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Thursday, August 6, 2009


Recently one of my friend request me to find a buyer for his blog. Yes, he want to sell his blog. We managed to find a buyer after searching in certain social network communities. The buyer is an active blogger from United States of America who have another two blogs and he was looking to buy an established blog. Nowadays , one of the hottest trend in blogosphere is that, establishing a blog and sell that to some other to earn money in a quick time.

Before trying to sell a blog one should keep some points in their mind.I will explain one by one.

General Principles to sell a blog

  • The value of a blog is generally depending upon Domain name, Traffic, Page Rank and Earnings.
  • First of all decide yourselves whether you really want to sell your blog or not.Also fix a price in your mind after analyzing your blog value. Here we will explain how to find the value of a blog.
  • Always try to optimize your blog in monetary means i.e., an Adsense / Bidvertiser / Clickbank account with at least 100 dollar a month revenue is highly appreciated.
  • An active Twitter account, with almost similar name of your blog will definitely improve the value of your blog.
  • Blog is much valued when it have a real name email account ( i.e., either an email id with the blog or an email account having the same name of blog with free services like Yahoo or Gmail)
  • It is much better to keep the bloggers name and contact address in the blog as it will increase the confidence of people who are willing to buy your blog.
  • Never try to cheat or go back from a quoted price. In order to avoid fraud, please use some established blog selling services or platforms for selling your blog.

Find Real Value of your Blog

wer  While searching the real value of a blog or a website, I found so many services that offer free online valuation of a blog. Unfortunately, each one show different value. I am so confused which one is the real value. But got “ton of fun” while going through these valuations. I will explain some of them in this post and please see how different sites valuated this blog. Let the real buyer offer the real price for your blog.

1. WEBSITE OUTLOOK : My blog worth $10417.10/-  Hooray, I am a billionaire

2. PUPFIP.COM : This website valued my blog in dollars as $9052/- Nice, isn't it?

3. CUBESTAT : The value of my blog is $8322/- I’m so happy.

4. BUSINESS OPPORTUNITIES : Here i got the value as $7339.02/-  Great.

5. CYBERWYRE : They gave me a value of $3411/-  Mmm, not bad.

6. WVC : The value I got is $103/- I am deeply hurt

The real value can be found by using certain calculations based on links, PR, income potential like that. You may please read this article from Tristan Louis The various methods of calculating the value is given in that post.

Where To Sell Your Blog

1241114455-for sale I will explain about some websites, that gives you an opportunity to sell or buy a blog. Most of these services are free of charge and very popular in blogosphere. Just have a look and select the most appropriate one for you.


Flippa is an excellent place where you can buy or sell your blog at fair price.


If you wish to sell  or buy your blog, then please let us know about your ideas. We will find buyers from different forums and blogs for your blog. Also, blog buyers can contact us to get a desired blog of their choice. Absolutely free of charge.


Digital Point Forum that allows you to buy or sell your blog, templates, services, domain, content among others, free of charge . 


In this Forum, you can meet many bloggers who like to sell and buy their blogs.


Bloggeries forum helps you to sell your blog, content, templates, services and other products for free.


Here, you may sell your developed websites, blogs, and domain names. Have seen many nice prices.


In Sedo, you may sale your domain names. Of course you can find people who are interested to buy the blog with domain also.


You may sell your blog, like any other product in ebay.


Similar to Sedo, Namepros also help to sell domain and your blog.



Admin said...

Thank you for sharing this info. very useful and informative. I got some similar information regarding blog sale on DiTesco's blog. Here is the link to it -

Nowadays, it is so easy to create blogs and sell them. The only problem lies in deciding the actual value of the blog. Its never easy for anyone. I just wonder what would be the value of my blog :(

Sujan Mukherjee said...

Great post.
Obviously selling a blog is the ultimate option one can think of.
Considering the fact that an established blog is a milk-cow.
But if it's paying so well then one can consider it.

Reetha said...

thankyou aswani for your nice comments

Reetha said...

Dear Suzu, thanks for commenting. But even we can develop a blog, sell it at its optimum and turn to other...

DiTesco said...

Hello Reetha. First let me thank you for visiting my blog and leaving your precious comment.

This post is fantastic and I have a similar one which is Make Money Blog Flipping. Actually it is very rewarding to do this type of business online and I just missed out the excellent list you provided on where to sell blogs. I have a couple of established blogs that I want to sell. Where can I send you the information?

Reetha said...

Dear Di, thanks for your comment. Please send your details by clicking on CONTACT US button or SELL A BLOG button on the top of this blog, i mean on header.

forexwatch said...

Most Bloggers are not aware that they can make money by buying and selling blogs.

Getting Healthy said...

Your blog articles are really popular.

Love your blog.

And love your way presenting, text size is nice you can easily read what you want to.

And for a blogspot domain, you've made the necessary effort or maybe you are a well versed progammer that doesn't need any effort. But still subscribing to all those sites and stuff.

Great work. All props to YOU.

Phoenix Capital Software said...


I would like to buy some blogs, but really dont know what value addition they will ever bring in. And what do I value it at?! I really would not mind checking out a business / investment blog to add to my profile here.

Of course content is king!!!


Kris said...

Dear Phoenix, within six months, you can make your blog as a popular one. If you aim to buy a blog, thats where you had to be very careful. Hopes that these tips given in this posts are useful for you. If you still have doubt, feel free to contact us

Tej Kohli said...

Thanks for this Information , I have two different blog one on Travel and another one in Stock Market News . I just ask one Question Can I also sell third party , I mean Not Hosted on My server

Unknown said...

Dear Tej, you can sell it to others, no problem...just you had to give the admn rights... some people just buy the posts, if its like that, then you can hand over the posts and delete your such case, you can sell your domain to others. Mostly people buy as a whole including domain...Thank you for commenting

Unknown said...

Dear Tej, you can sell it to others, no problem...just you had to give the admn rights... some people just buy the posts, if its like that, then you can hand over the posts and delete your such case, you can sell your domain to others. Mostly people buy as a whole including domain...Thank you for commenting

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