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Monday, October 31, 2011


facebook safety parents After the unfortunate London incident, parents are more worried about what their kid doing on Facebook. Facebook is considered to be more dangerous with its wide applications and immense amount of users. Kids, especially teens have less control over their sprouting ideas which eventually drags them to unnecessary relations through this huge social networking site. Here are some tips to let your teen to play safe on Facebook.


Facebook tips for parents

  • Let teens use Facebook to announce achievements, wish each other a happy birthday and plan social events.
  • Allow only known persons to be your teens’ Facebook friends, friends of friends, and networks (like the school they attend).
  • Teach your teens the online safety basics so that they can keep their Facebook profile (and other online accounts) private and safe.
  • Teach them safe use of technology
  • Checkout who are your teens’ friends on Facebook?
  • Let them always report abusive content, inappropriate Pages, Groups, Events and fake or impostor profiles.
  • Never let your kid to share your password with anyone.
  • Let your kid accept friend requests from people you know.
  • Never allow your kid to post anything that may irritate parents, teachers, or employers.
  • Discourage video chat, or allow them to use Video chat, only on your presence.
  • Always ensure that your teen keeps private things private.

Friday, October 21, 2011


Social Networking is officially the way in which in the future. Likelihood is pretty much everybody you recognize has at least 1 account someplace. At this time one of the most common site is Facebook. The recognition is all down for the options. Firstly it is free of charge to make use of which is normally an advantage. Yet another cause may be the extensive wide variety of functions. For those who possess a item to promote then you definitely can build a group, or extraordinary web page and then achieve some Facebook fans.

facebook fans Each profile on Facebook is various and distinctive. Take a while to create an interesting account if your purpose should be to acquire some followers and advertise. No person is considering reading a dull page with no entertaining facts, or details. Tell men and women about on your own but keep it enjoyable to go through. If people today like what you could have to say then that is a excellent solution to make persons send you a companion request, or far better nevertheless develop into your fan.

Get started by developing a fan-page about oneself or firm. Upload a few prime quality images and publish in detail underneath about every single a single. Then the following step should be to tell your family, buddies, and get the job done colleagues about your web page and to join up. Thousands and thousands of individuals from all around the earth are related by way of Facebook, so just one person can rapidly develop into hundreds in a brief sum of time.

The following step will be to keep updating your page with some abide by up details. It could even be something straightforward, asking your Facebook fans to inform you about themselves. This keeps your web page lively, as well as your followers returning to visit. It would be a superb thought to hyperlink a Twitter account to Facebook so your followers on both pages is often informed of updates.

Join a group, or page that is certainly in someway just like your products or page. Turn into energetic, but prevent spam otherwise you might be removed. When the time is correct, mention about your fan page and generally contain a link so interested persons can join up.

A video can tell a good deal a lot more than a photograph. When you fan numbers increase upload a video and advertise your abilities. This a very well-known way to acquire a great deal of views, plus you can website link it via YouTube and get all the more followers.

Eventually, there’s marketing. Set some money aside and spend money on some adds on social media pages, or simply just Facebook. This will likely help to place your title in peoples minds and construct an lively fan-base that retains growing. Stop PC Crashes with WinZip System Utilities




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Free Traffic and BackLinks

Almost all people who have access to the net have come across the word Search Engine Optimization, and likewise the majority have experienced, or heard about, “backlinks.” If you are are brand new to Search Engine Optimization, it can be difficult to understand as to what they are, and the reason why they’re thought to be very important. Well here I will explain the meaning of them and their necessity so as to give you a better understanding.

get backlinks

Also best-known as one way links, these hyperlinks are in simple words any link that’s pointing to your web page from another internet site. The amount you’ve is an indication of the popularity and significance of your website, in the proverbial eyes of the major search engines for instance Google, among others, who are the judge and jury and who’ll see your web page as being more trustworthy than others with less or none of them. This will in turn spur search engines to give your web-site a higher location in the page rankings for your specific keyword.

