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Sunday, January 29, 2012


keywords When you think of executing SEO plans how do you measure your success? There are lots of ways in which you can calculate your success ratio and can check whether you are moving in the right direction or not. SEO is comprised of many processes and ‘keywords’ is one of the major factors responsible for your SEO plans. What types of keywords you should have, what will result into increasing traffic and revenue? Let’s take a look at ranking reports to calculate the significance of any specific keyword.

Significance of Search Engine

If you take a look at search engines, you’ll find that different search engines have a different set of users and they are popular amongst their targeted audience. Popularity of search engines varies from locations and usages. If you conduct a research on using different search engines, you’ll find that some keywords get huge click-through rates in Google. But at the same time they may not get the same on Bing and Yahoo!. Likewise what works well in Bing may not get the same amount of click through rate in Google. Every search engine has changeable amount of searchers searching objective, search value and search extent. This is why rankings of Bing always appear different from Google and Yahoo! Or the sites that appear on the top may not get the same rankings on Bing and Yahoo! It varies from search engine to search engine.

Know search engine’s status and search quality

When we think of search engines usually Google, Bing and Yahoo! comes to our mind. All three of these are most popular search engines among the users around the globe. Popularity of these search engines varies from place to place. At some locations Google is on the top and at some places Yahoo! and Bing are the top rated search engines.
Online business owners, personnel and SEOs are performing searches for ranking reports and vanity searches for their sites. These professionals want to know where do they stand and where does their competitor stand in the search results. They do it for a given keyword or phrase. SEOs perform searches for Google and sometimes they find out that the degree of ranking varies from Yahoo! and Bing for the same given keyword.
Users from different localities have diverse level of search. Their search level is different because of their demographic locations. Searchers’ intention sometimes takes them to different search engines depending upon the products that they are actually looking for. Sometimes users search for different products available online and they are hardly willing make any acquisition online. That’s why some sites lack receiving quality hits and don’t contribute in generating revenues for their business.

Search significance and adaptation

Sometimes the keywords you are ranking may receive high traffic, but if they are not significant and have low conversion rate then they are worthless. Understand the relevancy of your keywords, how much it would help you to generate revenues. Your aim is not only to achieve high rankings in the search results, but to generate revenues as well. Keep in mind what keywords work best for you. Consider the significance of the keywords you are putting.

Significance of an industry and revenue

Often we see that some industries are more popular over others. Demand rate of their products and services are higher. So whenever you evaluate keywords popularity, do it within your industry niche. You should know what rankings other businesses get that come under your industry niche.

Generating revenues is also a vital part of your search engine rankings. Some keywords work great to generate revenue and some works great to generate traffic. At the end of the day your aim is to increase annual revenue. Some keywords bring huge amount of traffic but they don’t contribute in generating revenue. To reduce your marketing efforts select keywords from the products and services that you offer. Or the unique features that your products and services have.
Achieving high or top rankings is the main focus of every online business owners. Everyone wants to be appeared on the top. Users don’t want to scroll down and click through search pages to get what they are exactly looking for. That’s why number #1 and top ranked sites receive more traffic and generate more revenues. Keywords Research and Positioning Monitoring Report Service is one site that provides information and news on rankings, social media and much more. To learn more visit
Kpmrs is well known seo tool in search engine optimization. It’s a free website ranking monitoring, google keyword rankings, Keyword rank checker and Back link tracker SEO tool. Kpmrs provides the Google keyword rank tool that tracks search engine positions for keywords phrases on Google, Yahoo, Bing and Monitor your website



This article on addressing difficulties in blogging for money is written by, TJ Philpott is an author and Internet entrepreneur based out of North Carolina.

money blogging Blogging for money can be quite a test on your patience and discipline since simply building a blog takes time in the first place! The reason for this is you never seem to have 'enough' visitors and seem to be always trying to get more blog traffic. Ofcourse the only way this can be accomplished is by continually offering unique content to get readers attention and then keep them coming back! It is the process of building reader loyalty that takes so much time! When you are building a blog to earn an income this serves to simply lengthen the process since now you're asking people to spend money! Here are 3 areas you will encounter as a blogger that will test your patience and time when trying to earn an income and how you can address them!

Creating Content

Creating enough unique content to keep readers happy can be a titanic challenge even if you're not trying to earn an income. As noted above however when trying to get paid for your efforts it may take both more updating and time before you succeed! This presents a formidable challenge for any one person but can be easily resolved by bring in guest bloggers! Not only will these people offer a fresh view but they're motivated to produce quality since they're also trying to attract more blog traffic for themselves as well!

