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Friday, December 4, 2009


Many bloggers use shortened URL, as a part of promoting blogs or for other purposes. Shortening of a URL will help a blogger to reduce the size of the long URL especially individual pages.Here I am explaining you about a FREE service that helps to shorten URL, create links and to earn money from the links. Linkb is a URL shortening service that can be used with blogs, forums, websites and Twitter.

How to make Money from LINKS

Linkb working on a simple idea. When you shorten a URL or a link, while redirecting, small advertisements are displayed . You will get a share of those revenue earned by Linkb. Also a share from the earnings of referrals you have joined


Entire steps of money making can be done in two simple steps. Please read below.


Step A:

Click here to make an account by providing USERNAME, and your email. I suggest you to give a secondary email for this purpose.

Login and click on “ Create Links”


As you can see in the picture above, you can shorten Single URL or Multiple URL’s. Here type the URL in the space provided. Please give the full URL starting from http. You can select Ad Type as Interstitial or Banner or None. From earning point of view, selecting Interstitial will provide you more money. But it take 15 seconds while redirecting the URL and displays an advertisement. Usually visitors hate this and close the window. So better option is Banner because, it will show an advertisement only on the top of the window of the desired redirected URL . That means, visitors will not be delayed.

You may select “None”, if you don't want income and just want to shorten URL.Now click on “Create”

Now you will reach the page “ Manage”. Here you can view the statistics of the link you made. Just keep the move over the URL you gave to shorten. Now you will get the shortened URL.

If you type this shortened URL in browser window, then you can see a small advertisement slot , over the top of the window. This brings revenue to Linkb and we also get paid.

Step B:

Different ways of making money

  • Tweet your shortened URL in Twitter. Every click on that link will generate income for you
  • Post your shortened URL in blogs, forums, chat rooms, advertisements, or in Social Media Networking sites such as Facebook, Friendster etc
  • Refer your friends URL or any other popular website / pages by shortening it and posting it anywhere. Every click on that, will bring revenue for you.
  • Refer friends under your Referral Link. You are able to receive income from the fifth level of your referral program.

Now what are you waiting for. Click here to join

Points to remember:

  1. LinkB sends payout on a NET 30 day basis through Paypal, Epassporte and Cheque. All cheque payments have a $25 processing fee. In order to qualify for payment, you must reach a minimum balance of $15, if you are under this amount your balance will carry forward to the next month.
  2. This program offers a fifth level income sharing in referrals. So our primary income is very less. Just make good quality useful links, which will definitely improve earning pace.

The above information are received from their site as on today.


  1. Absolutely free of charge
  2. Easy link build up.
  3. Multiple revenue options
  4. More successful , if you can create viral links
  5. Can make money through any links whether it is owned by you or not.


  1. Not known whether it is approved or not approved by Google. Many bloggers are using it as a way to make money.
  2. The income is very slow and little when compared to PayPerClick revenues.

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Aswani (Admin) said...

Hey, it looks to be the nice way to earn some quick money. Many thanks for the info.

Gurpreet Singh said...

yes its a great thing to make money with links but Its a very low pay out works only if you have a huge traffic and network to share with. If one can use these on yahoo and google groups than can easily make app. $1 in one day. i use its also rocking

DiTesco said...

Very interesting concept on MMO. I knew a similar service like this one, but it was specific only for Twitter. Will definitely check it out. Great find...thanks

Sarah84 said...

:) i am joining it, get more for your paypal account from facebook :D click here

walex said...

Nice article,thanks for this information.I am back again

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andrew said...

Nice stuff,keep it up

Unknown said...


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Anonymous said...

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