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Monday, December 28, 2009


Link exchange is a very important term in search engine optimization. Bloggers must concentrate more in developing more links pointing towards your blog or website. Link exchange always help in increasing the importance and presence  of your blog in  blogosphere. In other words. This is one of the most powerful search engine optimization in blogosphere. An excellent weapon of all search engine optimization companies in internet.

LINK EXCHANGEUsual methods in link exchange are Blogroll, Directlinks in Posts, and Favorite Blog list.  A major disadvantage in making links using these three ways is that we had to request another blogger to exchange links. Is there any automatic way to make a link to your blog from another blog.

Here we are explaining an easy technique for an automatic link building.


  alarm Please completely read this post, and get your blog name in next post.


image Make comments after every new posts of other blogs that blogging on  related topics of your blog.It is easy to make comments in other blogs. Go to the latest post, and comment. All comments belonging to a post in a blog are crawled by search engines while indexing or crawling that post. If you have your comment in another blog with a link back to your blog, that also will be crawled by search engines and will be counted as one more link pointing to your blog. Care must be taken that never post similar comments because such comments with identical words are neglected by Search Engines.

So, always comment with some good words related to that post. More words you use in commenting, makes the search engine crawl relatively more time on it.


  • Comment linking usually have relative importance. That means, it doesn’t matter whether you make a comment link from a blog of high PR or not. You will get more points in making comment links related to Total number of comments in that blog , Size of the comment (Comment with at least 20 words), Quality of the comment (Comment with the topic or keyword in that post), Nature of comment (Never use HTML links direct in the comment words as it will kill PR of blog owner. But you may link naturally using the method given below) and Time of comment (Try to comment as early as possible, be in the first 50 comments).
  • You can make comments in new blog posts of other blogs without asking their permission. Blog owners happily accepts any comment that praises or analyses their blog posts.
  • Bloggers who receive good comments will naturally visit and comment back to those who comment on their blogs. This will create a mutual agreement between bloggers in commenting and monetizing further.
  • If a blog post get a PR increase, then weightage of all comments in that posts will be automatically increased on next crawling and indexing.


  • STEP A : Find a blog that have related topics of your blog. (Joining in Entrecard, is very helpful in finding blogs categorically ). Take the new post and click on comment.
  • STEP B : Have a look on below given comment box. image Type your comment in the box provided. Then Type your name, preferably the “title of your blog” in the space provided. Then type the URL of your latest post in the space provided. (You may type your blog URL also here, but making link directly to individual pages is much better) . Then click on Publish. In some blogs, it require approval from the blog owner to view the comment


  • STEP A : Find a blog that have related topics of your blog. (Joining in Entrecard, is very helpful in finding blogs categorically, ).
  • Take the new post in that blog and click on comment.
  • STEP B: Type desired comment in the comment box. Then select any particular word which you want to make a link. Replace that word with this HTML code.

<a href=>XXXXXX</a>

Here in this code replace “” with your website or blog URL and replace “XXXXXX” with the word you are placing inside the comment. Then Submit your comment. Most blogging hosts like Google and Wordpress are allowing small HTML pieces like this inside comment box. But overloading a comment box with such HTML pieces will kill a blog. We usually don’t approve such linked comments as many bloggers use this as an opportunity to create links.



















Want to get added in this table? New list publishing soon

Keep this “COMMENT U BACK” widget in your blog and comment on this post. We will add your name in new list.

Login “DashBoard”> “Layout”> “Add a Gadget”> ”HTML/JavaScript”. Then copy the below given HTML code of any widget of your choice and paste. This will work as an identity between bloggers who love to comment back










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Swathi Pradeep said...


Reetha said...

Thankyou Swathi, I saw you have 9 comments now in your latest post.. Hopes that this Widget help you much to get more comments.

Unknown said...

I really enjoy stopping at your blog.I did not know it was good thing to leave a longer comment. Thanks for the link I have added you to my blog.Howrever I am a little confused about the html so I didn't add it here yet.

Book's Hive said...

Hi Reetha
commenting a post rightly is indeed very beneficial.thanks for taking time & writing about the correct technique of commenting.I've installed comment U Back widget at both of my blogs.

learn to blog online said...

We have a few college students online and we love your blog postings, so well add your rss or news feed for them, Thanks and please post us and leave a comment back and well link to you. Thanks Jen , Blog Manager

Gurpreet Singh said...

Nice Work of Art Dude to increase your Comments and Back links but You can Also Consider for Top Commentator widget as installed on my blog it automatically push people to vote for more links on my blog.

Reetha said...

Thanks Liz, Books Hive and Learn to blog for ur comments

Aswani said...

Hi Reetha, hope you are well. This is a very nice post. Yes, I too like this comment linking. It helps a lot. It gets you more traffic, increases credibility, makes more social and interactive with fellow bloggers. bty, many thanks for putting me in that list ;)

Reetha said...

Dear Aswani, never say Thanks to me please. Instead please comment back on those who comment on your blog. Thankyou


Great! Thanks, dear Reetha! I've just added the 'Comment you back' widget in my blog as you've suggested, here, and would like to know... what next...plz!

When I click on the widget in my blog, I'm taken to your blog's page. So, I'm unable to understand as to how it would work. Plz help me understand properly.

And your tips about the other comments link methods are great, too. I'm surely going to utilize them.

Thanks again! Cheers! :)

Port Blair.

Reetha said...

