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Monday, December 27, 2010



Google Zeitgeist brings us the most valuable information about the top ten search terms based on the aggregation of billions of search queries people typed into Google in 2010. Before you start a new blog or write a new article with new niche, just have a look at this popular terms and try to make use of its popularity. The terms are classified according to Entertainment, Sports, Consumer Electronics, Food&Drink, Map Searches, People searches, News search, Translations, Health search term, and Humanitarian aids.

Search terms related to Entertainment

  1. justin bieber
  2. shakira
  3. eminem
  4. netflix
  5. youtube videos
  6. lady gaga
  7. kesha
  8. nicki minaj
  9. grooveshark
  10. transformers 3

Search terms related to Sports

  1. mundial 2010
  2. olympics
  3. espn3
  4. fifa 11
  5. randy moss
  6. miami heat
  7. mourinho
  8. wayne rooney
  9. cricket live score
  10. david villa

Search terms related to Consumer Electronics

  1. ipad
  2. iphone 4
  3. nokia 5530
  4. htc evo 4g
  5. nokia n900
  6. blackberry apps
  7. duracell mygrid
  8. 트위터
  9. otterbox
  10. pdanet

Search terms related to Food & Drink

  1. masterchef
  2. 食べログ
  3. cupcakes
  4. jimmy johns
  5. как жрать суши
  6. dominos pizza menu
  7. tudo gostoso receitas
  8. guacamole recipe
  9. applebees menu
  10. rachel ray

Search terms related to Maps Searches

  1. anhembi parque
  2. wm gucken
  3. world cup
  4. bundeskanzleramt
  5. rio branco
  6. mt everest
  7. kew gardens
  8. tour eiffel
  9. oxford street
  10. nürburgring

Search terms related to People

  1. justin bieber
  2. katy perry
  3. selena gomez
  4. kim kardashian
  5. eminem
  6. lady gaga
  7. miley cyrus
  8. taylor lautner
  9. megan fox
  10. robert pattinson

Search terms related to News

  1. haiti
  2. besiktas
  3. chile
  4. earthquake
  5. lady gaga
  6. iphone 4
  7. jörg kachelmann
  8. menowin fröhlich
  9. mobile technology
  10. oil spill

Search terms related to Translations

  1. vancouver 2010
  2. apprendimento automatico
  3. ресторан нью-йорк
  4. машинное обучение
  5. beijing apartments
  6. comercio electrónico
  7. st. petersburg restaurants
  8. منتزه يلوستون الوطني
  9. energia solare
  10. dubai tours

Search terms related to Health Queries

  1. hcg diet
  2. dr oz
  3. aspergers
  4. mcdonalds nutrition
  5. vitamin d deficiency
  6. appendicitis symptoms
  7. cholera
  8. nfp
  9. vacina h1n1
  10. whooping cough

Search terms related to Humanitarian Aid

  1. donate to haiti
  2. donate to pakistan
  3. text to donate
  4. doctors without borders
  5. download to donate
  6. red cross canada
  7. blood donation restrictions
  8. donate blood australia
  9. donate now button
  10. csl plasma

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Thursday, December 23, 2010


Here is something for fun, and serious too. Our feedback, which is much appreciated by Google Blogger Team, whether it's a request for a new feature you'd like to see, a suggested improvement to the latest release from Draft, or input during a usability study. This our chance to help blogger to give some feedback about the monetization features currently offered by Google Blogger Team. Don’t forget to take a look at the marvelous Blogger T shirt offered by Google.

Blogger Monetization Features Survey

A very simple survey, that can be filled by any blogger about Bloggers current features, especially monetization features. Answer some simple question and win Blogger T shirts.

Take the quick survey her


If you receive the prize, please let us know. We all will celebrate it here.

Don’t worry, if you didn’t win a T-Shirt. There are many rumors in the street……Blogger coming up with more freebie attractions.Winking smile

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Wednesday, December 22, 2010


Google Website Optimizer is a tool that can help a blogger or a website owner to improve the effectiveness of your website . In GWO, you may choose what web pages or parts of a page you'd like to test. Then create an experiment and run. GWO collects all data, analyzes and reports about what can be done to improve the performance of your blog or website. Testing by creating an experiment in GWO, will never hurt your Search Engine Rankings.



