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Tuesday, November 15, 2011


Facebook never allow its users to add friends more than certain limit. Friend suggestions will appear on the side of your Facebook account. The more you add, chances are more to get banned. You may get a ban of 2 days, 4 days, 7 days, 30 days or permanent ban from Facebook. Also there is a Friend limit of 5000 for an account. My Facebook account hit the limit and now, many friend requests are pending for me. In this post, I will explain an easy, simple and quick way to add more friends in Facebook.



How to get Thousand Friends on Facebook

  • While opening a Facebook account, add maximum details, like School of study, work, place etc. Please make sure that such details will not hurt your privacy.
  • After opening a Facebook account, go to Find Friends. Never add friends from your Email directly. Instead of that, make a Contacts File for all contacts from all your email address by importing from Yahoo, Gmail and then save it in your computer. Upload this Contact File to Facebook while adding your friends. Some times, this contact file may contain more than 500 known friends in Facebook. This huge friend requests will trigger banning your account. So immediately after sending friend requests, logout of your account. Then login after at least seven days. You can see some of your friends added you. Please wait for another week to do the process again.
  • Now you can see many groups in which your friends have joined. Join such groups and manually place a request for friendship on the wall of such groups.
  • Try to join many groups that is related to your profession, place of work or thoughts. Share funny, outstanding thoughts or pictures through your wall and share it to all groups you have joined. Share a common view to become friends with all members in the group.
  • Always like and appreciate worthy posts / pages from your friends and friends of friends.
  • After doing all these, never use Friend suggestion to add more than five friends in a single day.
  • Once you have initiated a conversation, never forget to add the user on other end.
  • Actively participate in Chat rooms and you can first request your chat partner to add you.
  • If you plan to SNO,( Social Networking Optimization), then making a profile of a female, will be ideal. Try to add some attractive photos which could make a profile visitor, add this profile on first visit itself. (A survey found that 40 percent of Indian Female Facebook profiles are intended for SNO and are made up of fake photos and details)
  • In a thirst to get more friends, never make an ugly profile, filled with explicit materials. Some news is coming that Facebook decided to intensify its profile review system from January onwards and any such fake profile will be deleted with immediate effect.

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