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Thursday, February 11, 2010


Many bloggers asked me about how to change the traditional icons in a blog. As you know the traditional icons include Feed icon, Social media icons  like Twitter, Facebook, Blogged, Technorati etc. Adding different style of icons always invite the attraction of visitors. I have seen many blogs who are using new styles of free icons and buttons. You can see some of those buttons I am using in the right sidebar top of this blog.This post will tell you how to add new icon to your blog and also offering some free stylish social media icons down to this post.  Download Links Checked on 10/02/2010 

How to change a feed  icon or any icon in a blog.

Step A

Find a new stylish social media icon of  your choice. I have given some free sets of icons for all of my readers.Just scroll down to the end of the post to get that. These icon sets are in different sizes and given as PNG icons. Once you download the free icon set, simply select the correct size that you wish to use.

Open an account in any of photo sharing  websites like Picassaweb, Flickr, or Photobucket. Then upload the selected PNG or JPEG icon file to your account. Once you upload, then copy the URL linked to the icon or picture  you have uploaded. You will get this URL in your album near to the picture you have uploaded.

Step B

Here I will describe you, how I replaced my old Feed Address icon with a new Feed icon. As said in Step A, I upload a desired button of my choice into an album created by me in photobucket website.Then I copied the URL of that PNG file. Now look to the code given below. You can see the URL of my feed address given in Red letters and URL of my new Feed icon in Maroon letters.

Here you had to make two changes. First of all, change the Feed address (or what ever social media address you want) given in Red letters to your Feed address. Then change Maroon colored URL given below with the URL of your new PNG icon that you copied from Step A

<a href="" target="_blank"><img border="0" alt="Photobucket" src="" /></a>

After making these changes, copy the full code and Login to your blogger account, Click on Layout, Page Elements, and then on “Add a Gadget”. Select “HTML/JavaScript” and paste the copied code into it. Save. Now you can see, a new icon will appear on your blog, which upon clicking will take to the desired social media website.

Like as described above, you may upload, link and place new icons for any social media websites you have joined. Now grab some free stylish social media icons.


Lontar Icon Social Site Edition

Stylish social media icons: License –Freeware- Click on picture to download PNGimage


Chocolate styled icons: License –Freeware- Click on picture to download PNGimage

Social Balls

Ball styled icons: License –Freeware- Click on picture to download PNGimage

Hand-Drawn Social Media Icons

Handwritten social media icons: Freeware- Click on picture to download PNGimage

Webset icons

Beautiful icon sets, You must link back to, page if using these icons in a commercial project. Click on below icons to downloadimage

Heart Social Media Icons

Excellent heart shaped social media icons, Click on below icons to downloadimage

Cheers Free Social Media Icons

You can use the set for all of your projects for free and without any restrictions. However, it’s forbidden to sell them. Click on below icons to downloadimage

The Leaves fall

Excellent leaves fall icon sets for bloggers. Prohibited to sell.Free to use. Click on below icons to downloadimage

Any doubt, please feel free to ask us

Happy Blogging.


Admin said...

Hey Reetha, thanks again. I have done the same thing on my blog too. I have replaced the feed icon with a new image that looks much better than the old one..hope so! Keep it up :)

Shrinath Vashishtha said...

That's a pretty cute assortment of exotic social media icon sets, indeed! Let me see if I can use them for my blogs... :)

By the way, the only problem that led to the recent muddle was not communicating with your readers about the goof-up, dear Reetha!

Anyways, now that you've broken the ice finally and have spelled out the entire long & the short of it, it's alright.

Perk up, now! :) Wish you a very HAPPY VALENTINES DAY in advance!!! Cheers!!! :))

Reetha said...

Dear Aswani and Shri, thanks for your comment and will keep it in mind..thankyou

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