Improving Online Conversions for Dummies explains how you can make sure your ads show on searches that are most likely to convert into sales.


Planning an Experiment

After you’ve signed into Website Optimizer you can start creating your first test. Here’s what you need to have ready:

  • URL of your A page you want to test.
  • URL of your B page with the different content you want to test.
  • URL of your conversion (or Thank You) page.

Create the experiment.

1. Click ‘Create a New Experiment’. Please note that Google Website Optimizer offers two kinds of tests: A/B testing (sometimes referred to as split testing) and
multivariate testing. If you want to test the entire design or look and feel of
a page and have a smaller amount of traffic, then select ‘A/B testing ‘. If you want to run a test across your entire site and want to test many combinations, then select ‘multivariate testing’

2. For bloggers, I suggest to select ‘A/B Experiment’. Read through the checklist, tick the checkbox and click ‘Create’.

3. Name the experiment and identify pages. Give your experiment a descriptive name to help you identify it quickly. Paste the URLs of your test page, alternate page, and conversion page into the settings of the experiment. If you have more than one alternate page you want to test, click ‘Add another page variation’.

After you’ve entered the URLs of your pages, GWO does a quick check to make
sure the pages exist. When that’s done, click ‘Continue’ to move on.

Install and validate JavaScript tags.

Website Optimizer uses small snippets of JavaScript code in order to show different variations. You need to add the JavaScript tags to your test pages: Control Script that determines what variation that visitor sees, Tracking Script that keeps track of which variation a visitor saw regardless of whether the visitor converted or not. or Conversion Script that keeps track of all conversions for the experiment.

Launching the Experiment

Once your experiment pages validated , then you can launch your experiment. Before you launch, you need to preview the experiment and then Click on Start the experiment.

Understanding Data and Reports

The test reports shows either green, red or yellow bars, in  pages that have different content. The variation pages in green color are absolutely  better than the original pages but with red bars are not. If a variation has a yellow bar then there is no definite conclusions can be drawn and you need to wait for more data to come in.

Final Action

Depending upon the amount of traffic your page receives, the complexity of your experiment, and the difference in conversion rates for your combinations, the duration of your experiment may vary. If your test page have good traffic, less complexity, and non similar conversion rates then the experiment will finish quickly. After analyzing the report, you can decide whether to do another follow up experiment or no.

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Thursday, December 16, 2010



1. Know how much you have to spend and stick within your budget.

It can be great to have a legitimate reason to spend money - provided you are not building up trouble for the next six months. Guilty spending is no fun. And guard against the temptation to buy favour. If you have been neglectful for the past 11 months, your incongruence will be quickly spotted.

2. Get out of your own skin when choosing presents.

How often do you buy things for other people, because you would like the item for yourself? If it is for a close family member, who is this gift really for, you or them? You know those times when you found something that really worked. You became as excited about giving it, as the receiver might feel receiving it. Getting absolutely the right gift is a sign of true understanding and acceptance. Ask yourself, "What would this person really like to see when they remove the last piece of wrapping?" "What would light up their face? And what wouldn't?!"

3. Wake up out of your Christmas trance and choose to change your patterns.

What are your Christmas patterns? Are you the one that does all the cooking or gets landed with all the tidying up? Is it down to you to arrange all the social events and invite people round to your place? Do you always go on the 10 mile walk, get involved in carol singing, or making special visits? Or is your preferred pattern one of getting drunk as often as possible, over eating, staying out all night, falling out with people, avoiding people? Are you the Martyr, the Couch Potato, the Hostess, the Scrooge, the Party Gadfly, the Benefactor? Do you like yourself? Do your patterns leave you feeling good about yourself? Consider if you would rather have or how you would rather be, and come up with at least 5 alternative options. This could be the best present you have ever given yourself - and maybe to others around you.

