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Thursday, August 12, 2010


Search engine optimization or SEO is the most popular term in the blogging industry. A success  blogger always develop a perfect search engine optimization. In this post I would like to let you know about a Free SEO tool kit that will help you a lot to optimize your blog or website in an easy way. This free software can be installed in your computer and is absolutely free of charge.

This free software is very easy to use. Just go to this website and find the link to download.


After downloading, install it in your computer. If your computer doesn't have Microsoft Web Platform Installer, then you had to install it first and then install Free SEO Tool Kit using it. In most computers, both process will take place automatically. This Free SEO Tool Kit contains many tools that can be used according to your requirement. It can be downloaded from this link also. 

How Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Got Easy with Free SEO Tool Kit

IIS (Internet Information Services) SEO Toolkit

This Free SEO Tool Kit will help you to

  • Crawl a web site or blog
  • Analyze a web site or blog
  • Control how search engines access and display web content
  • Inform search engines about locations that are available for indexing
  • Manage the Robots.txt File
  • Manage Sitemap Files
  • Registering sitemaps with search engines
  • Improve the volume and quality of traffic to your web site from search engines
  • Improve Customer Experience

If you like to know more about the use of this software, then I suggest you to read

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SEOP Inc. said...

Sounds like WebCEO. Maybe I'll give this a try some time and see if it can really help me. Thanks.

Unknown said...


You've a really nice weblog. a website that is certainly search engine friendly is extremely important to rank nicely in internet search engine. For that a person need to employ a firm which is experienced both in web designing and search engine optimization. One this kind of company is


Mike - creation site internet

make money online said...

I particulary use WebSEO. I tryied using this tool for a while too. It is true it can be really effective and quick but, when downloading all the microsoft platforms some other of my programs started to have conflicts or run a little slow even thought I configure my computer so that the app won't start downloading on its own.

Good tool if you know how to reduce a little bit the resources.

Affordable Seo Services said...

Thanks a lot for providing a free download option for SEO tool kit.This is really very helpful.With the hep of this tool kit all the SEO processes can be done very easily

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