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Sunday, May 17, 2009


Easy Indexing of your Blog / WebPages in Yahoo within five minutes

Several readers appreciated our work in Indexing a blog in Google within Ten minutes and many of them email us asking about the ways to index their blog in another major search engine, Yahoo. As everyone knows, the indexing in search engines is an important step in Search Engine Optimisation. When your blog become more popular, this will help to get much better Page Rank . Your page will appear in first few pages of Search engine results related to specific Keywords in your Meta tags.Ultimately you will win in bringing more traffic to your pages.

All readers please excuse us, this time we are not providing any pictorial presentation( Mr Kris is much busy in repairing some famous blogs ) . So we go step by step.This will help to get Search Engine Optimization,blog promotion,more traffic,SEO, free tips,techniques and high rankings

Step A:

Create a Yahoo Email ID by visiting . Hopes that all of you have at least one Yahoo ID. So keep one ready with you and jump to Step B

Step B:

Go to Yahoo Site Explorer . Click on the 'Sign in' link which is at the top of the page. Now, ‘Sign In’ with your Yahoo Id and password that we have created in Step A. If you already have a Yahoo Account, then login with that.  After login, you will reach a page, where you can see a space provided for Adding your URL.

Step C:

Type the name (URL)of your blog in the box and click on the tab” Add My Site” . Now you can see that name( URL) of your blog or website will appear in a table on that page. Now click on the name of your blog or website which you submitted.

Step D:

When you click on the name (URL) of your blog, you will reach a page where you can see a tab “ Authenticate”. Authenticate is nothing but Verifying the ownership of your blog or website.

Here you can see, Yahoo will ask, “ How you Authenticate your site”? Click on “ By adding a Meta tag to my homepage”. Now you will get the Meta tag for authentication, which is given in bold letters, starting with <  and ending with >. Copy the META tag to Notepad . Don't close the window or don't logout.

Step E:

Now open another browser window and login to the Dashboard of your blog or website.For Blogspot users, ( others may directly go to EDIT HTML portion of their website) after login you will reach “Dash Board”, select “Layout” and then “Edit HTML”

This will bring you to the template code. First of all, download a copy of your TEMPLATE to your computer as a BACK UP. This will help you to retain your old settings and layout in case you make any mistake.

Copy the Meta tag from Notepad and paste it in your site's HTML in the first <head> section of the page, before the first <body> section.

When you look into the EDIT HTML section of your blog, you can see <head> portion within the first few lines and its better to paste the Meta tag just below  that.

Now save template and View Blog in a new Window.This will help to get Search Engine Optimization,blog promotion,more traffic,SEO, free tips,techniques and high rankings

Step F:

Now go back to STEP D and   click on the button “Ready to Authenticate”. Now you can see a message that your Site is verified. Some times,you will get a message saying that 'Your site is pending authentication' . Don’t worry, the verification may take sometime.

Step G:
Now Click on “My Sites” ( you can see this in the left top section of the page,under “Site Explorer” tab). Then click on your blog URL and you will reach a page where you can see Verification status of your blog.  In the same page, look to left side section, where you can see many tabs like,”Statistics”, “Crawl Errors”, “Feeds”,”Authentication” and “Actions”. 

Click on “Feeds” .

Here you had to give the Feed URL of your blog or your website.The below given is my Feed URL, you can make similar Feed URL by replacing the name of my blog.( by replacing the purple in color and bold)

Here your half job is already done. So just Type “ feeds/posts/default” in the space given after your URL and Click on “Add Feed”.

“DONE” .Check your account after few hours and feel happy that you have successfully submitted your site map to Yahoo. Also you can see any Crawl errors, Statistics of your blog etc.

Meanwhile,if you didn't submitted your blog sitemap to Google,please read this


Hope you may get some useful tips from below given posts.






Sameeta said...

Hey, many thanks for this great post. Now, I think I can get my blog indexed in yahoo. Just couldn't understand - Why there was no traffic at all from yahoo? Maybe, the blog was not indexed. Also, I had heard from many people that google blogspot blogs are never shown in yahoo search. I would like to know from you if its true or not ?

Aswani said...

Believe me, I haven't received any traffic till now from yahoo search. Google has been a major source of traffic provider to my blog after blogcatalog. I think the reason may be what you have written in your post. My blog is not indexed in yahoo. And I never bothered it. Hopefully, now after reading your post...I can work on it seriously and get my blog indexed in yahoo as soon as possible :)

P.Reetha said...

Dear E CAbs, it is absolutely wrong that Yahoo search will never show blogspot blogs..You just type "" in Yahoo search and see the results. You can see many blogs listed in yahoo search. So dont hesitate, all the best..

