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Wednesday, July 7, 2010


Another excellent program approved by Google, Amazon, Ebay to make money by sharing the advertisement revenue. If you have a Google Adsense, or Amazon or Ebay account, then this is an excellent way to earn money with less efforts. Hubpages allows you to automatically display advertisements  on your hubs. Hubpages earns its revenue from these ads, and split the impressions with the writers of hubs. This program is totally free, available in all countries and accurate in payments with integration with Google Analytics to monitor your traffic.


How to make a Hub and configure your Hubpage account?

  1. You’ll need to create an account in Hubpages (It only takes a minute or two.)
  2. Add your Adsense publisher ID, Amazon Affiliate ID and E bay ID with your hubpages account in “ Affiliate Settings “
  3. Create a hub by giving a title for your Hub, and add some tags that describe it. ( similar to your blog posts)
  4. Create the content capsules of your choice (Text, photo, products, comments, etc.) and fill them with whatever you’d like.
  5. Publish that content.

Ways to make money from Hubpages

Google automatically displays ads in your Hub that are relevant to your topic. eBay and Amazon products can be featured with in your Hub as per your selection. Hubpages generates great traffic to your hub, and you will get payment according to impressions of advertisements, affiliate sale directly to respective affiliate accounts.

Here is what Hubpages say about their revenue sharing options:                 (Snapped from hubpages on 08/07/2010)

HubPages splits the impressions with you in the following way:

  1. Your own Hubs: Hubbers receive 60% of total impressions.

  2. The HubPages Affiliate Program: You can refer new writers to HubPages and if they become Hubbers within 30 days, you receive an additional 10% of their Hubs’ lifetime impressions.

  3. Traffic Referral Program: If you send traffic to any Hub, you’re entitled to either 9% or 12% of total impressions. You’ll receive 9% if the Hub you’ve referred people to already has impressions allocated to an Affiliate. If there are no Affiliates, you’ll receive 12% of the total impressions.

Whatever is left from the splits above goes to HubPages. Note that these splits apply only to Hubs and User Profile pages. On all other pages, such as a referral to a Tag page or the HubPages home page, you’ll receive 30% on a traffic referral, with HubPages getting the rest.

So now, what are you waiting for?

Join hubpages, configure your account, create hubs and earn money.

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