosen by Facebook as a "Great App"
    • iLike have  iPhone Apps for Artists and Integrates With Twitter, and YouTube


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    Wednesday, November 4, 2009


    We are apologizing to stay away from helping our readers for a long time. A busy schedule of 33 days..medium project for charity with the help of great people who donated to our charity works. We specially thank all bloggers who helped us to raise some money to help some of the Rehabilitation of Leprosy Affected  People. And we successfully completed one Leprosy Eradication Campaign in one of the under developed place in world. All details are available with us and will supply to our supporting bloggers,upon request.

    Our next aim is to provide basic shelter for some poor people in another place. We do this work, directly and will not involve any agencies. For starting this,  we aim to collect much money within a span of one year from now and waiting for support from all our distinguished bloggers.

    blogger in action



    All our supporters, well wishers and those who need our technical help, may resume your contacts with us.

    Our new post, releasing soon

    Businessvartha Team

    Tuesday, November 3, 2009


    I am writing this with extreme sorrow that one of my blogging friend from United States Of America, recently got a car accident in Michigan. This actually happened when he tried to post an article through mobile about a funny incident happened while he was driving through the highway. He was online and chatting to me. Few minutes after I lost him. Three days later I got an email that explained all that happened.

    When we met online again I found him as happy as before. I was much anxious about how he managed his expenses for those days. He send me a thread to auto insurance guide for teens and gave me a note on how to be a GOOD YOUNG DRIVER. Funny, isn’t it? A youngster who doesn't care much about anything under the sun,and don't have much money with him,  took an insurance.

    Impossible, I spelled it in my mind. He said me that there is way of finding easiest way to find cheaper insurance, young drivers can compare rates from a variety of companies online. This allows a youthful driver to locate the cheapest quotes much quicker than the old method of contacting each insurer directly for a quote.

    Just cant believe it, but had to, when I saw his way of finding cheap insurance for young drivers.This is Onlineautoinsurance, which is an online progression to the physical locations, giving customers the convenience of purchasing a policy via the Web even purchase a policy online from a variety quality appointed carriers. Consumers  may receive instant proof of coverage when they buy a policy online. More consumers are going online for the convenience and savings that the Internet and World Wide Web brings to auto insurance.

    The important key in finding a good insurer is the correct location with affordable price. This is where a comparison with Zip code works. The insurance premium price varies according to the location, driving record , gender , type of vehicle and coverage.

    Using online, the customers can avail different types of reductions, various choices etc very easily. Now, just have a visit to view this explanation on finding cheap coverage for young insured

    Sunday, September 13, 2009











    Most of the bloggers like to know about new freelance blogging job opportunities. I was bit confused how to inform all my readers about new blogging job opportunities . Because we found a lot of opportunities, some are high profile jobs and others are usual blogging jobs during last few months. If I start posting about all those opportunities then , it require another 10 page updating daily. This made me think about an auto updating page that shows blogging opportunities from all over the world as a single stream.

    • It shows new blogging job opportunities and freelance job opportunities
    • It is updating every hour.
    • It covers almost all new hot blogging and freelance job opportunities

    All readers should contact the advertised persons and any dealings should do direct. We are just showing an opportunity and it is your talent to explore it by all ways.

    More from us:

    If you are a Blogging Job provider then Click here to pass the details of the job to us. We will publish it with one link to your website or blog

    If you are a Blogging Job Seeker, Click here to submit details about you and your experience (if any) to us. We are constructing a new JOB SEEKER directory and we will inform you when ever there is a marvelous opportunity identified by us.


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