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Monday, August 30, 2010


The much awaited Tweet count button now officially released by Twitter. This sharing option is now available in Button mode, Text mode, and direct URL mode. You may add this share count button to your website or blog to let people share content on Twitter without having to leave the page. This is an excellent way to promote strategic Twitter accounts at the same time while driving traffic to your website. This button is very attractive in its style and easy to use. Twitter offers a development or customization for its buttons. So, lets wait and see much more customized Tweet buttons in near future.

How to add Twitter Official share count buttons to your blog

  1. Login to your Blogger account
  2. Go to Design/Layout
  3. Go to Edit HTML
  4. check the box "Expand Widget Templates"
  5. Now, find any of this code in your  template. (Please make a backup copy of your template before doing any sort of editing)

<div class='post-header-line-1'/>


<div class='post-header'/>

Then immediately after the above given code, paste the code given below. You may select  any one of the Tweet Count button code of your choice. We have added the code for all the three different types of buttons.

Tweet Count  Button VERTICAL COUNT


<!--TWEETVERTICALCOUNT-CODESTARTS-><div style='float:right;padding:2px;margin-top:-4px;'><a href="" class="twitter-share-button" data-count="vertical">Tweet</a><script type="text/javascript" src=""></script></div><!--TWEETVERTICALCOUNT-CODESTOPS-->

Tweet Count  Button HORIZONTAL COUNT

tweet count button horizontal
<!--TWEETHORIZONTALCOUNT-CODESTARTS-><div style='float:right;padding:2px;margin-top:-4px;'><a href="" class="twitter-share-button" data-count="horizontal">Tweet</a><script type="text/javascript" src=""></script></div><!--TWEETHORIZONTALCOUNT-CODESTOPS-->


<!--TWEETCOUNT-CODESTARTS-><div style='float:right;padding:2px;margin-top:-4px;'><a href="" class="twitter-share-button" data-count="none">Tweet</a><script type="text/javascript" src=""></script></div><!--TWEETCOUNT-CODESTOPS-->

Customization of code:

  • You can change the position of this button by changing the right to left or center.

After finishing the pasting of the code, check the preview of your blog to rearrange the position of the Count button.Feel free to ask me for further help.

More Buttons to Add:


Our previous posts explained the ways to add share count buttons of various social media services like, Facebook, Reddit, ReTweet, Digg, Google Buzz, Google Wave, StumbleUpon etc. I have seen a new idea of keeping all these buttons as a single widget in many blogs. Here I am explaining a method to keep some of  these as a single widget that is floating near the post layout. You can select any other desired share count buttons of your choice and include in this widget. This submit & count button will display the submission count of URL of the displaying page.

How to Add Floating Social Media Share count buttons in your blog

FLOATING SOCIAL MEDIA SHARE COUNT BUTTON   (Look at this picture to see a sample on the left side of the post layout)

  1. Login to your Blogger account
  2. Go to Design/Layout
  3. Go to Page Elements
  4. Click on Add a Gadget
  5. Click on HTML/Javascript
  6. Copy the code given below in red colors and paste it in the box. (Please note that some part of the code is given in blue colors for easy identification while customizing. Please copy everything including this.).Save and drag it to under the “BlogPosts”. Then Save the Template. You may make some changes in the code for customizing it, according to steps given at the end of this post.

<!-- floating page sharer Start -->
#pageshare {position:fixed; bottom:80px; margin-left:610px; float:left; border-radius:5px;-moz-border-radius:5px;-webkit-border-radius:5px;background-color:transparent;padding:0 0 2px 0;z-index:10;}
#pageshare .sbutton {float:left;clear:both;margin:5px 5px 0 5px;}
<div title="Get this at">
<div id='pageshare'><div class='sbutton' id='su'><a href="
" target="_blank"><img src="" border="0" alt="SHARE COUNT BUTTON" /></a>
</div><div class='sbutton'><a title="Post to Google Buzz" class="google-buzz-button" href="" data-button-style="normal-count"></a>
<script type="text/javascript" src=""></script>
</div><div class='sbutton' id='rt'><script type='text/javascript'>
tweetmeme_style = &#39;large&#39;;
<script src='' type='text/javascript'/>
<div class='sbutton'><script badgetype='square' src='' type='text/javascript'><data:post.url/></script>
<div class='sbutton' id='digg'><script src='' type='text/javascript'></script>
<a class="DiggThisButton DiggMedium"></a>
<div class='sbutton' id='su'><script type='text/javascript'>url=&quot;<data:post.url/>&quot;; </script><script src=''/>
</div></script></div><!-- floating page sharer End --></div></div>


