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Saturday, June 5, 2010


Some of my readers asked me about how to display one website in another website.This usually required when you want to display some advertisements like Ebay, Amazon etc. Or if you want to include one of your blog pages in other posts, then it is better to integrate than providing a link.  An easy way to integrate a website or a particular webpage with your blog is by using iframe. Iframe, as the name indicates an intelligent frame that carries one URL within another URL.

Google ChromeInternet Explorer Firefox Opera  Safari

The <iframe> tag is supported in all major browsers.

How to integrate a webpage within iframe

Inclusion of Iframe is quite simple. Just add the below given one line HTML where you want to integrate a webpage or website.

<iframe height="700" src="" width="100%"></iframe>

Before including the above code in your HTML, please change some variables given in red letters as per your requirement.

height= change 700 according to the space in your blog or website. This is the height of the frame.

src= change  with the URL of the blog or website or webpage which you want to display in that I frame

width= change 100% to less than 100% according to the width available in the area where you want to integrate the webpage. This is the width of the frame, which you can change to numbers instead of %.

Happy framing…….

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Tomas said...

This is very interesting and looks so easy to do. If I understood right, the code you provided to us can replace the whole list "my other blogs", yes?

Reetha said...

Exactly Mr Tomas, You said it. Thats a way to crosspromote blogs. Thanks for commenting

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