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Wednesday, November 25, 2009


YouTube is one of the most popular video hosting and sharing service in internet. Google allows its users to view, upload video files, rate videos, add comments, and subscribe to their favorite videos. The service is absolutely free and need to register to avail most out of that. Bloggers usually confuse themselves on how to add a video to their blog or blog posts. Here we will explain the most simplest way to add Video to your blog posts.

Steps to add video on your blog posts


Login to your Youtube account, search for the video of your choice. When the window will start showing your video then just look in the right side of the page where you can see two options, “URL” and “EMBED” . Just click on the “EMBED” box to select it. Then copy and paste in Notepad. Save it in your computer for further use in Step B. The Picture below will describe where you can find the “EMBED”. This is given in a red circle with a red arrow pointing towards it.


Login to your Blogger Account. You will reach Dashboard, then Click on “New Post” . As usual, you may enter your post in the box provided and then Click on tab “ EDIT HTML”. Be very careful that you should not edit or change anything here in this option

Just look at this picture, where it is highlighted  that  portion in yellow. Capture3

Now Copy the code that you saved in Notepad ( According to Step A ). Then paste it in the matter of your blog post ( above shown box ). You can paste all these Code anywhere in the posts. But in order to keep the alignment correct, it is better to paste the full code either in Top or at the bottom of your blog post.

Now click on “ Preview” which is on the left side of “ Edit HTML “ tab. You can see the preview of your blog post with the video. Some times, it may take few minutes for the Video to appear in the preview.

Just look at this picture, where a recently added Video is previewed. Capture2

If you feel that the preview is correct, then “ Publish”  the post. Now you may upload some other Video sharing services also like this way.

So, what are you waiting for?? Make a Video, upload it in Youtube and Post it in your blog.

Happy Blogging….

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Aswani (Admin) said...

Hi Reetha, I was knowing it. But then thanks for the info. very useful. Have a nice day :)

Rajesh Kanuri said...

thanks for the share

Reetha said...

Thanx for your kind comments

Bharathi said...

Hi thanks for sharing.. I will do it in blog

Reetha said...

Dear Bharati, thanks for your kind comment

Reetha said...

Dear Bharati, thanks for your kind comment

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