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Monday, February 28, 2011


An E-commerce solution from Facebook that lets everyone to open a store and earn money. When you launch your Facebook store, your products can be discovered across every storefront on Facebook. Payvment's Facebook e-commerce solution app gives you everything you need including a full-featured admin area built directly into Facebook to manage your storefront, products and sales.


How to make a Store in Facebook.

For setting up a store in Facebook, all that you need is two things.

1. A Facebook account and a Facebook page

2. A Paypal account to receive money. Click here to get a Paypal Account for Free

Now, Type, “Payvment E-Commerce Storefront” and Click on “Search” in your Facebook account. Then Click to install the application.

Follow very simple instructions and ad your products one by one.

Features of Payvment E-Commerce Storefront

The main features of Payvment E-Commerce Storefront, as they claim in their website are:

Facebook Sales & Discovery

  1. Quick storefront creation for your Facebook "Fan" page
  2. Facebook-integrated shopping experience
  3. Integrated product search enabling discovery of your items across Facebook
  4. Facebook-wide shopping cart system, Powered by Payvment's "Open Cart Network" technology, enables your customers to complete their purchase from any storefront on Facebook
  5. Add your storefront to an unlimited number of Facebook pages
  6. Sell in over 20 supported world currencies
  7. TRUSTe certified privacy

Product Management

  1. Add an unlimited amount of items to your Facebook store
  2. CSV catalog import
  3. Automated inventory control enables one-off items and automatic suspension of items when sold out
  4. Item Image Uploader
  5. Unlimited item category support
  6. Product option variables including optional custom text field support for item personalization
  7. Manual and automatic "Featured Item" selecting for featuring specific products on your Facebook store home page
  8. Product page customization using HTML
  9. Support for multiple sales/use tax regions (US State, UE Vat and country specific tax regions) with override capability for non-taxable goods.
  10. No merchant account required (all you need is a standard or business PayPal account to collect your sales revenue)
  11. Consumer purchasing from your store via PayPal, Visa, MasterCard, Amex or Discover
  12. Accept payment in over 20 world currencies with automatic Foreign Exchange Rate conversion
  13. Automatic email receipts sent to your customers after purchase
  14. Built-in Sales tracking
  15. Your sales notifications sent via email or use Payvment's IPN (Instant Payvment Notification) - IPN enables your Facebook store to be tied into your current order fulfillment systems and/or CMS
  16. Support for FedEx and UPS automatic shipping calculations - a UPS and FedEx account is not required.
  17. Flat Rate shipping option with quantity discounting
  18. Table Rate shipping option supporting shipping rates by Price, Quantity or Weight
  19. Free shipping override option
  20. Enable storefront wide instant discount for those who "Like" your Facebook page. A great way to incentivize Facebook users to become "Fans"
  21. Store/Item "Share" feature enables Facebook users to tell all their Facebook friends about an item they like in your store via their Facebook news feed. Includes a link back to your Facebook store
  22. Built-in review/commenting integration enables Facebook users to leave a comment about an item in your store and post it to their Facebook news feed.
  23. Connect your Facebook store's inventory, order management and fulfillment to your own systems using Payvment's Developer APIs.
  24. Add a free Facebook connected shopping cart to your external website or blog using "Facebook Cart Connect". Simple copy/paste integration. Enables your website's shopping cart to be connect to Facebook powered by Payvment's "Open Cart Network" technology.

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Unknown said...

This looks to be a mighty fine idea, but is there a provision in there to limit one's things to be only available in one's own country ?

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