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Wednesday, April 1, 2009


Regarding the Keyword search, there are somany tools available now a days.Some are free and others are paid services. You should do keyword search before constructing a website.

There are three commonly used keyword tools:

• Google Adwords Keyword Tool
Google Adwords Keyword Research Tool
Google is free and gets its information from Google’s own search data and
it is tottally free
• WordTracker
WordTracker is an online tools that access a database of search data from smaller search engines and is a paid service
• Keyword Discovery
Keyword Discovery is another online tools that access a database of search data from smaller search engines and is a paid service.
These are all online tools.

Page Strength:
There are several tools available for helping determining a page’s competitive strength. Here are a few options:
• LifeTips Page Strength Tool
LifeTips Page Strength Tool is currently free

• SEOmoz’s Page Strength Tool
SEOmoz’s tool is a paid service
There are some professional keyword builders available in net, but most work you can do by yourselves.


Miss Mapp said...

Hi Kris,
Thank you for voting for my blog - looks like you are making a serious impact yourself! well done.

sherry_yao said...

Great post.Help me understand more about blog promote. I have a blog but got very few traffic. I believe something is wrong with my keyword ranking. Thanks for your info.

mech said...

Thank for sharing with us so many free key word tools. Nice compile.

kris said...

thanks mech and all others to comment

Robin said...

I love to use the Google tool for keywords. Having no idea when I started how to do this was the biggest downfall for me. Once I learned it was simple and drives more traffic who are really interested in your content.

Sutapa said...

Great post. Very useful info, mainly for me I am unaware how to determine the page strength, your post is really helpful. Thanx for sharing.

LibertyCast said...

Thank you for the vote and the favor returned! I like your content as well. Very informative, and I will for sure keep an eye on your blog.

kris said...

YES ROBIN U ARE CORRECT..are u interested in more traffic? stay with my site

kris said...

helo always, thanks for the comment

kris said...

thats nice liberty..

mero bero said...

great post, and great blog it is extremly usefull, keep it on .

Niema said...

hey can you give some example for using keyword popularity. I dont know exactly about that

James Arnold Nogra said...

I should try this and see if there are difference. My posts are not so interesting but I guess the world is too big and some people who has a lot of free time accidentally lands on my blog... LOL

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your article is very useful......

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