Dear Shri,Thatsall done.
Now leave the rest job to us. We will inform all those who installed the comment widget and they will comment on your posts. Once you get comments, please dont forget to comment them back. Its not only link building, its relation building. Happy Blogging


That's nice! Of course, it's about building long-term relations with like-minded blogger friends like you. :)

I always believe in building new relationships, while strengthening the old ones. And about your comments link tips... well, you can already see the difference in the format of my comments. :)

Thanks again, Reetha!
Cio, for, now! :)

-Shrinath Vashishtha
Port Blair.

aayanman said...

Still trying to figure it ot...but very helpful tips.

Praveen said...

I have place the widget, how should i get visitors. can i advertise this comment u back on social networking sites.

Anonymous said...

I have become a fan of your blog and its very hand... I have become a fan of your blog and its very handy to get the info as i need, any how this is my blog please do visit me healthy weight loss plan info 4 beginners

Reetha said...

Dear Mr Praveen , Thanks for your nice comment and visit. It will be very nice if you can promote it through Social networkingsites. Hopes taht you will comment back to all those comment on your blog. Yes, Its the first step of building relations. Thank you

Style Up Your Life said...

Hi Reetha
very informative post.thanks for adding my blog in the list just one small correction hope u'll glad to know that my blog is upgraded from PR 2 to PR 3

netbloggy said...

Hello Friend,
I've pasted this code in my blog. Thanks for your nice posts. I'm your follower. My Alexa page ranks are very low (around 4 lakhs).and also very low visitors. could you help me to increase my visitors???? please.

Reetha said...

Dear Netbloggy, Dear Blogger, thanks for visiting our blog. We have inspected your blog and found that, the Search engine optimisation was not quite Ok with Metatags. We suggest you to do some work on that after reading this article. Also, please partcipate in Socialnetworking, like Blogcatalog, Blogged, you can see the widgets of such in our blog on the right hand side down. Your effort to show the internet scams is appreciable and we are sure people have much interest in these things.

Tom said...

Just put the Gadget into Thanks for thinking of me! My best - Tom

Jerry Jose said...

Thanks for the post. I have placed the widget in my blog. But still I didn't understand how it work. Let me wait and see

Reetha said...

Dear Jerry, Just pick the badge and leave the job back to us...u will get many comments, but remember to comment them back and keep relationship

Vijay said...

I find this article about comment links VERY useful...

I loved the 'Comment U Back' buttons!

Well my blog's just about a month old, and I've managed to get a PR of 1! I'm extremely excited, and I've gained a few tips from your blog too..

I hope you visit my blog : )

the dafthermits (Mel n andy and wee clan) said...

Done my friend

much thanks for all the wonderful hints and tips

peace and light

Orange said...

Hii reetha,
Everytime I read your posts, its provides such profound insights into the world of blogging. You are surely doing a great job.
Entrecard thing is a new concept for me. I have already signed in for it and hope to keep networking.
I have also added the "Comment you back" widget on my blog. Let me know what is to be done next..Thanks!!

Reetha said...

Dear Vijay and Dafther, thanx for your kind comments

Reetha said...

Dear Orange, Thanks for your nice words, Once you add this, then wait for our any new post that contain a valuable link back to your blog. Also, we circulate list of your blog name among people who love to comment you back. And please dont forget to consider your commentators as king and just comment them back to make more good relationships. Remember You are now a Comment You Back blog. just wait for new comments..and Happy blogging

Orange said...

Thanks reetha..lokking forward to connecting with you.

the dafthermits (Mel n andy and wee clan) said...

Hi my friend

many thanks for popping byre my wee blog and for the link below

keep up the amazing work you do here and i for one thankyou so much for the help

peace and light

blogodril said...


Thanks for your sharing. This great tips in an amazing blog !

hana said...

Interesting. Have put the widget on my blog. Thanks for the info :)

Reetha said...

Thankyou Daf, Orange, Blogodril and hana for your visit and nice words. Please keep in touch

web design company said...

Really great tips i have read that type of link exchange thought

Art by Tomas said...

Thank you for so comprehensive article on link exchange. I put your widget on my blog and hope to improve my current level of communication: the growth of Page Rank will show my success in that.
Thank you dear Reetha, your guidance enables me to dream big.

Art by Tomas said...

Dear Reetha,
I would like to thank you once again for the help that I received from you. As I remind your attentive consultations, I look at the passersby under my window in the new light of trust in other. Thank you.

now I would like to ask How could I put a code next to my Entrecard (so as I see it on your blog) Cuold you help me to arrange such grab my button code?

His Unfailing Love said...

added your badge here, see you

dancevibe said...

I've pasted this code in my blog the dance

robert said...

Nice to see so informative post on link exchange.I have added your widget.I hope to get included in your Blogger Comment Back List

TOMAS said...

Dear Reetha,
It was fine to learn how comments may link our blogs. Thank you for the detailed explanation. I am glad for my name appeared on your list. Yet I see comments by Tomas and Art by Tomas. They both belongs to me but were calculated as the different. Does it mean that search engines count not my URL but the signature? How could I to grasp the above?

Reetha said...

Defenitely Dancevibe and Robert. Also Mr Tomas, name doesn't have any impact on Search engines, all that values is keywords

bibhash said...

that is so useful . I hope I will have a gud page rank soon :)

Jafp said...

Hi all. Lets link Exchange

Abhi said...

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Arindam Tosh said...

Thanks for the tips.It really helped a lot.

Thank You

wishvam said...

done.. its a nice tool for budding bloggers like. me i hope now i can get more comments..

Mário Augusto Souza said...

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robert said...

Nice post about comment back and link exchange ways.

admin said...

Yes, it is a good way to increase one way backlinks via blog commenting and i am also doing that here :D

Sebstian said...

To help you exchange links. I made a page where you can exchange a link with 30 pages at a time. I'm waiting for comments link exchange with 30 site at a time

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