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Thursday, November 5, 2009


Music is a part of most bloggers life. Think about the peaceful mind while hearing good music, especially while blogging. Even now, I am hearing, “ Show me the meaning – Backstreet Boys ” which gives a lot of peace in my mind. I'm not talking about any external players to hear the music i like. But I'm introducing “ iLike”. One of the most beautiful application for bloggers.

How to add music or soundtrack to your blog or websiteimage

    iLike is a service that helps you to organize, share, and discover your favorite music through your blog or website. It is very simple to add iLike to your blogger. Click on this pictureimage to reach the page of adding an embedded player in your blogger blog or website. 

After you reach the page, Name your Playlist, Add songs and Organize. Then click on “ Done”. After clicking you will reach a page where you can see the tab  “ Add to blogger “. Click on that , you will reach login of Blogger. There is nothing to worry in login through this way, because this service is approved by Google.

The Widget will  now ask your permission to get embedded in your Layout. Click on “ Add Widget ” and later you can change its position by going to your “ Dashboard” and then to  “ Layout”.

Stay with iLike, because more applications on this widget will be launched soon, like……

  • 1-click posting to other web sites
  • 1-click sharing by email
  • Easy customization of fonts, colors and styles


Additional Features of ILike ( Not necessary for a blogger )


  • Download the iLike Sidebar for your PC
    • You can feel concert alerts and new music from your favorite artists
    • You can enjoy Free MP3s from new artists who match your tastes
    • You may share your playlists on any Web page or on Facebook


  • iLike  have developer platform for music, partners include Google, Evite, Slide, Flixster
  • iLike have Full-Song Playback on Facebook; Chosen by Facebook as a "Great App"
  • iLike have  iPhone Apps for Artists and Integrates With Twitter, and YouTube


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Jaypee David said...

cool!! thanks for sharing this.. =)

NYOG said...

oooh. i want to some of these add ons.

Graffiti said...

Everyone has different tastes in music. I find it very annoying hearing music playing, many advertising programs refuse sites with music playing. It also slows down those on slow connections.

heaven_bdg said...

nice bloggg !!

Sparkling Star said...

I added it on my blog.
When i click on the song on my playlist on my blog,its taking me to ilike website .
Is there any way in which,the music can play directly on my blog,without taking me to ilike website when i click on playlist on my blog?

Kris said...

Dear Nakshatra,
never click on the song name. Instead of that you must click on the " Play" icon on the left side of the name of the song. If you just click on that icon, then the song will play. And one more interesting thing is that, before installation, you should add all the songs in the playlist. Also preffered that you signup and make your own profile and playlist.
Thank you

Sparkling Star said...

Hi Kris,
Thanks for the reply.
The problem persists even if i m clicking on the play button as suggested by you.Please advice

Aswani (Admin) said...

Many thanks for the info. I may use it soon :)

infonerdtoo! (",) said...

nice site.. keep it up.. :)

Unknown said...

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