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Friday, February 5, 2010


Most bloggers were complaining about the lack of facility to add individual pages in blogger blogs. Now Google blogger allows us to add individual pages like “ Home”, “About” “Contact “, etc. We can use this facility right from the Dashboard of our blogger account. These individual pages will act as standalone pages and can be linked any where. A classic support from Blogger pages that let us publish static information on stand-alone pages linked from your blog. For example, you can use pages to create an “About Me” This Blog page that discusses the evolution of your blog, or a “Contact Us” page that provides directions, a phone number, and a map to your location.


Just follow these simple steps.


Login to Blogger Account. You will reach dashboard. Click on “Edit Posts”. Now you will reach a page where you can see all your previous posts. Simply look to the tab next to “ Edit Posts”, you can see “Edit Pages”. Click  on that. Now you can see a page as given in the picture below. There is a tab ”NEWPAGES” in blue color. Click on that or on “Create a Page”



Clicking on “Create a page”, will take you to  a Page Creation part as given below. Here, you had to enter the Page title as you wish, ( Home, About Me, Contact Us etc ) . Type all required details in the space provided and click on “Publish Page”.

image Then you will reach a page as given below. Here you can see the individual page, or edit that page. Now you can view “Add the Page List Gadget” tab. Click on that



This option help you to display the Pages added in your blog as an easily editable Widget. This can be configured as a Widget and will help you to edit quite easily. Click on Add the Page List Gadget to reach a page as shown in the picture given above in STEP B.

Then you will reach a page where you can Configure Page List, as given in the picture here. Give appropriate Title (optional), and you may arrange the Pages and Save. Now the Page widget will appear on the Layout section of your blog for further maintenance.



Next time when you login to Dashboard, then move to Posting, then to Edit Pages, and you can see as given in picture below. All your Pages will be listed there and you can edit or delete and view the pages.


Do Remember that the above created pages will not appear in your Edit Post section. This is because these pages are created directly to the root domain and not like individual posts you make.

Happy Blogging


Aswani (Admin) said...

Thanks Reetha for this useful post. Blogger is getting better and better these days with these tweaks. Addition of more pages..great feature. I will use it for sure.

shabnamahsan said...

Hi Reetha
thanks for this much awaited tutorial....i always wanted to add About Page in blog but didnt know how to....thanksss again

Reetha said...

thankyou aswani and shabnam..for your nice comments

Shabnam Sultan said...

Nice tutorial....... thanks for posting. I have a blogger blog so quite useful for me .Have bookmarked your blog.

Leonidas said...

hey i have a query.. wid regards to step B when we create a page.

When i tried to create a page i didnt get so many editing options as u have shown in the screenshot.

i mean besides the bold,italics and add link option my toolbar in the post window is having bare bone functionality... i thus cannot upload images to the page unlike posts..

What could I be missing here?

Reetha said...

Dear Shabnam Thanx for your comment. Also, dear Leoni, all functions are not available in all countries, soon will be available in your country also. What i heard is that Google on its way to develop this option, may be more features coming, please wait for few more days or hours...Thanks for your comment

Reetha said...

Dear Leoni, I have another suggestion to change the Editor options, Please go to Dashboard, Settings, Basic, scroll down to see Global Settings, Select "updated editor". If this option is available in your country, then you can find a solution ....Happy blogging

Tomas said...

Dear Reetha, thank you for the wonderful news. I had no idea about the possibility to have the additional pages on Thus your made my day in full sense of a word. I will add "my pictures' to my blog now.

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