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Tuesday, June 8, 2010


Most people start blog to make some money with in a short time. Here in this post we are suggesting some useful tips for a beginner blogger who struggle much to make money out of blog. Please remember that there is no shortcut to make money from blogging. Being a beginner, you had to follow some discipline while posting, marketing, link building and making relationship with other bloggers.

If you have any more suggestions please share it with us so that we can include in our next post.



Take part in contests and competitions – There are lot of competitions going on in blogosphere where you can take part free of cost and earn money quickly. Just visit this page to know what are the latest contests available for a blogger to take part. Free Contests for bloggers

Include an affiliate program – There are many affiliate programs available in internet. When you display an advertisement and a visitor of your blog follows that link. You will get paid when a sale happened through that referred link. Top Affiliate programs are Google Affiliate Network and Amazon Associates

Join any PPC programs - Pay Per Click  or PPC is the most popular advertising program in which ads are placed on your blog and you are paid when ever your visitors click on IT. Your income will automatically increase when the traffic to your blog also increases. Major PPC program I suggest is Adsense

Join any CPM programs - Cost Per Thousand impressions is another easy method of monetizing a blog. The revenue generated by the impressions made by an advertisement. In this method, there is no need of any click by visitors in your site. As there are more visitors, then the impressions will be more and you will get more money. Top CPM programs are Adsense,,

Join any Link Money programs – The links in your blog can earn you money. You had to shorten the URL links that you are posting in your blog, according to the program. When visitors click on this links, then they will be redirected to destination URL with displaying an advertisement. An easy way to make money especially in porn blogs, where visitors aggressively click on most links. Major link money programs are Linkbee

Join any PPP program - PPP or pay per play is a new advertising method in which the reader hears an audio advertisement for few seconds when they open your blog or website. This will give you a commission and this have an advantage of getting paid for each visitor to your blog or website. SellingPPP , NetAudio are  such websites. Please take care that if you are using any free blogging services, then your blog hosting company approves this method or not.

Join Twitter and monetize it – You must open a twitter account when ever you start a blog. Then monetize a twitter using different twitter money programs. Major Twitter money making programs are Revtweet, SponsoredTweets

Find more blogging jobs – There are many companies in internet where small and medium freelance jobs are offered. Find an appropriate one for you and start earning money from that. Want to know new blogging jobs? Click here to know more jobs which is hourly updated.

Display advertisements - Keep two or three or four 125 x 125 area in your blog to display advertisements. Offer direct advertisement display opportunity in your blog.   Being a beginner, give only low advertisement rates or provide a negotiable rates. Once your blog becomes popular, then you can ask for a standard rate.

Join Money Widgets – You had to embed a widget into your sidebar that displays some advertisements. Your income will increase as you will get  high value advertisements. Major Money widgets are,,

Join any Review sites – There are many sites that gives you money when you write any post about a product of an advertiser referred by that company. SponsoredReviews, payperpost

Ask for Donations - You should add a PayPal donation button to your blogs asking readers to make a monetary donation to keep the blog alive, by asking "If you like this blog, why not buy me a doughnut?"

Join any Text Link Ads — As the name indicates, text based link advertisements which will help you to earn a lot. Major programs are Text-Link-Ads and Text-Link-Brokers

Join any Feed Advertisements – Before proceeding to this, burn your feed using Feedburner. Then monetize your feed using Google Adsense or Bidvertiser. Click here to know more

Join any Paid Surveys and Polls – Get paid when you fill out surveys and polls or place them on your blog for others to fill out and earn money. Beware of scammers in this area.

Offer Tutorials through your blog - Offer tutorials of latest software in the market, or any other subject of your expertise and collect money from the clients. Be sure to provide excellent service so that the customer will not deviate from you

Offer to work as a consultant through your blog – Blog readers consider you as an expert in the topic you are handling. So it will be useful if you act as a consultant of the subject with negligible fees.

Offer to write in other blogs - You should consider writing in other blogs, because this will help to increase traffic to your blog. If you are confident to write more then you should consider receiving a payment for writing in other blogs.

Offer to write e-books - Write e-books and sell it through your blog

Convert your blog into a book – This is an interesting way to make money. You can convert your blog into a book by yourself and then sell it through various channels like Amazon, Ebay etc. Want to know more? Click here

Sell your blog – Still unsuccessful in making money from blog. This is the last option. I suggest you to sell it to others. Yes, if you use this step, blogging is not your cup of tea.

Happy money minting

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Pooja said...

wow thats a whole lotta tips! thanks :D.

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