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Friday, February 19, 2010


Many bloggers were asking for a share button in Google Buzz. Until now there is no direct ways of adding your own blog to Google Blog and then sharing your post through Google Buzz. We heard that Google is developing these shortcuts. Here in this post we will explain how to add your blog in Google Buzz and make a “Buzz it” or “BuzzMe”  button for your posts in Blogger and Wordpress.

Direct integration of your blog in Google Buzz is not possible. So at first, you had to configure your Google profile, blog reader feed and Google Buzz.

How to connect your blog or some other feed to Google Buzz?

1) First of all you need to claim your blog or the specific feed on your public profile.If you don’t have a profile, make a public profile by giving details and add it there: . If you have a profile and is private, then make it public.

Just verify , making sure that there's a rel=me link path back to your Google Profile. Buzz requires verification to connect sites (exception of a few things like Twitter and Flickr which don't require verification, for various reasons). To verify the site(s), you need a rel=me link path from them to your Google Profile URL. For docs on XFN and how to mark it up, see:

2) Now go to . You may be prompted to login and there you can see the feed or URL of your blog and blog reader. Click on Recrawl button and wait till the crawling is success. (You may see many links you've just added to the site(s) you want connected to your Buzz. Select which one you want to crawl as per your requirement)
3) Now go into Buzz in Gmail and go to "Connected Sites" and all those you added recently will be there to Buzz.

How to add “Buzz Me”, “Buzz It” or “Buzz this” icon on your blog posts

Sharing a post through Google Buzz is very important to reach more people. Providing a “Buzz Me”, “Buzz It” or “Buzz this” icon will prompt readers to share a post through their buzz. It is essential that you had to connect your blog to Google Buzz as we explained on the top of this post. Do it first, then follow the below given steps.


Log in to Blogger Account, go to Layout -> Edit HTML and check the box "Expand Widget Templates". Now, find this code in the template:

<div class='post-header-line-1'/>

And immediately after the above given code, paste the code given below.

<a expr:href='&quot;; + data:post.url + &quot;&amp;title=&quot; + data:post.title + "&amp;srcTitle=" + data:blog.title' target='_blank'><div style='text-align:left;margin-top:-2px;'><img alt='Buzz Me' src=''/></div></a>

You may do some editing in the above code for placing the icon. You can change “left” as right, or center for alignment of the icon. Also, the position away from top header margin can be adjusted by changing –2 into distances as per your layout


  1. Login to your Wordpress dashboard.
  2. Go to Theme editor and open the single.php file.
  3. Copy and paste the below given code in single.php file as per the place you want the icon to appear.

href="<?php the_permalink() ?>&title=<?php the_title(); ?>&srcURL=<?php bloginfo('url'); ?>" target="_blank" rel="nofollow external"><img
src="" width="85" height="25" alt="" /></a>

       4. Click on Update file button.

This will display an icon like this BUZZ IT


If you want to try various buzz icons, please change the URL given in red letters of the codes given above for bloggers and wordpress,  with any of the below given URL for respective icons:

Google Buzz me


Google Buzz 1      

google buzz heart

Google Buzz this

Google Buzz Buzz it

Feel free to rectify trouble in any of the steps above.

Also don’t forget to Buzz this now

Happy Blogging


fazrul arhan said...

A great tutorial here..i believe this will give some pain to twitter soon.Anyway,you have a beautiful site here,lucky i'm found it :)

Reetha said...

Thankyou Fazrul for your nice comment. Hopes that this was pretty useful for you

Hitesh Rawat said...

great thanks for this.......liked it promoting it.....\,,/

Bloggossips said...

nice work.....very innovative!! I think u're the first one to do it..!! May b not but i saw this here for the first time..Great job..n thanks..!! Keep Posting.. :)

Aswani (Admin) said...

Thanks Reetha for the info. This really is very useful for me. I am google buzzing your post now and will add the buzz button for sure on my blog. Thanks again.

Tomas said...

Thank you for the help to improve our blogs, for your step by step instructions on Google buzz. My button is on due your instructions.
I hope I did everything well, yet I am not sure for that still. As webmaster, I'm so green. It would be fine if you could check up my
I would greatly appreciate all your comments on what should be added here. Please help me to optimize my blog.

Peter said...

Hi Reetha! What a wealth of knowledge you have here...I could spend all day here just poking around to see what's hot on the net! The whole net is a buzz with what's happening right now...and who could blame them!

Take Care,

Vista Performance said...

Your post is a great guide. I am also trying to figure out how it works and through your post I fully understand the whole system. Thank you for sharing it.

Unknown said...

Sharing a post through Google Buzz is very important to reach more people. Providing a “Buzz Me”, “Buzz It” or “Buzz this” icon will prompt readers to share a post through their buzz

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