Special Offerings

Your blogging platform is meant to be a highly targeted mini social site or community for others who have an interest in the topic you write about. With that in mind you must be careful to NOT disrupt the 'harmony' of the environment by overly promoting whether it be ads or links. One way around that is to set up an opt in box where people can leave their contact information in exchange for a free and relevant gift! By building a blog contact list in this way you can promote more aggressively to these folks away from the site thus minimizing any distractions for the rest of your visitors!

Not Enough Visitors

If you want to get more blog traffic you will have to do more than rely upon posting and pinging the search engines! True as it may be that this will bring you free and targeted traffic, it likely won't come at the rate where you can build up a subscription base very quickly! You must promote your site actively in other ways such as article submissions, social networking and even leaving comments at other relevant blogs! When it comes to traffic, more is almost always better and these efforts will help in that regard!

Blogging for money can be very rewarding both personally and financially but it can and will test both your patience and discipline! The process of building a blog takes time due to the fact you're trying to develop a loyal following and this doesn't happen overnight! When your start asking people to make purchases this will lengthen the process which of course requires more blog traffic. Of course visitors are only attracted to your site by the unique content you offer and this needs to be done consistently! So now you see where an individual will have their work cut out for them in terms of creating an ongoing stream of unique content! Remember you're also trying to earn an income as well as looking for more blog traffic as well!

The 3 suggestions above offer ways in which you can better coordinate your own efforts while enlisting the help of others! In doing so your efforts will be more effective and not as time consuming along with the fresh insights others bring to your platform!

TJ Philpott is an author and Internet entrepreneur based out of North Carolina.
For more tips about blogging for money and to also receive a free instructional manual that teaches valuable niche research techniques for your online marketing needs simply visit:



This is a Guest post by , Brian O'Connell, s the CEO and founder of CPA Site Solutions, one of the country's most successful companies dedicated entirely to designing excellent accountant websites. His firm currently provides websites for more than 4000 CPA, accounting, and bookkeeping firms.

accountant websites CPA's are in serious demand for two reasons. First, organizations need audits to be certain they are compliant  with corporate accounting rules and regulations, especially public companies that answer to the Public Company Accounting Oversight Board by law. Second, during tax season, they are very significant to private taxpayers who need to promptly file tax papers. Certified public accountants assist them in finding tax deductions and credits so that they can get the most out of their returns, or sometimes, minimize their payments. A blog is an excellent way of advertising your expertise as a CPA and to attract more people to accountant websites. Here are some strategies for efficient CPA blogging:

Educate Your Audience

Your blog should contain useful, relevant information pertaining to the practice of accounting. It should present clearly how your firm can help individuals by filing tax returns and provide mediation services with the IRS. Additionally you can list your business accounting services.  Your services are important for both public and private companies. Your blog is also an opportunity to present case studies where you have successfully helped clients achieve their goals. On many accountant websites, accounting work is normally viewed as dry, so using humor about your work or sharing a funny experience with your audience is at times a good idea.

Your blog should be fun.  It should also be an easy read. They should also be written clearly with proper formatting and good grammar so that it is interesting for the reader. A blog written in the format of an article can be un-interesting to readers, so it is a good idea to number your points so that people can skim to see your blog post length.
Keep your blog post brief, to the point, and stay on topic. 450 to 500 words is a good length. Your readers will lose interest if your posts are longer. Be sure to break your text into digestible, sensible paragraphs.
Using pictures to illustrate your point is a good idea.  However, too many graphics can make your pages take longer to load. Videos are also an excellent way to add visual appeal to your blog posts.

Encourage Interactivity

Use your blog as an interactive discussion platform, where your audience is invited to ask questions and leave comments. It is a great feeling to receive blog comment notifications in your email.  Each comment is an opportunity to create interaction. It could be a client complaint that needs to be addressed or a compliment that you can use as a client testimonial. Either way, it is important for your audience to know that you value their feedback and hence their loyalty.

In order to be viewed as a subject matter expert as a CPA, it is a good idea for you to provide external links to authoritative resources that are similar to your blog content. You can also use your blog to market your other blogs.  It is a good advertising opportunity.
As a first time blogger, starting a blog can feel like an overwhelming process. It is helpful to focus on keeping your posts brief, making them interesting, and ensuring they are free of typos and grammar errors. Make your point and talk to your readers unpretentiously. It will take some time to establish a steady audience, so be patient, relax, and enjoy the process.