Some changes to customize the above code:

1.  Position of the Share count Widget:


You can change the position vertically by changing the “80px” to the height from the bottom of your choice.


The horizontal position of the widget can be controlled by changing the value from 610 to desired value. It is better to fix the Gadget near so close to the post layout .

2. Background color of the Widget

In the above code, back ground color is given as transparent that can be changed to #CCCCCC or any color code as given in the table below.


3. Adding more Social Media Buttons

If you want to add more social media buttons in the widget, simply subscribe my Feed and email me. I will send you the whole pack of code. Contact me using the contact form given in the header.

More Additives for your blog:

Saturday, August 28, 2010


Search Engine Optimization is an important step to become a successful blogger and to earn some money quite easily.In our previous post we explained about a Free SEO tool kit for bloggers. But most of our readers said that it is much complex to analyze and use. Here I am going to explain a simple but powerful tool to analyze blogs. This is very useful for all bloggers, especially beginners. Please read the full post to know how you can do perfect SEO with this tool, Google Chrome SEO extension.

How to analyze a blog or website using Google Chrome SEO extension for Free

1. Open your Google Chrome Browser and go to Google Chrome SEO extension (Click here to reach the installation page- link checked on 28/08/2010) and click on Install.

2. While the installation is going on the browser will ask for certain permissions about data that you are visiting a page. Once the installation is complete, then reopen the browser, and you can see a small tab, SEO on the right hand side corner of your browser. (Just look at the red arrow in the picture given below)


3. Now click on that “SEO” button. A popup will open that look like the one that given in the picture. You may enter the URL of your blog or website and click on “Go”. Within few seconds, you will get results about Search Engine Optimization Tools that can help you with Competitive Analysis, Keyword Research, Back link Checks, PageRank Checks and other daily SEO tasks.GOOGLE SEO

This Google Chrome extension receives information from various sources about the URL that you are analyzing through this toolMAjor sources include, Alexa Rank, Compete Rank, CoralCDN, Ask, Baidu, Bing, Delicious, Digg, Dmoz, Google PageRank, MajesticSEO, Open Site Explorer, Quantcast, SEMRush, SEOmoz, Linkscape, StumbleUpon, Technorati, WebCite, Yandex Quotation Index, Yahoo.

4. Once you get the details about the URL you are analyzing, then plan your SEO activities, like link submission, and submit to other search engines. Later, do SEO analysis every week using this tool. Increase the number of back links and gain much higher page rank.

5. The Key word suggestion tool is another great feature of this extension. KEYWORDSYou may type some Keywords or the primary subject of your latest post in the first box. Then click on Get suggestions. You will get most popular keywords in the second box.

As an important way of Search Engine Optimization, it is better that you select some popular Keywords and focus more on them in that post.


Google is promising that this SEO extension will be under constant development to provide some great features like, integration with Google SERP, the ability to compare site ranking stats, side by side, Keyword Ranking Checker to check search rankings, On page Keyword Analysis, Integrate the Keyword Tool with the Google Adwords Keyword Tool to make keyword research faster, PPC Integration (Adwords, Adsense, Microsoft Adcenter, Yahoo Search Marketing), Support for Wolfram | Alpha, Better descriptions so any Web Designer / Developer can work with the tool, Google Analytics Integration, Google Chrome SEO Toolbar and allow Google Chrome SEO Add Ons so developers can contribute plugins.

So, what are you waiting for? Grab this extension and start your SEO ride.