P.reetha said...

Yes Dear Aswani, After indexing in yahoo, u may see many visitors from yahoo, also try to get a better page rank. Thankyou for commenting

Aswani said...

@Reetha - My pleasure. Yes, I will do it for sure. No problem :)

Henry said...

You have some really neat ideas listed here! Thanks for all the tips and helpful information.


Chef Jay said...

I reviewed your site and I think it would really help my blog grow. Thanks a lot for helping out bloggers who need quality advice. Ciao! Enjoy my vote!

P.reetha said...

thankyou, Mr Henry,,Please wait for some more useful tips soon

P.Reetha said...

Thnks Jonasan, we will be very happy, if you also become a successfull blogger. Please stay with us for more tips. Also feel free to ask any doubts also

david biodun-kasumu said...

Nice post.This is highly helpful to all bloggers.Please keep the good work up!

Komarraju Venkata Vinay said...

Thank you for voting for my blog. I visited your website and enjoyed the little extras in the side bar. I am a novice in terms of the technical aspects like SEO and HTML. I am trying to use the instructions in your blog. Thanks again.

Venkata Vinay

Reetha said...

Thankyou Mr David and Komaraju

Jen {} said...

I tried this and when I went to view my blog, it told me I couldn't save it or view it. Here's the code I entered between the HEAD and BODY: META name="y_key" content="99ad83aa2d00a92b". I got an error message saying: "Your template could not be parsed as it is not well-formed. Please make sure all XML elements are closed properly.
XML error message: The element type "META" must be terminated by the matching end-tag "". Not sure what to do. Can you help?

Kris said...

Dear Tink, Please put a / after the < of that script. This will help to close the Tag as previous scripts. You may put / before the > at the end of that Tag. Please try this and let me know please..

moon saud said...

I am a new reader of your blog. Really your blog is interesting. Well I do not get any traffic from yahoo, but I already implement what you say. Thank you for your valuable post.

Anonymous said...

Even I agree to moon saud- I dont get any yahoo traffic, but yeah ur blog is really good..

Kris said...

Dear Anonymous and Moon, Thankyou for your comments and I would like to say that Yahoo have a Premium program ( paid ) traffic generation system by Search Engine submission. So such customers will come on top of Search Engine Rankings. Eventhough, peculiar keywords help some blogs to come on top of yahoo listings.We beleive that there is a coldwar exisiting there between Uncle G and Uncle Y. But we had to do the Yahoo search engine submission and let yahoo list our pages also. This is very essential for getting a higher Rank in alexa like services because they count number of pages in yahoo, google and other services. So please proceed and wait till Yahoo Crawl. YOU MAY SUBMIT YOUR BLOG TO ASK, MSN AND ALEXA by this way. Read this also please::

Chandan said...

Hey friend your blog is really very nice. You have mentioned some nice tips for drive traffic on blog. It is really helpful for me. Thank you.

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yogs said...


I followed ur steps but ut says "Authenticatio failed". Do I have to wait for some time?

Kris said...

Dear Yogs, Please verify that you have properly included the Metatag in your HTML. Sometime your HTML require to put / before the > at the end of that Tag. Then paste the Metatag in your HTML just below the head portion.Then again Authenticate. Usually authentication willnot take much time. Still, you may wait for maximum one hour to get the verification of your blog.If you still feel difficulty, please feel free to comment and ask again

charles said...

I really like your blog and the posts i must say i love the way you explain the process.iam a newbie and one thing i find disappointing about some sites providing tips on blogs is that they just give advice without taking into consideration that they are different blog platforms and certain tips may not be applicable to certain blog plat forms yet they dont state feels bad to try something yet it doesnt work.

Unknown said...

Hey..I need one help.. I did as you specified. After adding my blog to the page. It is not asking me for any authentication instead it redirects to my blog. WHat to do??please help..

Art by Tomas said...

Thanks once again - I did all you said and hope to get lots of new visitors soon. Thank you for that precious help.
You teach me to walk and that's the priceless support.

jovine said...

i never got indexed in yahoo have waited almost 3 months now
nothing is showing when i type
why is that i already did as u mentioned above

Reetha said...

Dear Jovine, we had inspected your blog and found that most of your posts are not original and already indexed in yahoo with other blogs/websites. So what we suspect is that your blog pages got penalized for duplicate content. Well, there is another way to get indexed. Just go to and login with ur yahoo id. Then add your URL in your profile, add your feed URL also.Make a Zen profile. Then, read this and submit your blog to all search engines, . Im sure , this will help....then check yahoo after 5 minutes. still got problem..inform us

jovine said...

just did what u said still no luck with yahoo and bing

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