Business blogs have a lot of advantages over other forms of advertising your business online and offline. They can reach a lot of like minded people, just by writing a short article on your blog about your particular business niche. Please read this article and it will explain some of the advantages of using a corporate blog to benefit your business.

business blogs
As we know all businesses need to be advertised big or small, you need to reach a lot of targeted potential customers simply, quickly and cheaply. You also need to advertise your product in a professional and business like manner. This is where business blogging comes in it has all the above attributes, and should be a part of your on going marketing strategies.
Using corporate blogs as part of a main business strategy, helps strengthen the business relationship between you and your customers. It can show potential customers what an expert you are, when you present your particular commodity in your relevant industry.

Here are some advantages and benefits that business blogs have:

Using blogs will help advertise your company as a leader in your industry. They will also show what an expert you are about your topic or product.
Post a blog on forums that are relevant to your industry, be careful not to sell your product in a blatant manner. Use the forum to build a trusting relationship between you and your customers. Forums are a terrific way to get your customers to interact with each other, and it will benefit your business by giving you a positive feed back about your product.
Blogs are good for you, your employees and project members to easily keep in contact with each other, so that you can discuss and possibly improve your product.
Always remember to create your blog so that is easy to read and be easily understood by all of your potential customers. Do not use technical language in your blog.
Another advantage about a business blog is it is informal, people can discuss the merits or even non merits about a product or topic. They can offer their opinions and advice on how to make the product better, it makes the discussion more open and friendly.

If you create a good informative and interesting blog, other businesses that are relevant to your own business will link to your website. Links from other authority websites will help to increase the visibility and exposure of your website and business on the internet.
There are six different types of corporate blogs:
1. Sales Blog.
The purpose of this type of blog is to promote and sell products or services. Someone in the business itself would probably be writing and creating the blog. The target for this type of blog are potential customers for your business.
2. Relationship Blogs.
This blog is used to create and strengthen relationships with target organizations.
3. Branding blogs.
This blog is used to strengthen the brand and profile of the business and the people in it. The bloggers are usually people in the company and are supported by the company. The target of this type of blog is the same as the relationship and sales.
4. Knowledge Blogs.
The knowledge type of blog is used to convey information to employees in relation to their work. It is also used to convey news and other company business. The blogger is usually the company itself or somebody appointed within the company to perform the task. The target for this blog are the employees that have an interest in a particular subject that the blog is related to.
5. Collaboration Blogs.
This blog is targeted at the companies working team and provide a tool for the team to use for specific tasks. The target for this type of blog is the team itself.
6. Culture Blogs.
Culture blogs are created to help strengthen the companies culture. This type of blog is concerned with the social and non work side of the company. This helps create good relationships between the employees no matter what their positions are in the company.
Starting a company blog is easy and straight for word and there are plenty of companies on the internet that offer a free blogging service. Use the advantages of blogging and blogs as another tool to benefit your business. Good luck.
If you found this article helpful about, Business Blogs - What Advantages do They Have For Your Business, and if you would like to make money GUARANTEED! from these online business opportunities. Then take a look at the FREE! step by step video tutorials here!

blogging for business



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website traffic In the internet marketing industry, blogging is now one of the most popular ways to acquire money. When bloggers boost their blog traffic, the earning potential is increased therefore giving the opportunity to enhance further the blog visibility. Some thin that the process is simple and effortless, but bloggers must apply techniques that are effective, if they want to make the most out of their blogging career.

Freelance channel trade provisions many opportunities for blog writers to make a lot of money monthly. When you actually spend time enhancing the content, blog traffic will increase rapidly enabling you to reap profitable rewards. Participation in these opportunities is highly recommended, this will increase your chances in getting adequate earnings for your blog or blogs. The blogs can be managed very easily if the software utilized is effective.

Things to know about blogs that are Niche Oriented

It is very important that the topic of interest is well thought of and the selection is made decisively. Write a blog about the topic of choice. In doing this, you will be able to supply your blog with your enthusiasm to capitalize your blog traffic. If you are inspired by movies it is a great opportunity to create film related blog content.

It is also very good to sign up for affiliate marketing programs to market film related merchandize such as TV sets and DVD’s in the blog content. Whichever content inspires you, ensure that the information gathered is informative to grab the attention of many readers who share your interest. Link your blog to the affiliate marketing program; this will help you increase your blog traffic and earnings.

