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Thursday, April 2, 2009


A master work from Google for blogger users is Google Analytics. Google analytics show useful information about how many people visited, from where people visiting your site, how people found your blog, keywords they searched to find you and how long they stayed in your site.

Using Google analytics help to Search Engine Optimisation, blog promotion, using correct keywords, lables, traffic analysis and how to make money online.

All bloggers must make use of Google Analytics and try to analyze the potential behind their blog or site. Based upon these analyses, try to change your way of approach and earn more money.

Here in this article I’m trying to teach you how to Setup a Google Analytics account. You should approach this with utmost care so that the data will be most useful for you.

If you feel any doubt please feel free to comment and ask me.


Click here to go to Google Analytics and sign in using your Blogger username and password. Your login screen looks like this:


New users can make a new account also with this. The signup form looks like this.


After filling all required details, Click on the Create My account and your email will get a confirmation email and click the link on that. It will take you to manage your account. Clicking further will take you to a page like this


You can put the URL of your blog without http://, choose an Account Name, Country and Time zone. Then click continue.

You will reach a Page like this:


You may put your contact information in this and then proceed to the Accept User Agreement tab.


Read the USER AGREEMENT fully and click on “Yes I agree above terms and conditions” and then click on Create New Account

Once you accept the User Agreement, and Click on create new account then you will reach Add Tracking. This is very important step.


You can see two different types of CODES, one is NEW TRACKING CODE and other is LEGACY TRACKING CODE. You had to copy any one of the code and place it in your website or blog. It’s better to use the NEW TRACKING CODE.

Now just copy that code and paste it into notepad or into a MS Word document. Save it as you’ll need to use it later.

After finishing copying the CODE, you click on the CONTINUE button. Now you will reach Google Analytics dashboard. It will look like this.


In this dashboard you can see name of your website or blog URL in the left top corner and Account name on the right top corner. In the middle you can see “STATUS” with a yellow triangle. This indicates that there is no data from your site coming to Google Analytics. This will be ok once you add the code in the HTML of your site.

Now listen to the most important part: Addition of CODE in your site



freemoneyhub said...

i'm currently using site meter to track my visitors but never got the chance to set up one on google analytics and it seems this one of the best way to trct your visitors statistics thanks for this clear and concise explanation i hope some webmaster got a look at this post it's very helpful impormation the kind that i like to digg

UK Search Engine Positioning Consultancy said...

I am very new for seo.I am learning the things which come under seo...Here I got some ideas about how to setup google analytics...Thanks for your information.

Nanta said...

hello.. nice blog..
thx for visiting my blog..

kris said...

thats true, Google analytics is a master program for tracking traffic

babygirl said...

thks for the advice and i did go to the rewards page so please vote for me when you get time i do also like your blog too

kris said...


ben gumbelt said...

after sign up for google analytics, i get a to setting in wordpress widget, do you have a suggestion, pleasa?

Reetha said...

Dear Ben , I am not able to understand what difficulty you feel in setting up GA. Just give me more description and defenitely we will help u.For your kind info,,you can do the same procedure for all Websites

SEO Expert said...


Nice post on Goolge Analytic Setup

Tomas said...

Google Analytic would be grand indeed to install on a blog. I tried to do that but didn't succeed. More I try, more confused I become. Something didn't work...
You gave so clear step by step setup instructions that my failure put me in shame. Yet I'm so hard to focus at a moment. I am taking the intensive medical treatments and the process of my recovery will last for a long according current prescriptions...

I would greatly appreciate your help to check what's what on my blog. I would be so grateful to you if you could help me to fix the current mess.
Please help me.

I so wish to have a good working blog -to have the free hands to draw my pictures. Meanwhile my technical skills are below zero - I am addressing you as my guardian angel. Please help the sick.

It would be the real miracle in case you could optimize my blog, improve its speed and fix all errors that were made by me.
The above looks like a dream to me in my sick bed yet I dare to ask you for that very-very-very the hot.
Help me to fix my errors.

God bless you.

Reetha said...

OK, Dear Tomas, we will help you. We are just having a look into your problem, please don't feel bad that we reply late...

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