I should point out however that search engines want high quality. Backlinks which are positioned indiscriminately in a short space of time on completely unrelated websites will definitely ring alarm bells. Therefore you want to make sure you build quality inbound backlinks preferably associated to your subject, and place them over time so they look natural and not deceptive. For instance, if you have an internet site about animals and out of the blue one thousand links pop up from an online poker web-site, this will seem odd to search engines and they are going to not view these as high quality backlinks and they could even penalize you for this.

Clickable content in one of the links is named anchor text, and you could also gain high quality links to your web-site utilizing anchor text, additionally to positioning links on related sites. People often use phrases like “just click here” and that most likely will not relate to your site at all, so utilize your keywords when hyperlinking to things that you’d like an individual to click and these will make your backlinks look more relevant. For instance; if your keyword is beautiful beaches then you may use “view beautiful beaches” or something alongside those lines.

One more reason to build backlinks is to entice guests to come to your site. You could not build a site, and then count on individuals to discover your web page without showing them the way. If you have a link in an unrelated area of interest then the probabilities are you are not going to obtain much internet traffic. Whereas, if your backlink is put on a site that’s related then they could very well click on your backlink if that subject is of interest to them.

I hope you have a better understanding of precisely why you need incoming links to your web-site and the significance of hyperlinks in your SEO efforts.

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Monday, October 17, 2011


After finding a good niche, confused about making a good blog name. Remember the below given golden rules in selecting a blog name.


How to make a good name for a blog

  • Let the name be single word
  • Good names are generally short words.( Short and Sweet)
  • Find a word that is easy to remember, and spell
  • The word must be related to the subject of blog.
  • Avoid hyphens or numbers in word
  • Try to limit the name with maximum seven letters
  • If direct word is not available, then club two popular words
  • Select a word that is Keyword Optimized

Friday, October 14, 2011


As I have gained more friends in Facebook ( now I reached limit of 5000), I have faced multiple issues like, missing my old pals, missing valuable links, and piling up of unworthy links in my Wall. I have joined many groups and the notification from there is getting dumped in my mailbox. How to come out of this. I have decided to make a cleanup session for my facebook. But from where I shall start?



facebook securityIf you wish to do this, start from Account Settings. Click first on Security, then Notifications, and Apps. I simply tightened my security and disabled almost all notifications other than updates from Facebook. Under all Notifications, I clicked on Groups and disabled notification emails from Groups. ( after doing this, my total daily email number reduced from 140 to 44). When I checked my Apps (Applications) then I wondered seeing many applications, that are of no value to my blogging use. Trimmed one by one and finally figured 8 useful applications.





Go to Privacy settings. Control privacy when you post, default privacy (customize it) , and control how you connect with people you know before. Never allow people to Tag you. If you like to get tagged, then keep the tag notification “ON”. Allow tagging may lead to tag explicit images on your profile. You may limit the audience for posts you shared with more than friends. Control what is shared with apps, games and websites.



Control your friends by categorizing them into Lists. Delete friends whom you doubt as Fake Accounts. Never give your personal data to any friends. Also, never share your password.

 facebook cleanup

Thursday, October 13, 2011


Are you an Adsenser (Adsense user), or planning to use Adsense? Here is an opportunity for you to refresh your knowledge about Google Adsense and gain more information about the program. The AdSense Academy can help you successfully run your AdSense account by following six step-by-step learning modules.

This free AdSense Academy includes checklists, videos and quizzes that you can take at the end of each module to test your knowledge.

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google adsense academy

This Adsense Academy is very helpful in gaining knowledge about Monetization, Perfect Placement, and provides best practices on everything from implementing your ad units to building your traffic to controlling your ads.


FREE ARTICLES TO REPUBLISHTired of creating posts? Here is a huge list of websites that offer free content to republish. Please carefully go through the Terms and Conditions stated by each site. Always respect Original Author and Copyrights.

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