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Wednesday, March 11, 2009


Share Markets will go up or go down, who is making real profit?
Is it the Retail Trader?
Is it the Big shots?
Is it the companies?
Is it the promoters?

The real winners are Share brokers:
All that they concentrate is to provide much facility to attract more customers. The present time is much good for retail traders than before. A cut throat competition made lot things cheaper than before. Brokerages came down, new offers, packages etc.

But a trader can choose ONLINE TRADING, if he or she has a reliable broad band internet facility.
Swing traders can depend on this. It’s better for intraday traders to avoid online trading from home. Any power cut or internet jam could destroy your money. I have seen people calling to the broker office at 3.20 pm ie ten minutes before market close to cover their intraday short positions. They usually complain on their poor internet connection or power supply.
Almost all major share broking agencies are now providing online trading facilities with much lower brokerages.


This is because of lower brokerages when compared to the brokerages in SUB BROKERS.

So start to save money right from here.


sherry_yao said...

You're right! No matter stock price goes up or, share brokers never lose money.

Anonymous said...

thanks for commenting

Anonymous said...

Online money making has become a way of life for many in the present generation. One gets to earn so much more from the comfort of one's own home. What more can one ask for?

Thanks for the information.

Pam and Stan said...

I think that online trading will become more prevalent when people start to go away from a 9-5 working environment.

Anonymous said...

thats true PAM u are correct

timm said...

Nice blog!
Lots of information

Unknown said...

Work at home is an interesting source of income but I don't think it's wise to use it as your main income source.
I think it's wiser to use these opportunities as extra income.

Anonymous said...

nice bloog

Anonymous said...

We are on our days of famine. Definitely every thing is coming down both stock price but we expect it to rise.
This is the right time to invest

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