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Friday, December 11, 2009





What is Google Ad Planner

For a publisher like us, Google Ad Planner is a tool that help to increase the visibility of our websites, and blogs to potential advertisers in ADSENSE. In Google Ad Planner, there is an option called “Publisher Center” which is considered as the most useful weapon for a publisher, where you can claim sites of your own and customize the descriptions for each sites. In “Publisher center”  you can  add up to five categories that describe your site's content. Also, you can include the types, sizes, and formats of ads that your site supports. These data in Publisher center will help the Advertiser to analyze your site as the best one for advertise.

For an advertiser, Google Ad Planner is a free media planning tool to identify websites that the targeted  audience is likely to visit so that an advertiser  can find the best place to advertise.Google Ad Planner, define audiences by demographics and interests, Search for websites  gives  aggregated statistics on the number of unique visitors, page views, and other data for millions of websites from over 40 countries. It create lists of websites or blogs where an advertiser like to advertise and store them as a media plan.

How to join Google Ad planner

Google Ad planner is free and bloggers may join with their blogger Login Id and password. You will reach a page where you can see “ Research”,  “Media Plan” and '”Publisher center”.

The first two choices are for advertisers and now we will discuss about what an Adsense publisher had to do. Go to “ Publisher Center”. there you can see almost like the picture given below.


Here in this picture, you can see a brick colored portion “ We found verified sites you can include”. Most of the bloggers who had verified their blog with Google Webmaster Tools will receive such a message, Now Click on that and you can see the site name of your blog is available there. Check that and Click Ok. Now details of your blog is displayed there. You may edit the details of your blog here and can change the description, may add up to five Categories and Adsense slot information. Please take care to give all these details in correct manner as the advertiser uses these data for selecting your blog.

If your site is not verified, then just verify it with Webmasters Tools.It is very easy by uploading an HTML file to your web server directory or add a unique meta tag to your homepage. Those bloggers with blogger as their platform may add a unique meta tag to your homepage by going to LAY OUT ---> EDIT HTML in Dash Board.

Installation of Google Verification Meta tag in your blog

This is clearly explained in one of my previous post . All readers had to look into the “ Installation of Google Verification meta tag in your blog” and follow Steps A to Step F. Your verified sites will be available the next time you sign in to Google Ad Planner.


While giving your details of your blog, you should add the Google Analytic data also in the Publisher center. This will help the Advertiser to analyze the importance of your blog or site.  Those who have not yet started using Google Analytics, may visit one of my previous posts and add it at the earliest. Read '” Setup Google Analytics in your Site” and “ Add Google Analytic tracking Code to your blog ”.

Benefits of Google Ad Planner

More valid targeting:

Targeting of Advertisers by Publishers and Publishers by advertisers. Potential advertisers are never away from us.

Display an Ad Planner badge

Never forget to display a  Google Ad Planner Badge in your blog or website. Advertisers who click your badge will be brought directly to your Google Ad Planner site profile, where they'll find your traffic, demographics, and advertising information.
  1. Claim your site. Then Sign in to Google Ad Planner , then Click the Publisher tab. Edit “site Information”. Scroll down to see Site Badge.
  2. Select a badge size and style of your choice. Copy the badge code in the box, then paste the code in your site or blog.


Claim your sub domains

You can now add sub domains, in Google Ad Planner and advertisers receive a more detailed view of your site for their media planning.

Google Analytics providing additional support

Sharing Google Analytics data is the most worth thing a publisher can do because all advertisers believe in these data than any other data given in your blog. You can share your page views, unique visitors, total visits, average visits per visitor, and average time on site, and all data on Google Analytics, which ensures potential advertisers can collect the exact information of your site or blog.

Based on this information, agencies and advertisers using Ad Planner to identify appropriate sites related to their targeted customers,  to include in their placement-targeted campaigns. When more advertisers come to know about  your sites and bid to show ads on them, the competition among your ads will increase. This will steeply increase the Adsense earning potential.



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nice dear u have good knowledge about the google add planner nice dear keep it up dear

WebpageLottery said...

Google has Adsense and Adwords, and now Ad planner. I think they gonna eventually monopoly the advertising industries online.

Anne said...

This is very informative. Google is really giving all means possible to help people advertise and earn online.

Aswani (Admin) said...

I think I had gone through a similar post on DiTesco's blog. Google Adsense planner looks really good. It is a must use tool for every publisher and advertiser so they both can benefit from it. Really good tool!

Reetha ( Businessvartha) said...

Thanks for all the readers and commentators

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