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Thursday, February 4, 2010


I would like to share some useful downloads for bloggers. These downloads are collected from different sources and checked the links on 03/02/2010.Kindly download all these and spend some time to read. This will definitely improve your blogging experience. All my readers kindly give me the feed back about these downloads. If you have any suggestion about such a new useful download, please let us know. Also, any advertisers of E-books, please contact us using Contact Us form on top.

  1. GOOGLE GUIDE FOR SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMISATION          Download - This guide is very useful for new bloggers and webmasters that are new to the topic of search engine optimization who wish to improve their sites' interaction with visitors and search engines. This can be considered as one of the best E-book for beginners.
  2. ENTRECARD’S OFFICIAL E-BOOK:                                              Download - An E-Book that everyone who participates in Entrecard should read. It covers a lot of the ins and outs and nuances of the service. A very useful guide for any bloggers who join in Entrecard. (How to increase visitors using Entrecard- Click here)
  3. TWITTER101                                                                                  Download - A free download that clearly explains the value of Twitter to businesses. You can download the PDF directly from this link.
  4. DEEP SECRETS OF SUCCESSFULL BLOGGING - learn from 30 experts                                                                                             Download - This free book clearly depicts the experience of 30 successful bloggers around the world. A real guide for successful blogging.
  5. WHY BLOG + 25 TIPS TO MAKE IT WORK                                Download - As the title indicates, a pdf file to make blogging so cool and effective.Read this 25 tips and see how effective in your blogging days
  6. SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMISATION E-BOOK                                Download - This free e-book by Craig Killick about small business website optimization or search engine optimization that describes : What search engines want?, Two Elements of Good SEO, Optimizing Your Web site, Creating effective web pages, Descriptive linking and navigation, Referrals, Getting links, Quality Content, How to create content and Example of content.
  7. GOOGLE ADWORDS MADE EASY                                                    Download -  A beautiful E-book on Google Adwords, by BradCallen
  8. GOOGLE ADWORDS AND YAHOO PPC TIPS                                Download - This e-book basically is an excerpt of an Aaron Matthew Wall’s Search Engine Optimization Book. Aaron pick one chapter, “Pay Per Click”, and gives it away to visitors.
  9. GETTING STARTED WITH GOOGLE ADSENSE                           Download - This e-book is split into an introduction and 7 lessons, to make it easier to know more about Adsense.
  10. 100 TIPS FOR DOING BUSINESS ONLINE                                      Download - Poor Richard’s Top 100 Tips for Doing Business Online contains tips for: Improving your Web site design and content, Attracting more visitors to your Web site, Using other people’s Web sites and ezines to promote your site and Measuring your results.
  11. NEW RULES OF VIRAL MARKETING                                              Download – This e-book explains about viral marketing and how word-of-mouse spreads your ideas for free. This has been downloaded more than 300,000 times in one year.
  12. SOCIAL WEB ANALYTICS                                                                 DownloadThis book gives  a nice idea about Social web
  13. PROMOTE YOURSELF WITH TWITTER                                       Download – This E-book helps ebook to use Twitter to promote yourself. This e-book contains lots of useful information, tools etc that help your tweet a different style.
  14. EVERYONE’S AN EXPERT                                                                 Download - This e-book explains how to use Squidoo to bring traffic to your blog and various other techniques.
  15. THE ZEN OF BLOGGING                                                                   Download – A worthy e-book that explains much about topics from choosing the blog niche to Monetizing your blog
  16. INCREASE THE RESPONSE TO YOUR EMAIL MARKETING PROGRAM                                                                                          Download – This e-book is a guide to develop successful B2B Email marketing success.
  17. FLIPPING THE FUNNEL                                                                  Download – This e-book describes, how to be a successful social media blogger.
  18. MAKE MONEY ONLINE WITH JOHN CHOW                                  Download – This e-book is an excellent one from internet celebrity, John Chow that describes different ways to extract money from your internet.
  19. WEBSTYLE GUIDE 3rd EDITION                                                    Download – An excellent online guide,to page design, typography, editorial style, graphics, and multimedia. There are sections on web site accessibility, CSS, and flexible page design, information architecture, and site maintenance, coupled with illustrations and examples.
  20. UNLEASHING THE IDEA VIRUS                                                      Download – This e-book explains viral marketing  by marketing guru Seth Godin. He explains why ideas matter, and reveals the secrets on how to unleash an idea virus.
  21. NEW RULES OF BUSINESS BLOGS                                                  Download – An e-book that depicts some useful tips about how to develop a business blog. A must read for bloggers.


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Aswani (Admin) said...

Hi Reetha, I love your site. You sites is really one of the best sites around. Truly resourceful. Thank you so much for sharing this wonderful resources. downloaded most of them. Keep it up :)

Orangesplaash said...

Reetha, this is an amazing collection of ebooks..kudos for such a nice initiative. I am looking forward to some good reading in the coming days.

Reetha said...

Thankyou Orange and Aswani for your kind comments

khalid said...

Reetha, a lot of useful downloads for reader... nice collection.

Pharmacy said...

this post is very very useful and also recommended to my frds.
Thanx for sharing

hariaie said...

thank Reetha, most of the article will guide newbies like me, now your blog is one of the important site and must read....keep it up beb...

shabnamahsan said...

excellent post....thanks for providing us very informative books....its your hard work to gives your readers quality resources that makes your site stand out

the dafthermits (Mel n andy and wee clan) said...

Hi Reetha

many thanks for your lovely comment on my we blog

i hope you have a wonderful love and happiness filled weekend

your friend in the wee tin can in Scotland

Art by Tomas: the fine arts & life, photography & thoughts said...

Dear Reetha ,
each visit to your wonderful site enables me to look at my blogging more consciously. That inspires out of itself. I just downloaded the Google Guide and my desire to make my best for search engine optimization was doubled.

Dear Reetha, you transform the lazy blogger into the passionate learner. Thank you for the wish to grow.

Ame said...

Thanks for compiling this great post!

P.S. The pdf links for #20 and #21 are the same! #21 should be a different link

Anonymous said...

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