4. Know in advance what you are prepared to do, and what you are not prepared to do.

Often time spent over Christmas undertaking activities you loathe at worst, and just about tolerate at best? The festive period is notorious for bringing out the "oughts and shoulds", and you find yourself called upon to follow an ancient set of prescribed rules. Compromising yourself over Christmas is a recipe for resentment and ill will - not just for yourself, but for others as well. Check out who is setting the rules, and what might be the consequences of not following them. You can then decide to comply or not. A congruent yes or no, will let others know where they stand, and let them make plans accordingly. Time won't be wasted try to persuade you differently.

5. Mentally rehearse specific events - the Christmas Dinner, the visit to your in-laws, the trip to the Amusement Park.

Look at the event from the eyes of everyone involved. Be aware of the pitfalls and the pleasures. Have contingency plans - if just how to manage your state should things go wrong. Ask yourself "What's the worst thing that can happen, and what would happen if it did?" Notice what is within your control, and what else you can influence. Everything is outside your control and so let it go and accept it. More stress is caused by the fear of what might happen, as opposed to what actually happens.

6. Take a new look at the system you are in.

Christmas is a time when families come together, sometimes for the first time since last Christmas. It is amazing how one minute you are a mature adult, holding down a responsible job, and the next minute you find yourself reacting to your sister/brother/father/mother as if you are still that 10 year old. Then you feel annoyed, or pathetic that it's happening again. The family system can trigger old patterns and knee jerk reactions. The strange thing is you'll find other people responding differently, if you do something different. If you don't lock horns, they will have to find a different response. You will no longer feed off them, or vice versa.

7. Rethink the things that annoy you.

When we get annoyed, it is because we believe that things should be different, or that they/it made us respond like that, or they wouldn't have said that if they didn't mean XY or Z. These are examples of what we are believing: about them, about what is right, or about how people ought to behave. Do these beliefs enhance your sense of wellbeing? Do they leave you feeling good? Which ones could be more useful? Remember, to misquote Eleanor Roosevelt - "No one can wind you up without your permission." Take a moment to notice the meaning you are giving to the behaviour and ask yourself "What else could this behaviour mean?" "When could it be really useful?" You could even become curious about what has to be happening for them, for them to behave like that. This way you give yourself the opportunity to respond differently to that "typical present", "typical remark" or "typical response."

8. Be aware of what you really enjoy about Christmas festivities.

Take the time to make a list, and remind yourself what is so good about each of them. They may evoke bygone memories; they may pleasurably fill your senses, or they may give you a sense of fulfilment, excitement, or compassion. It might be choosing gifts for certain people, wrapping your presents, hearing the Christmas music on the radio, going to parties, wearing special clothes. It might be experiencing the rituals of religious observance. As you become aware of each of them, relive them with all your senses, so that you will recognise and relish them when they actually arrive. This will help to counter balance those other moments, which you have chosen to tolerate.

9. Build in exercise to balance out the eating and drinking.

Make sure you get outside and give yourself some fresh air. There is so much socialising going on indoors, so much on the telly, that your system can do with a break outside - even if you are not naturally an outdoors person. Arrange to go on a walk, see if you can leave the car behind, clear the garden. And know that dancing the night away is a great way to burn off the calories.

10. Consider this to be the first Christmas of its kind.

If you are expecting history to repeat itself, it probably will. If you have a sense of inevitability that things will go badly, then it is likely you will have a hand in making it happen. Often when we believe that such a thing always happens, or so and so never does what you want, or everyone takes you for granted, then you will find yourself looking for evidence to support this thinking - completely missing all the evidence that might say otherwise - the times when things didn't happen, or what did go well, or when you were appreciated. Start noticing what is different. Start noticing what you are doing differently. How you are thinking differently. And if you find yourself slipping into old habits, let this be a signal for you to do something completely differently.

Have the Christmas that you make for yourself.

Best Wishes to You All

by: Fran Burgess : nlpand Website

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Friday, December 10, 2010


One of the major internet company, now willing to buy Blogs of PR2 or PR3 which are writing on any topic. The company would like to expand the internet presence, through multiple blog as a part of their expansion. The blogs can be with own domain or with free domain services. If the blogs own a valid domain, then the company will pay additional perks according to the age of the domain. Please note that, blogs that are hosted in the free blogging services like Google Blogger, TypePad, Wordpress etc. are more eligible.



