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Wednesday, June 22, 2011


Starting a blog was not only my hobby but also to make good money. Many of my friends suggested me to popularize and display direct ads. Even though my blog had some good quantity of visitors, direct advertisement was only one.I kept four 125×125 adslot on the sidebar and one banner slot open for direct ads. Many companies, persons, etc approached me asking about the rent for displaying ad for one year. At the beginning I provided high rates but later I came down even to 20 dollar per year for one 125×125 ad on the sidebar. No one was interested and I shifted my main income source to Google Adsense.(At last it worked, Adsense is paying me well)


Why I am not getting direct ads?

  • May be my price is very high


  • The reach of my audience is very poor. This is because of my blog niche and targeted audience.


  • Most of the companies contacted me from Europe for direct ads, and my visitors were coming from India and USA.


  • My blogs PR may be less, than what the advertiser want.


  • When social networking became popular, most of the advertisers choose Facebook like programs to display ads.


  • Advertisers started depending on more reliable, sincere, fraud less programs like Google Adwords


  • Lack of own establishment including domain, because advertisers believe in established firms like news agencies websites, tv channels websites etc  

Are you getting direct ads?

There are many programs that sell direct ads. But most of them are not successful in finding direct advertisers. If you get direct ads, or know about any such programs that is very useful in collecting direct ads, then please let me know. I will write about it, so that other bloggers can also make money out of it.

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