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Thursday, August 4, 2011


Are you busy with your social networking activities? Use the free time to create more number of posts and then schedule the posts to be published one by one. Keeping a fixed frequency of 10 – 15 posts per month is advisable. If you can spend one week and create 100 posts of any niche and then upload it by scheduling for next 100 days is proven to be a very effective blogging SEO. The spiders gets your presence for almost three months that means almost six crawls. 

How to schedule my posts in blogger

Simple method. Login to your Blogger DashBoard. Click on new post. In the left hand corner of that new post editor , you can find ‘post options’. Click on it. Then you can see an option for ‘post date and time’. Select ‘Scheduled at’ and give the time in which you wish to get the post published.


Remember that you had to give the timings each time you post a new article in your blog. If you wish to publish at the same time, then change that option back to “Automatic”.

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