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Friday, June 18, 2010


We have added a scrolling text widget in one of our previous post and many readers thanked us that they like that “ to and fro” pendulum scrolling text widget. Recently one reader asked us about a one side continuous scrolling  text widget. Here in this widget, the text will scroll in only one side similar to “ electronic advertisement display units ”. Please feel free to ask anything related to this widget. Follow our blog for more tips and subscribe our Feed, if you like the post.


This continuous scrolling text widget will help you to display scrolling text continuously in one side. Follow the below given steps to install it on your blog.


Log in to your “DASHBOARD’. Then click on “LAYOUT” and then go to “PAGE ELEMENTS”. Click on “ ADD A GADGET”. Select “HTML/JAVASCRIPT”. Now go to Step B to copy and paste the entire code given there in RED colors. Then Save.


<!—CONTINOUS SCROLL CODES BY --><marquee behavior="scroll" direction="left" bgcolor="#CCCCCC" onmouseover="this.stop()" onmouseout="this.start()" scrollamount="2" scrolldelay="50">PUT YOUR TEXT HERE</marquee><a href=""/><span style="font-size: 60%">Get this Widget</span></a>

Some edits for the above codes

You may change the appearance of that scrolling text by editing some part of the code according to your ideas. Here I will explain where to edit and how.




  • bgcolor="#CCCCCC"

You will get many color codes in this below given chart. Simply select the color and view the code of that. Type the code of desired color and replace in the above code. This will change the background color of the area where you place the Scrolling Text. Don't remove the hash tag (#) before the color code.

Click on the picture to view



scrollamount="2"   You may change the speed of scrolling  by changing 2 to any number you prefer.



This is the area where you had to provide the text  of your choice. Please note that you had to limit the number of words according to the space in your blog where you wish to display this widget

Once you finish the editing, then copy code and paste it in the box provided as in Step A. Click on Save. You can view the text scrolling in the widget area. If you like to make any changes, just ask me , I can give you additional tips.

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Thursday, June 10, 2010


We have started a separate page to bring you some interesting blogging contests for all of you to earn money. This page, you can avail by clicking on the FREE BLOG CONTEST button on the header portion of this blog which usually will be updated with blogging contests as well as some of our prominent posts. Now here I wish to announce you about a much brilliant competition which I have never seen in my blogging phases.

Tweet this post to others quickly..The more you help others will earn more points

Start and End time

  • Contest start at 7th of June and Ends at 7th of July 2010


Biggest Internet Cash Contest in blogosphere

How to win ?

  • Write about the contest to spread the word
  • Link to your articles to let everybody in your community know
  • Add sponsors’ links to your post
  • Contact your readers, bloggers, friends and followers, ask them personally to support you by adding valuable comments, retweeting and sharing your article across social media and bookmarking sites
  • Interact with comments on your article by adding a useful reply. Helping others and supporting them will earn you another point!
  • Number of valuable comments (one point for each quality comment or reply
  • Number of tweets an article gets
  • TIP from GrowMap
  1. You must be a member of Network and have your site URL registered at the member page.
  2. Register to in case your article is among the half of all submissions that are published there.
  3. Activate your account
  4. Submit your article by the 7th July



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Wednesday, June 9, 2010


Google Wave is now turning as a most popular sharing and communicating media. A lot of Gmail users are now enjoying the features of Google Wave absolutely free of charge. Google Wave is now growing as a great sharing tool for bloggers also.By creating a Wave, one can easily share their new posts by adding a “WaveThis” button in their blog.

How to add Wavethis button in your blog

FOR BLOGGER USERS: Save your template to your computer before doing any changes

Log in to Blogger Account, go to Layout -> Edit HTML and check the box "Expand Widget Templates". Now, find this code in the template:

<div class='post-header-line-1'/>

And immediately after the above given code, paste the code given below.

