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Tuesday, June 23, 2009


Capture All of my distinguished readers should remember that submitting your blog / website to online Directories will improve the Page Rank of your blog/site. Achieving a higher Page Rank is a dream of every blogger/website owner. If the Page Rank is higher, then your blog will appear on top of the search engine results. Thus more visitors will come to your blog. have started dreaming about huge traffic….

Be happy, read this article and try the software, absolutely free of charge. You can list your blog/website in 350 free online directories very quickly.

Free submission of blog or website to 350 online directories

I jumped with ecstasy when i got an email from Mr.. Brad Callen, announcing that his famous “Directory submitter” software has a Standard edition which is now absolutely free of charge.

Benefits of “Directory Submitter” Free Standard Edition

1. Submit your blog to 350 online directories absolutely free

2. Easy installation and execution

3. We can select the best directories depend upon the Ranking

4. One click submission

5. You can add different blogs, as separate “projects” and submit individually

6. Easy access of Directory main page down to the Software itself.

7. Improvement in Page Rank quickly

8. Option of upgrading the software and get submitted to more directories

How to Use “ Directory Submitter”

Step A

Click here to DOWNLOAD free copy of “ Directory Submitter” . Just put your First name, Email address ( don’t give your primary email in order to avoid spams. Instead, give an active less using email ) and Register. Now you have nothing to do in that Page, just view the ads and decide whether you need that products or not. Then you check your email and you will get a link to download it absolutely free of charge.

Double click on the file to Install it in your computer. Open the program after Installation

Step B


Once you open the program you can see the window looks like this.

Different directories are listed with their Page rank, Alexa rank etc.

On the right side you can see a button “ Add Project”. Click on that

Step C

Now a new window will open, where you had to give a name of your project (you can give any name as this is for persons who want to add more than one blog/site).

Then click “ Next”. Now another page, where you can give your personal details ( this is optional). So move to “Next”, again and you will reach a form where you had to fill

URL of your blog( start with http),

Category ( Put the appropriate Main category of your Blog ),

Sub Category ( Put the appropriate Subcategory of your blog),

Title, Description and Keyword ( give the exact keywords in your Meta Tag of HTML). Then click “Finish”.

Step D

Now double click on any of the Directory name inside the window. You can see the Directory Page get downloaded in the box below. You had to find ‘Submit the Link” button or similar one in that home page of that Directory. When you click on submit the link, then the details entered by you will automatically enter in the Submission form of Directory. Make any changes as you want and you may proceed further.

Different directories have their own style of submitting links.

a. Some of them may Accept links directly in a URL submission box on the front page of the directory

b. In some other,we had to select the Category and finally we can submit our URL

c. Some directories will request you to keep a back link on your blog. This can be done very easily.

Create a new post ( a Link Page) in your Blog with an old date. Then Copy and Paste the link( Reciprocal or Back link) of the Directory in your page and publish the post.

You had to give the URL ( webpage address) of that specific post ( page) in that Directory, before submitting your URL in the Directory. This will help the Directory to check whether you gave the reciprocal link of the Directory in your blog or not.

You can add as many as reciprocal links in that Link Page. Never add the URL of those Directory in your “blog list” or “link list” in the main Page, because this may negatively affect your Page Rank, if you have more outgoing links from your blog.

d. Certain directories gives the addition of a reciprocal link as an option only.

e. In some directories, the server is temporarily unable to accept your submission due to the “Directory site owner” reaching his/her bandwidth limit. In such cases,please try again later.

If you have any doubt, please fell free to ask me.

You may watch this Video for further understandings.

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Jonathan Dror said...

whats wrong with just google?

Jim Gerl said...

I voted for you a while ago as SpEdLaw2
Per your BC post, please vote for mine at

Reetha said...

Dear Jo..there is nothing wrong may be scheduled outage..

Reetha said...

Thank you Jim, I voted for u. Thanks for your kind support. said...

Very Good Tips on Page Rank and Directory Submission.
I would like to ask you a question which it out of this topic.
It's about Pingback. I receive a large number of Pingback to my posts.
Should I approve it?
Is Pingback of any value to Page Rank?

Reetha said...

Dear Forex, There are three types of Linkbacks - Pingbacks, Refbacks, and Trackbacks. If Your blog links to site X and both sites have pingback options, site X will be noticed by search engines if your blog have higher Page Rank. Usually Google have less effect on Page rank, but some other like, MSN, 'ask' are heard to support sites with Ping Backs.

Ping Back enables bloggers to keep track of who is linking to, or referring to their articles. Movable Type, WordPress and Community Server, support automatic pingbacks where all the links in a published article can be pinged when the article is published.

Hopes that you got satisfied with this answer.



You've got valuable tips here to increase one's blog Google Page Rank.Keep it up! Hope you can visit also my blog and leave some comments.


Jaypee David said...

hi there my friend.. hope u cud add me to your links..

JAYtography: An Online Travelogue

Jim Gerl said...

Per your request, my voting site for the bloggers choice awards is:

I have already voted for you as SpEdLaw2



Reetha said...

Thank you, Only, Enjay and Jim for your valuable comments

abdullah@lessonsinislam said...

Googles is doing Page Ranking now.
I got PR 2 for my brand new blog -

Your articles on SEO and Googles have been helpful.


LazyKing said...

great tips. I have a pr of 3, hopefully thi swill increase it

LazyKing said...

this is not free, you have to buy a license

forexwatch@forextradingpuzzle said...

Your Blog is on PR 3.

Anonymous said...

I liked your SEO(Search Engine

Optimization )

Reetha said...

Defenitely Lazy, this will increase your PR...

Reetha said...

Thanks forex, for your nice comments. we are on our way of PR 5. and congrats your for ur success alco

Reetha said...

Thanks Lazy, but for submitting to 350 directories is absolutely free, just to email and ask. No need to pay even a single penny. You will get much higher page rank with this. Stay with us. We will give you another product soon

Andrew said...

Reetha I think what Lazy means is that this software is not free. I grabbed a copy myself and its asking for the email address associated to a license file.

Reetha said...

Thank you Mr Andrew for your kind clarification. In certain countries, it is not available as the way I have described. So now I will open up another way for you.Please follow the link again.

This time I am Directing you to the support Desk as well. Just put your First name, Email address and Register. Now you have nothing to do with that Page, just view the ads and decide whether you need that products or not. Then you check your email and you will get a link to download it absolutely free of charge

Admin said...

Thank you for sharing this info :)

Surgeon said...

Article marketing my fovorite seo, thanks for share software

Reetha said...

Thankyou MR Aswani and Surgeon for your valuable comments

john said...

How can i create free traffic on my blog

Daniel said...

i need free traffic

Daniel said...

i need free traffic

duong said...

thank you, hoping it work ;)

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Anonymous said...

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Isaiah Joseph said...

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