Something to SEO:

Thursday, August 12, 2010


Search engine optimization or SEO is the most popular term in the blogging industry. A success  blogger always develop a perfect search engine optimization. In this post I would like to let you know about a Free SEO tool kit that will help you a lot to optimize your blog or website in an easy way. This free software can be installed in your computer and is absolutely free of charge.

This free software is very easy to use. Just go to this website and find the link to download.


After downloading, install it in your computer. If your computer doesn't have Microsoft Web Platform Installer, then you had to install it first and then install Free SEO Tool Kit using it. In most computers, both process will take place automatically. This Free SEO Tool Kit contains many tools that can be used according to your requirement. It can be downloaded from this link also. 

How Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Got Easy with Free SEO Tool Kit

IIS (Internet Information Services) SEO Toolkit

This Free SEO Tool Kit will help you to

  • Crawl a web site or blog
  • Analyze a web site or blog
  • Control how search engines access and display web content
  • Inform search engines about locations that are available for indexing
  • Manage the Robots.txt File
  • Manage Sitemap Files
  • Registering sitemaps with search engines
  • Improve the volume and quality of traffic to your web site from search engines
  • Improve Customer Experience

If you like to know more about the use of this software, then I suggest you to read

More to SEO:

Wednesday, August 4, 2010


Affiliate marketing made easy by VigLink links. VigLink, a content monetization company backed by Google Ventures. VigLink now offers a free service that eases the ways for making money out of affiliate marketing. VigLink signed up for more than 12,500 affiliate programs and collect all the performance information to deliver a single integrated payment. In other words, an automated system of making money from affiliate links while you blog.

VIGLINK AFFILIATE AGENTWhen you join VigLink, it opens the door to make money by making affiliate sale from more than 12,500 sites that pay commissions for traffic to your blog or website. This universal affiliate program, reduces your load to sign up with all those sites. Your VigLink account will automatically participate in all these programs and updates the link with those affiliate marketing websites.

Join VigLink for free

A very simple step to join Viglink by providing your active email address and follow instructions to complete signup process. There is code available after you confirm your email address, which you had to include in your HTML. Once you get the code, Login to your blogger account, go to dashboard, then to Design or Layout, then to Edit HTML. You must paste the code just above the </body> tag that can be found at the bottom of the HTML code  of your blog. Please backup a copy of your blog before making any changes. 

After saving the code from VigLink, verify your blog on VigLink dashboard. Once your account reaches 25 dollars, then an option to submit your payment information will appear in your Dashboard. You can opt for either cheque payment inside US or Paypal for anywhere else in world.

How I earned 77 Dollars in first week

I earned commissions for 6 mega sales that I made on a linked site from the list of VigLink. Also, I was quite successful in making 43 referral during the first two days, among which 12 are active affiliate marketing bloggers. The income stream from their account help me to earn a 10% in future also. So never forget to make a referral for your account also by clicking here.

All your activities are carefully tracked so that not even a single sales is missed away from proper payment. You must keep a Disclosure according to  FTC guidelines.

My Disclosure- online.

The Federal Trade Commission requires that you disclose to your readers when you endorse a product or service and have a "material connection" to the seller. If you're using affiliated links, with or without VigLink, you have that connection.


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Sunday, August 1, 2010


We are continuously bringing out the codes for different social media share count buttons such as, Google Wave Buttons, Retweet Buttons, Stumble Upon Buttons, Google Buzz buttons, Digg Buttons and Facebook share buttons. (Scroll down to get the code of all these social media share count buttons) In this post, we are bringing you the code of Reddit Share count buttons. Reddit is a source for what is new and popular on the web. Voting on favorite reddit will lift good posts up in the front page and thereby providing more traffic to your blog or website.

How to add Reddit share count buttons to your blog

Log in to Blogger Account, go to Layout, Edit HTML and check the box "Expand Widget Templates". Now, find any of this code in your  template. (Please make a backup copy of your template before doing any sort of editing)

<div class='post-header-line-1'/>


<div class='post-header'/>

Then immediately after the above given code, paste the code given below. You may select any one of the below given Reddit share count button. Then copy and paste the code given there.