<span class='wave'>
<a expr:href='&quot;; + data:post.title' target='_blank'><img src="" /></a>
<script type='text/javascript'>
function displayURL(data) {
var urlinfo = data[0];
if (!urlinfo.total_posts) return;
document.getElementById(&quot;a<>&quot;).innerHTML = urlinfo.total_posts;


Please note that including this code will generate a “WaveThis” button, as you can see in our blog, just above this post. Google marvelously made different sizes of “Wavethis” button  as you can see down here. Please replace the red portion in the code given above to get desired size from this.

button16.png   GOOGLE WAVE                                    icon16.png GOOGLE WAVE

button24.png  GOOGLE WAVE                                 icon24.png GOOGLE WAVE

button32.png  GOOGLE WAVE                           icon32.png GOOGLE WAVE             

Courtesy: Google

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Google Wave is becoming a big hit in the world of sharing and communication through internet. This more powerful weapon is now becoming an online communication and collaboration tool that makes real-time interactions more easy in one place, where a wave creator  can communicate and collaborate using richly formatted text, photos, videos, maps etc. A wave is a mixture of conversation and document that helps a wave creator to reply anywhere in the message, edit the content and add participants at any point in the process. Then the wave creator can playback and lets anyone rewind the wave to see who said what and when it waved.

WAVEA wave can replace chat rooms, sharing services like twitter, facebook and now growing much faster after the announcement by Google that “ Google Wave is open to all”. Playback previous waves is the funniest attraction of Google Wave.

How to join Google wave

It is very easy to join as this is an absolute free tool from Google. If you have a Gmail or Google Account, you don't need to sign up to use Google Wave. Just visit and sign in using your Gmail username,  and your password. If you don't have Google account, then you can follow some easy steps to create a Wave account.

Know more about Google Wave

Here is a video that help you to know how to start with Google wave. Thanks to Youtube and Google for this excellent video.

Courtesy: Google and Youtube

Google Wave help to work in groups

The below given video help to know how Google Wave can be utilized to work in groups. Especially much useful for bloggers and corporate.Thanks to Youtube and Google for this video.

 Courtesy: Google and Youtube

Happy Waving……..


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Tuesday, June 8, 2010


Most people start blog to make some money with in a short time. Here in this post we are suggesting some useful tips for a beginner blogger who struggle much to make money out of blog. Please remember that there is no shortcut to make money from blogging. Being a beginner, you had to follow some discipline while posting, marketing, link building and making relationship with other bloggers.

If you have any more suggestions please share it with us so that we can include in our next post.



Take part in contests and competitions – There are lot of competitions going on in blogosphere where you can take part free of cost and earn money quickly. Just visit this page to know what are the latest contests available for a blogger to take part. Free Contests for bloggers

Include an affiliate program – There are many affiliate programs available in internet. When you display an advertisement and a visitor of your blog follows that link. You will get paid when a sale happened through that referred link. Top Affiliate programs are Google Affiliate Network and Amazon Associates

Join any PPC programs - Pay Per Click  or PPC is the most popular advertising program in which ads are placed on your blog and you are paid when ever your visitors click on IT. Your income will automatically increase when the traffic to your blog also increases. Major PPC program I suggest is Adsense

Join any CPM programs - Cost Per Thousand impressions is another easy method of monetizing a blog. The revenue generated by the impressions made by an advertisement. In this method, there is no need of any click by visitors in your site. As there are more visitors, then the impressions will be more and you will get more money. Top CPM programs are Adsense,,

Join any Link Money programs – The links in your blog can earn you money. You had to shorten the URL links that you are posting in your blog, according to the program. When visitors click on this links, then they will be redirected to destination URL with displaying an advertisement. An easy way to make money especially in porn blogs, where visitors aggressively click on most links. Major link money programs are Linkbee

Join any PPP program - PPP or pay per play is a new advertising method in which the reader hears an audio advertisement for few seconds when they open your blog or website. This will give you a commission and this have an advantage of getting paid for each visitor to your blog or website. SellingPPP , NetAudio are  such websites. Please take care that if you are using any free blogging services, then your blog hosting company approves this method or not.

Join Twitter and monetize it – You must open a twitter account when ever you start a blog. Then monetize a twitter using different twitter money programs. Major Twitter money making programs are Revtweet, SponsoredTweets

Find more blogging jobs – There are many companies in internet where small and medium freelance jobs are offered. Find an appropriate one for you and start earning money from that. Want to know new blogging jobs? Click here to know more jobs which is hourly updated.

