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Sunday, September 13, 2009











Most of the bloggers like to know about new freelance blogging job opportunities. I was bit confused how to inform all my readers about new blogging job opportunities . Because we found a lot of opportunities, some are high profile jobs and others are usual blogging jobs during last few months. If I start posting about all those opportunities then , it require another 10 page updating daily. This made me think about an auto updating page that shows blogging opportunities from all over the world as a single stream.

  • It shows new blogging job opportunities and freelance job opportunities
  • It is updating every hour.
  • It covers almost all new hot blogging and freelance job opportunities

All readers should contact the advertised persons and any dealings should do direct. We are just showing an opportunity and it is your talent to explore it by all ways.

More from us:

If you are a Blogging Job provider then Click here to pass the details of the job to us. We will publish it with one link to your website or blog

If you are a Blogging Job Seeker, Click here to submit details about you and your experience (if any) to us. We are constructing a new JOB SEEKER directory and we will inform you when ever there is a marvelous opportunity identified by us.


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Aswani said...

Good one. I like it. Hope it can help those who are in need of such freelancing blogging jobs. Keep it up !

Chandan said...

Hi friend I see that you are maintaining your blog with very nice way. Can we please exchange link with your blog. My blog is , and anchor text is "legitimate work at home jobs"

DiTesco said...

Interesting way of making a list. It appears that there are some interesting online jobs available. I hope your readers will find this useful too. Keep it up.

BTW, I meant to ask you. Why don't you install the JS Kit on your blog or embed the comment form from blogger? It makes commenting more interesting and I am sure you will get more comments like this.

Sparkling Star said...

Awesome job!! :)
Great going! :)

Reetha said...

Thank you Aswani, Moonheart, and Nakshatra

Reetha said...

Yes, Mr Ditesco, its really nice suggestion. Recently I contact with one of my friend in Google, and according to him, the Ranking of a page appearing on Search engine Google" mostly give some points for the comments in original comment form of Blogger. According to him, any other comment forms like Disqus, Jskit, will not hold any additional weightage. I am not sure about how much true is this. Any way, your widget is so nice and its so easy to comment on that.

Anonymous said...

Hi Friends !
Grab These jobs opportunities also before they gone.......

Gudden-Online Shopping India said...

Nice Work Friend

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Anonymous said...


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The1kaday said...

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Unknown said...

Nice job on your blog.I respect you because you are now a GURU in online business

coolingstar9 said...

Hi, blogging can be so fun. Yes, if we have talent, we can make money on line.
Thanks for the good info, need time to explore it.
Have the nice day.

walex said...

This an excellent article,keep up the good work.

PhoenixRox said...

Blogging can be fun and a source of income, if one goes the right way. I loved this post. thanks

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