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Wednesday, June 22, 2011


Creating content is a big challenge for all internet marketing people and bloggers. Some bloggers hire writers, some others depend on software to generate original contents. Hiring writers will drain your money. Depending on software is also not nice because, such articles are easily scrutinized by Search Engine bots. In order to maintain good PR, you need to make good updated content. As you can see in my case, I am writing posts regarding blogging. Around 100 plus quality posts I can make by myself about standard blogging tips and techniques. Then on each month I make new posts about latest trends in blogging. My aim was to post 25 posts per month. But due to scarcity of good original posts, I am now able to post only 7 posts per month. Here is the chance of Recycling my old posts arises.

How I can recycle my old contents

p.txt (5) For any niche, first of all you had to make at least 100 original posts about individual aspects of your niche. Then there are four ways to reuse or restructure your old posts and post them as new posts. I am sure that these recycled posts will be considered as new original posts and will be indexed in Search Engine results, depending on links build based on the post URL.


  1. Rewrite the sentences, paragraphs and Titles,  while retaining the basic idea conveyed through the post.
  2. Rewrite sentences, paragraphs and add/change pictures & position of pictures
  3. Change the original post into  Ms Powerpoint presentation, upload it in any Free file uploading services, like Box, 4shared etc. Then rename the title of your post and provide it as a Presentation to download in the new post. Don't forget to add a description about this download.
  4. Using the same Powerpoint presentation slides, create a video of important points with or without voice. Upload in Youtube and share that video as embedded video in your new post. Never forget to give a new title to this new post.
  • Always apply new Tags, New labels and set new categories while reposting similar content.

So what are you waiting for? Restructure your 100 posts and make it 400 posts.

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