Reddit  Button Large


<!--REDDITBUTTONCOUNTER-CODESTARTS-><div style='float:right;padding:2px;margin-top:-4px;'><script src='' type='text/javascript'/></div><!--REDDITBUTTONCOUNTER-CODESTOPS-->


Reddit  Button Small


<!--REDDITBUTTONCOUNTER-CODESTARTS-><div style='float:right;padding:2px;margin-top:-4px;'><script src='' type='text/javascript'/></div><!--REDDITBUTTONCOUNTER-CODESTOPS-->


Reddit Button Compact


<!--REDDITBUTTONCOUNTER-CODESTARTS-><div style='float:right;padding:2px;margin-top:-4px;'><script src='' type='text/javascript'/></div><!--REDDITBUTTONCOUNTER-CODESTOPS-->

Customization of code:

  • You can change the position of this button by changing the right to left or center.

After finishing the pasting of the code, check the preview of your blog. In the preview you can see whether the position of the Counter button is correct or not. Any problems? feel free to ask me..

More Buttons to Add:


One of the most renowned celebrity, Maya, Japanese model, actress,and writer, recently added a image slider widget in her blog. This widget displayed many beautiful photos of her achievement as World Super Model 2010, with links to her individual posts. This widget showed images one by one scrolling from one side to other. You may add the same widget to your blog, preferably under the header and link it to specific posts. This will attract the visitors and force them to travel through more posts. 

Want to see a demo? Click on the picture belowSCROLLING IMAGE 

How to add continuous Scrolling Image widget

Login to your blogger account – Layout  – Page Element – Add Gadget – HTML / JavaScript


Now copy the below given code and paste it in the ‘HTML / JavaScript’ box and save. Remember to change YOUR POST URL with the URL of  the post which you want to link the scrolling image. Also change YOUR IMAGE URL with the URL of the image which you want to scroll and display. The direction of the scrolling is coded as left. This direction can be changed either to right, or down according to your choice. It is better that you place this widget under the header of your blog.

<!—continuous scroll codes by -->
<marquee class="html-marquee" direction="left" behavior="scroll" scrollamount="8" onmouseover="this.stop();" onmouseout="this.start();" ><a href="YOUR POST URL" target="_blank"><img src="YOUR IMAGE URL"/></a></marquee><p style="font-family:verdana,arial,sans-serif;font-size:10px;"><a href="
"/><span style="font-size: 60%">Get this Widget</span></a>
</p></!—continuous scroll codes end>


Other options to add in this widget:

In some templates, there is not much space under the header. In such cases it is ideal to give a box in which the image will scroll according to the direction you choose. But you must fix the size of the picture according to the box you are designing. 

If you wish to add a box to include your scrolling image widget, then the below given code must be added just between the first and second line of the above given code.

<style type="text/css">
.html-marquee {height:120px;width:900px;background-color:000000;border-width:4;border-style:dotted;border-color:000000;}

Areas to edit:

The border color and border style can be changes in this part of the code, border-width:4;border-style:dotted;border-color:000000. The border-style can be changed from dotted to dashed or solid to get different style for the border. The height, width and color of the box, can be changed in this part of the code according to . height:120px;width:900px;background-color:000000.

Code to add continuous Scrolling Image widget in a box

<!—continuous scroll codes by --><style type="text/css">
.html-marquee {height:120px;width:900px;background-color:000000;border-width:4;border-style:dotted;border-color:000000;}
<marquee class="html-marquee" direction="left" behavior="scroll" scrollamount="8" onmouseover="this.stop();" onmouseout="this.start();" ><a href="YOUR POST URL" target="_blank"><img src="YOUR IMAGE URL"/></a></marquee><p style="font-family:verdana,arial,sans-serif;font-size:10px;"><a href="
"/><span style="font-size: 60%">Get this Widget</span></a>
</p></!—continuous scroll codes end>

If you have any doubt related to the installation or customization of this widget, please feel free to ask us.

Happy blogging………

More widgets to add

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