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Wednesday, August 4, 2010


Affiliate marketing made easy by VigLink links. VigLink, a content monetization company backed by Google Ventures. VigLink now offers a free service that eases the ways for making money out of affiliate marketing. VigLink signed up for more than 12,500 affiliate programs and collect all the performance information to deliver a single integrated payment. In other words, an automated system of making money from affiliate links while you blog.

VIGLINK AFFILIATE AGENTWhen you join VigLink, it opens the door to make money by making affiliate sale from more than 12,500 sites that pay commissions for traffic to your blog or website. This universal affiliate program, reduces your load to sign up with all those sites. Your VigLink account will automatically participate in all these programs and updates the link with those affiliate marketing websites.

Join VigLink for free

A very simple step to join Viglink by providing your active email address and follow instructions to complete signup process. There is code available after you confirm your email address, which you had to include in your HTML. Once you get the code, Login to your blogger account, go to dashboard, then to Design or Layout, then to Edit HTML. You must paste the code just above the </body> tag that can be found at the bottom of the HTML code  of your blog. Please backup a copy of your blog before making any changes. 

After saving the code from VigLink, verify your blog on VigLink dashboard. Once your account reaches 25 dollars, then an option to submit your payment information will appear in your Dashboard. You can opt for either cheque payment inside US or Paypal for anywhere else in world.

How I earned 77 Dollars in first week

I earned commissions for 6 mega sales that I made on a linked site from the list of VigLink. Also, I was quite successful in making 43 referral during the first two days, among which 12 are active affiliate marketing bloggers. The income stream from their account help me to earn a 10% in future also. So never forget to make a referral for your account also by clicking here.

All your activities are carefully tracked so that not even a single sales is missed away from proper payment. You must keep a Disclosure according to  FTC guidelines.

My Disclosure- online.

The Federal Trade Commission requires that you disclose to your readers when you endorse a product or service and have a "material connection" to the seller. If you're using affiliated links, with or without VigLink, you have that connection.


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Aswani (Admin) said...

Hi reetha, really very nice and useful post for me. I will try out this one for sure. btw, where are you? Not seeing you online :O

Hope you are well. Have a nice day ahead. Keep writing.

Rupinder said...

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Rupinder said...

Online affiliate marketing and online advertising can be seen as running parallel to each other, with many similarities rather than differences.

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mannoy said...

I just tried it. thanks

VC Internet Media said...

Affiliate Marketing
really very nice message..i want sign up as soon as..i think that will be very useful for affiliate busniess....

Thanks for sharing..

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