Be wise about your advertisement selection

Select the topics that are in relation to the advertisement chosen for your blog. Ensure that the information selected is of relevance to the advertisement selected; this will also boost your blog traffic to increase your earning potential. The more interesting you make your content; your possibility for earnings and blog traffic profits will increase drastically.
In doing this, you will be able to keep your readers on the edge of their seats. It is good to record all the activities seen on other websites that interest you and use it as a guide to improve the content on your website. Alert your friends of the changes made to your blog. Jobs such as text link posting and banner designing for your content, will source a lot of income for your website as well.

Affiliate Marketing

If you are enrolled in an affiliate marketing program, it is best to paste the links between the article as text links rather than inserting it in an assigned area.

User Participation

Enable user participation for your blog, it is great when users can write reviews or comments on your blog; keep in touch with them via chats or emails. Update the content of your blog frequently and communicate the updates to the readers.



This is a wonderful Guest post about creating blogs that lasts forever by TJ Philpott who is an author and Internet entrepreneur based out of North Carolina.

creating blog Creating blogs with a long life span requires an ongoing effort which is why so many people fail to do so! It is best to consider blogging sites as living organisms that are in need of constant nurturing in order to survive. Of course the 'nurturing' being referred to here is the effort a person invests when creating content for their blog posting needs which once again will be an ongoing process! At this point it is important to realize there are 3 other aspects that must be successfully addressed for the site to gain and retain readers!

Exposure - Get It

Your blog posting allows you to ping the search engines for highly focused and targeted traffic and is a great start but there's more you can do! Promoting your site is another ongoing responsibility you'll need to undertake to maximize your exposure! Now there are many other ways you can drive or attract visitors to your site such as social networking, article submissions and even leaving comments at other blogging sites within your niche! The point is don't rely upon just one strategy but rather mix it up to get the best results!

Credibility - Earn It

When creating content you must be mindful of its quality in terms of usefulness, relevancy and even accuracy! The updates that appear on your site are like a 'calling card' that indicates to visitors what they can expect! The better the quality you offer the more credibility you stand to gain in the eyes of your readers! This is huge since you'll get much more 'referral' traffic this way which is some of the best kind you can hope for and when it is generated in a viralfashion the amount you receive can be significant! The blogging sites that gain the most credibility are usually also the ones with the most traffic as well!

Staying Power - Keep It

Over the short and long haul it's all about a consistent persistent effort on your part in terms of continually serving up good reading material. Blog posting is the most basic and vital task any blogger can perform and must be done in a consistent fashion to make your presence known. In addition your consistency will also send out the signal to visitors that you intend to be a reliable source to them for the information they seek! Of course this is assuming your updates 'deliver' something of value but it is your consistency that will just keep people returning which is exactly what you want!

Creating blogs that develop a loyal following is NOT a whimsical act but more a methodical process. Part of that process of course will be creating content for blog posting but this is simply the start! Blogging sites also need a steady stream of readers before they really qualify as a success and this also can only be accomplished with an ongoing effort! As the discussion above clearly indicates creating content for the site is merely the beginning of a process that must be sustained if the platform is to develop a loyal following! The best blogging sites are generally the ones where the site administrator has a strong passion for the topic which is blogged about! If this sounds like you the chances of your success will be way above average!

TJ Philpott is an author and Internet entrepreneur based out of North Carolina.
To learn more about creating blogs with a long life span and to also receive a free instructional manual that teaches valuable niche research techniques for your online marketing needs simply visit:


Tuesday, January 3, 2012


Many readers asked me about a way to increase their Google Plus Readers. I suggest them to keep a widget as Add me on Google Plus. Widgetplus is providing such a wonderful widget, and hoping that Google will soon announce its official Google Plus Widget. Follow these few steps and increase your Google Plus friends.

How to Add Google Plus Widget on your blog and website

  1. Login to your Google Plus profile page. At the URL in your browser address bar, you can see a digit, which is your Google Plus ID (the numbers after the G# ). Copy it…………………/posts
  2. Now go to and click “Get widget” button. Then you will get a screen as given below in the picture. Paste your Google+ ID, select the width and click on Get Code.ADD ME ON GOOGLE PLUS WIDGET
  3. Copy the HTML code
  4. Now login to Blogger, go to Design and then Page Elements. Click on Add a Gadget. Select HTML/Javascript and paste the code in that box. Then save.
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