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Thursday, December 17, 2009



No words required to describe about Amazon associates,now the happy news is that, Google Blogger entered into a direct integration with Amazon Associates to search Amazon’s product catalog and add links to products that earn you commissions when your readers buy products you recommend through your posts or Widget available to exhibit products in Amazon. Once you integrate your blogger account with Amazon, then money making is as simple as that.

  • Insert some Amazon links in every new blog post and any reader who buy an item from those links, you  will get money.
  • Add sidebar gadgets to your blog and earn money from each sale you get from that widget.
  • Earn 15% on Referrals
  • STEP A.
    Visit Amazon Associates website and Create an account. Please note your Tracking ID or Amazon Associates ID.  If you already have an Amazon Associates account, then move to STEP B.
  • STEP B.
    Login to your Blogger account, you will reach Dash Board. Click on “Monetize”  tab. Then you can see a new tab “ Amazon Associates”. Click on that.
  • Now the screen will look like the picture given below.

  • imageAs you can see in the picture, there are two options, “ I want to create a new Associate ID” or “ I already have an Associates ID”. Click on the first one if you don't have an ID, and give your email id and a new password. Remember that this login is for Amazon and please give a new password.

    If you already have an Amazon Associate account, then please check that option. Provide your Amazon Associates ID in the space provided. Some times, a login screen will appear to login to Amazon Associates, where you can enter the email id and password that you registered before in Amazon Associates.
  • imageThen Click on “ SETUP AMAZON ACCOUNT”. You will reach a page as given here.
    Here, Click on “ ADD THE PRODUCT FINDER” . That's all Done. Amazon Associates is very easily setup in your blog. Now we will see the applications of Amazon Associates.

    With the above integration, a blogger can earn money in two ways.

  • Write your new post and you can see a new Widget appearing in the right side of “ New Posts” . A sample picture given below for your reference.
    In that widget, search any item of your choice. You should search for any item you believe that your blog readers may buy for their use. Once you get search results, you can see three buttons, “LINK, IMAGE, LINK+IMAGE”. Select which type of link you want and click.  If you are writing a blog post about a gadget, book,review kids garments, toys, erotic materials, or even review movies,here with this integration, you can search the Amazon product catalog without leaving the Blogger and insert some links to the products you find into your posts. Not only is the process of linking to products more efficient, but Amazon makes it easy for you to earn money whenever your readers actually buy the products you write about.
    The most effective factor is that, you can link to any words in your post, you can place a Direct link in posts, you can place a link with image between posts.
  • Another way to attract customers, is to keep a WIDGET from your Amazon Associate. They have different types of Widgets of your choice which we can exhibit in our blog.

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    My Musings said...

    Thanks a lot for the feedback. I will try that.

    Aswani (Admin) said...

    Hi Reetha, this really is a good news for those who want to make money online. I remember I created an amazon associate account a long back but I didn't taste any sucess with it. I used it on my blog for more than 6 months but it never paid off. Infact, it has been the same case with all other money making sites for me. Apart from some paid reviews, I didn't found any other opportunity to make money online. Now, I have given up this idea now. Maybe, I would still try Amazon Associate program once again to try my luck ;)

    Reetha ( Businessvartha) said...

    Thank you My musings for your comment.

    Reetha ( Businessvartha) said...

    DEar Aswani, its not merely luck only, we had to work and plan smartly and im sure you will get 100 opportunites for making money. Dont expect huge money,, but some amount of smart money,, defenitely we can earn

    Anonymous said...

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    By the way, are you really a college girl?

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