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Thursday, July 30, 2009


12094284205614iu   After the commencement of Blog Maintenance Service through my blog, I received more than 30 emails asking about why their blog was banned by Google. Most of them are active bloggers and confused on what next to do. We had a detail study on each cases and found out that, each blog was banned due to different reasons. Without mentioning the name of those bloggers, I would like to share some of our findings.

Tips to avoid ban from Google

1. Don't create any hidden Text in your blog

Many bloggers do this “black hat” technique as a SEO method. Usually this is done by typing Text in same color of your blog background. Blog visitors will never see this, but spiders will notice it while crawling your blog post. Many bloggers stuff keywords like this in order to boost their Page Rank. SEO companies offers quick Page Rank jump by using such techniques. You should totally avoid this as this was found to be one of the reason for ban in Google.

2. Avoid Duplicate Content or Websites

This is one of the most dangerous issue we have seen with many blogs. Duplicate content issues will rise when you create another blog post of same contents in your latest post. Most times some one else doing this and you are getting penalized for that. Use copyscape to find which websites or blogs have the same content that you have published.

3. Careful submission of articles to directories

You must take care not to publish or submit articles exactly the same that you publish on your own website or blog.This will help you to avoid the duplicate content penalty.First of all, publish the article on your website, and wait till it is indexed by the major search engines. Then you may start submitting it to the article directories. It is better that you submit only a part of your article and then give a link back to your blog.

4. Careful Linking with others

Link Exchange is an excellent SEO technique to increase PR. But you should avoid certain sites or blogs of categories like , Gambling sites, Porn sites etc. Also be careful in linking with blogs and sites having inappropriate contents and blogs that have once banned by Google.

5. Avoid cloaking

Cloaking is another “black hat” SEO technique in which the content presented to the search engine  is different to that presented to the user's browser. This can mislead users about what they'll find when they click on a search result. Google may permanently ban your blog if they find such techniques are used to improve PR

6. Metatags, Meta Description and Title Tags

If we add common MetaTags to our HTML, then chances are more for Google, to display some “Error” or “Warning” on “Title” and “Description”  Metatags. Usually duplicate description issues are not much serious but duplicate title issues are known to be harmful. Many blogs got ban after this.

Also, check your robot.txt file. if you don't want to keep your site hidden, then never put a Robot “No Index” metatag in your HTML. Keeping such a metatag will prevent spiders from crawling and indexing your blog.

7. Avoid links to unwanted blogs or sites

You should analyze the outbound links of your blog and should avoid sites that are banned by Google. It is always suggested that outgoing link should be as less as possible to achieve higher rankings.

8. Avoid Comment spamming

Most of blog service providers allow to use small HTML tags to make links back to their own blogs in Comment Forms. This should be done carefully, because, comments with huge links will not only destroy your site, but also the commentators blog also.

9. Avoid doorway Pages

You must avoid Pages dedicated to directing the user to another page (doorway pages)

10. Avoid contents that try to spread illegal, malicious scripts or ideas 

Always try to keep the content look original and useful. One should avoid spreading unwanted scripts, codes, ideas, or other harmful contents through their blog. If any serious complaint arises then Google will immediately ban the blog.

11. Reduce Automated activities in blog

Never let an automated system like some Article Writing Software to write content on your blog. Automated Google queries and automated link submission are both against Google's terms of service, and both of them can get your site banned.


How to remove Ban from Google

It is a true fact that we can come back to live blogging once the ban is removed.You had to analyze your blog or blog content and rectify the issues that caused the ban. Then submit a reconsideration request.

You may visit WEBMASTERS HELP or RESUBMIT to reach pages that will help to remove the ban. The link on “Resubmit” will take you to webmasters tool where you can state more details about why the ban happened and what you have done to rectify that.

All bloggers should read information provided in the below given links.

If you have any other question related to your banned blog, or need help to rectify the problems, comment on this post. You can contact us through the ‘Contact Us’ link on the top of the Page.

Check whether the your blog or site is under ban from Google

Check domain: http://

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Unknown said...

Thanks for all your helpfull information!

Aswani said...

Thanks Reetha for this informative post. I have also found the similar cases from some of my own friends. They were also clueless after being banned by google. I think I should recommend this post to them.

In simple words, I would like to sum up by saying that one should stop playing tricks. Search engines are very clever to pick up anything suspicious. Most of us forget that. Its much better to follow basic rules just like you and others have followed. Black hat techniques may pay but only for a very short period. Sooner you realize this, better it will be for you in the long run.

bty, I can see that you have more than 5000 feed subscribers. WOW!! Thats great!

Keep it up :)

Reetha said...

Thankyou Liz for commenting

Reetha said...

Dear Aswani, you said it. Yes, the conclusion of my post is what u have said. I am very thankful for such a good response from you. thank you

Yusi said...

I like your articles. You can explain SEO very well. Thanks a lot.

Waiting your next articles.

Reetha said...

Thankyou Yusi for your nice comments

Anamika said...

This Post says it all. I learned 1-2 new things and would be more careful in future.

lazyking said...

What a useful and informative post!! Thank u for the tips.
Some bloggers think that they have to do some shaddy stuffs to have more visitors... honesty and great content are the best tools to be a successful blogger and avoid being banned.
And it's really embarrassing to be banned and also disrespectful to your followers.
Once again, this was a great reading, I appreciate the time and effort you put on this post.

Shabnam Sultan said...

Thanks, for this informative post.

Jaime said...

Great tips. Lots of things I didn't know!

Thank you for stopping by my blog. I submitted my vote and thanks for nominating me!

Sunset said...

Good advice well presented in way that even novice blogers will understand.

I would add one more piece of advice. Avoid getting involved with paid link sites. Google will penalise you very heavily (often with an immediate ban) if you participate in such link schemes.

I see many blog falling for this critical error, especially those with syndicated content.

Avoid link-farms at all costs!

If you are tempted to participate in a link scheme check FIRST that the site is indexed by Google preferably by checking its Google Page Rank score and accepting nothing less than a score of 1.


Blog Tactic said...

worthy information. safer approach is just to concentrate on posting original material and the rest will follow

budi said...

Thank's for share info

Dale, Brian D. said...

Even if your are BANNED by Adsense and\or Adwords, you can get your Google Account back..This company helped me and I think you should check it out

Blogger Vince said...

Thanks for this information. However, I would disagree with the duplicate content.

Google does not penalize duplicate content. Your content will just rank a little lower than you expected but won't penalize the duplication of your content.

Wordpress has a plugin from ping fm that automatically post what you posted in your other blogs.

Penalizing a duplicate content is a half myth only.

I think you get penalized if you are plagiarizing but not because you are doing duplicate contents.

John Chance said...

Thanks for the info.. Some of my friends are experiencing this problem. this will be a great help.

Unknown said...

Dear Vince, you are correct in some matters and not in some other...duplicate content defenitely have penalty in Search engine rankings. But , if the original content is not yet well crawled by search engines, then you may escape from penalties...but not every time..
Thank you John for commenting..

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