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Sunday, March 7, 2010


We are very happy to announce gratitude towards our distinguished readers who favored us in reaching the first place in the most renowned Bloggerschoiceawards 2009. We were leading for quite a long time and when the voting finished in December 2009, we reached the top place with 1031 votes and declared as the “Best Blog about Blogging”. Once again thanking all our supporters who voted and even campaign votes for us. BLOGGERSCHOICEAWARDS This year, the competition started again in January. Much more blogs are participating and the competition looks much tougher than before. We would like to request your valuable Votes for the following categories

Still not participated? Nominate your blog / website now itself. How to take part and Create a link from Bloggerschoiceawards website ? Read and Follow this steps.

Nominating your blog will help you to take part in the contest and to create a very valuable link to your blog from this high rated website. You can make Four such useful links by nominating your blog in four different categories. Also, you can nominate individual posts and thereby increase the value of your individual pages in blog.

We once again request all our readers to continue supporting us and expressing our sincere thanks to all .


Gedi Junction said...


Orangesplaash said...

Congrats..Your blog indeed deserves the honor!! Thanks for the link, I will be taking part in it too.

Art by Tomas said...

My dear P. Reetha,
I was happy to vote for you. You are the best for sure.
Our communication (your consultations- quick and detailed response to my inquiries) planted the trust in blogging into my heart.
I was proud of voting for you.
That was as if saying Thank you to you loudly.

You gifted me the hope to see my blog as something totally different that it is now.
I hope you will help me to check all errors and to fix them.
While reading you I am learning to blog properly. You teach me not only to blog better than I was used to do, but help me to communicate with others more fruitfully on my day-to-day life too.
Thank you once again.
God bless you!

Aswani (Admin) said...

Many congratulations..Reetha. No on deserved more than you..Keep up the excellent work :)

Aswani (Admin) said...

Many congratulations..Reetha. No one deserved it more than you..Keep up the excellent work :)

Magali Vaz said...

Are you interested in reciprocal voting? I too have been nominated-
I would love to vote if all 4 categories if you would do the same. Thank You.

Karthikeyan S said...

Congrats Reetha!!

Shrinath Vashishtha said...

Hearty Congratulations, dear Reetha, on the achievement! Your blog deserves it truly. Cheers! :)

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