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Thursday, December 10, 2009


Adsense is the most  popular PPC program among all bloggers due to its consistency, regular follow up, multiple options and customer support. Google is known to be recording and analyzing all sort of customer feedback. Even if it s a small blogger like me and you, they are hearing each word from us. According to my experience, Google consider their customers as KING. Adsense have been working on building features based on customer’s feedback both from advertisers and publishers.

Capture (4)Here is a chance for you to  tell Adsense about what's on your AdSense wish list for 2010. What features or product updates you would you like to see? You can submit  an idea for a brand new feature or just a small tweak that would simplify our work flow. We have heard many suggestions from many bloggers through these blogging days. Now its time for you to send those idea drops to Adsense and they will make it true.

Any blogger interested, may please sign in with your Google Account and submit your suggestion at the earliest in this .You can also look through all submitted ideas and vote on the ones you like.

Adsense will consider all top voted ideas and bring them to the AdSense Product Management team for review. This Ideas page will run through December 15, 2009 , so hurry up.

3,230 people have submitted 537 ideas and cast 30,907 votes till now. May be your idea can give a heavenly boost to all Adsense publishers and advertisers.

All the Best

BV team

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Aswani said...

Great initiative. But I am not in a mood to suggest anything after seeing what happened to my adsense account. Still, I believe one should go and post their ideas and votes. Thanks for sharing this info.

ITGalary said...

Hi Reetha,
I am the owner of the blog and saw you left a comment there. You can contact me by adding comments on the blog or contact me on


Reetha ( Businessvartha) said...

Dear IT, thankx for comment and visit
And Aswni, thanks a lot

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