Display advertisements - Keep two or three or four 125 x 125 area in your blog to display advertisements. Offer direct advertisement display opportunity in your blog.   Being a beginner, give only low advertisement rates or provide a negotiable rates. Once your blog becomes popular, then you can ask for a standard rate.

Join Money Widgets – You had to embed a widget into your sidebar that displays some advertisements. Your income will increase as you will get  high value advertisements. Major Money widgets are,,

Join any Review sites – There are many sites that gives you money when you write any post about a product of an advertiser referred by that company. SponsoredReviews, payperpost

Ask for Donations - You should add a PayPal donation button to your blogs asking readers to make a monetary donation to keep the blog alive, by asking "If you like this blog, why not buy me a doughnut?"

Join any Text Link Ads — As the name indicates, text based link advertisements which will help you to earn a lot. Major programs are Text-Link-Ads and Text-Link-Brokers

Join any Feed Advertisements – Before proceeding to this, burn your feed using Feedburner. Then monetize your feed using Google Adsense or Bidvertiser. Click here to know more

Join any Paid Surveys and Polls – Get paid when you fill out surveys and polls or place them on your blog for others to fill out and earn money. Beware of scammers in this area.

Offer Tutorials through your blog - Offer tutorials of latest software in the market, or any other subject of your expertise and collect money from the clients. Be sure to provide excellent service so that the customer will not deviate from you

Offer to work as a consultant through your blog – Blog readers consider you as an expert in the topic you are handling. So it will be useful if you act as a consultant of the subject with negligible fees.

Offer to write in other blogs - You should consider writing in other blogs, because this will help to increase traffic to your blog. If you are confident to write more then you should consider receiving a payment for writing in other blogs.

Offer to write e-books - Write e-books and sell it through your blog

Convert your blog into a book – This is an interesting way to make money. You can convert your blog into a book by yourself and then sell it through various channels like Amazon, Ebay etc. Want to know more? Click here

Sell your blog – Still unsuccessful in making money from blog. This is the last option. I suggest you to sell it to others. Yes, if you use this step, blogging is not your cup of tea.

Happy money minting

Saturday, June 5, 2010


Some of my readers asked me about how to display one website in another website.This usually required when you want to display some advertisements like Ebay, Amazon etc. Or if you want to include one of your blog pages in other posts, then it is better to integrate than providing a link.  An easy way to integrate a website or a particular webpage with your blog is by using iframe. Iframe, as the name indicates an intelligent frame that carries one URL within another URL.

Google ChromeInternet Explorer Firefox Opera  Safari

The <iframe> tag is supported in all major browsers.

How to integrate a webpage within iframe

Inclusion of Iframe is quite simple. Just add the below given one line HTML where you want to integrate a webpage or website.

<iframe height="700" src="" width="100%"></iframe>

Before including the above code in your HTML, please change some variables given in red letters as per your requirement.

height= change 700 according to the space in your blog or website. This is the height of the frame.

src= change  with the URL of the blog or website or webpage which you want to display in that I frame

width= change 100% to less than 100% according to the width available in the area where you want to integrate the webpage. This is the width of the frame, which you can change to numbers instead of %.

Happy framing…….

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Many websites and blogs run free contests for bloggers. This aim of such contests is to build a quick popularity of that blog with in a short period of time. Websites and Blogs usually announce these competitions in their blogs or websites. Most of them are free of charge to participate. Just provide some links or writing about that competition in your blog – that's usually required to participate in such competitions. Here onwards, we will bring news about such blog contests through our section.


Just click on “ FREE BLOG CONTESTS” tab in the header portion of our blog. This page is updated every hourly and you will get most valuable contests that is announced all over the world. Just book mark this page, try to participate and earn money.

With the help of Twitter, we are updating this page “ FREE BLOG CONTESTS” continuously. The information are collected from various sources and we are not responsible for the absolute authenticity of such competitions. Participants must contact the original blog or website to claim your prizes or to settle any disputes. These contests mostly aim to build links, and to make a blog or website popular. Due to this, free contests are generally devoid of scams .

BLOG CONTEST WINNERIf you plan to run such a competition, just let us know using our contact us form and  we will publish it at the earliest. Before asking for it, don't forget to give a link from your blog to us and follow our feed.

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