Points to remember while offering to sell your blog

  1. Any blog can be offered to sell, irrespective of its hosting platform.
  2. The topic of blog can be any subject, other than adult content and pornography.
  3. The age of blog and total links pointing to blog will determine the Buy price of the blog.
  4. Businessvartha will take whole responsibility for completing this transaction between the seller and the buyer company.
  5. Sellers will get money through their PayPal account or Direct Demand Draft to any bank account number.

How to Contact Us?

Please click on the “SELL BLOG” tab on the header of this blog. Then fill up the form and send. Please submit all blogs which you want to sell using seperate forms.

Or Comment here.


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Adding an appropriate image inside a blog post is a big challenge to all bloggers. While generating a post and adding an image into it, a blogger had to respect copyrights, content eligibility and republication rights. Google is now upgraded its previous image search engine to Advanced image Search. This image search engine help us to find an image based on a specific keyword. Just type in that keyword and you will get millions of images within seconds.


How Google Advanced Image Search help bloggers

Go to 

Then fill out the form given there before start searching for an image for your post.

Find results                                                                                                    In this column you can  select either related to all of the words / related to the exact phrase / related to any of the words / not related to the words. After putting a word of your choice, I suggest bloggers to select ‘ related to all of the words or related to the exact phrase’

Content types
In this column you can choose to get any content, news content, faces, photo content, clip art or line drawings as your search result. This will help you to find a cartoon, or faces that match your posts.

Here you can specify the size of the image that you want to get through search result.You can easily find an image that will fit to the size of the post area in the blog.

Exact size
This option helps to get images exactly the size you want.

Aspect ratio
This option help to get images with an aspect ratio that is of any aspect ratio, Tall, Square, Wide or Panoramic. Blogger may select according to his need.

File types
This is another great option to get files of different types such as any file type, JPG files, GIF files, PNG files or BMP files. For example : You can easily filter animation images from a huge list of images by selecting ‘GIF’.

This option return only images in any colors, black and white or full color.

This option return images from the site or domain

Usage Rights
This is very important option for a blogger. While copying an image from internet, we can make sure about its license to use. Here you will get images that are not filtered by license, labeled for reuse, labeled for commercial reuse, labeled for reuse with modification, or labeled for commercial reuse with modification. I suggest that bloggers must check the option ‘labeled for reuse’ or ‘labeled for reuse with modification’ before starting the image search

Safe Search
Like to get some adult content images? Then select ‘No filtering’.  You will get a mixed images in ‘Use moderate filtering’. ‘Use strict filtering’ to avoid any prohibited contents.

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Tuesday, December 7, 2010


Event gadget is a Free Gadget provided by Google Friend Connect to promote an event to your community. The members and readers  of your site can get details about the event (including images and video), see a map, indicate whether they will attend, and see who else has responded. Viewers can join the event and see who else has joined the event.Events can be added to a member's Google Calendar with a single click. If a blogger conducting an online appearance, this Gadget is an ideal one to coordinate between your readers and members of the blog.

Picture courtesy: Google

How to Add the Event Gadget:

1. Go to Google Friend Connect. Login with your Google account linked with your blog. If have not yet started with GFC, then you had to Signup and add the blog.

  2. You will see all your blogs listed in left sidebar under 'Sites'. The total numbers of members who are following your blog through Google Friend Connect is also given there.

3. Click your Blog Title and it will expand to show submenu below it.

4. Click on 'Gadgets' link and Search for “Event Gadget”

5. Click on 'Event Gadget' link or ‘Get This Gadget’ link.

6. You will reach a page of Options to choose the Page, and fill in your Event's Title and Description. Choose the start and end dates and the Time Zone. Fill in the Location, address and Media URL which is link of the picture or logo of your event.Then select the gadget's size that fit your blog sidebar.

7. Click Generate Code button.

8. Copy the code given there.This is the HTML code of the Event Gadget.

9. Then Login to your blogger account – Click on Layout/Design  – Page Element – Add Gadget – HTML / JavaScript. Paste the Code you copied in the above step in the box. Click on Save. Preview your blog and then rearrange the position of the Gadget.


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