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Thursday, October 28, 2010


Why a blogger must wander in blogosphere searching a solution for his problems. Of course, we are here to help you, but not for everything. Blogger Help Forum is here to help all bloggers for any sort of help. Bloggers Help Forum is an unmoderated forum. It is a unique community with specific needs, finding solutions based on certain guidelines. In this post, we would like to reveal some useful information regarding Blogger Help Forum.

blogger help forumLike other forums, a blogger must keep himself well disciplined before posting your question or doubt in this forum. Read   Google Help Forum Terms of Service. Also searched for the answer to your question before you ask it in Google Help Forum. Most of the queries that a blogger arises today may already had an answer in internet. This will save the time of you and  also avoid a lot of duplicate questions.

Please be careful  not to post a

  • Spam.
  • Nudity and sexually explicit material.
  • Violent or bullying behavior.
  • Hate speech.
  • Impersonation.
  • Private & confidential information.
  • Copyright.

Whenever you post a query,

  • Posts must be made by a person.
  • Posts must be related to Blogger.
  • Posts must be easy for others to read.
  • Posts must be labeled with the most appropriate category.
  • Posts must not break the rules described in the Google Help Forum Terms of Service
  • If you believe that someone is violating these posting guidelines, use the Report Abuse link on the post.

While performing an interaction,

  • Be polite and nice to guides
  • Be polite, careful and nice to other bloggers participating in an interaction
  • Be prepared to fight abuse

So, click here, Blogger Help whenever you have some trouble in blogging.

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Unknown said...

Sometimes the blogger forum can be really helpful, the rest of the time it's really frustrating when there is absolutely no response, to one's particular issue or problem.

Akos said...

Yes sometimes the Blogger Help Forum
can be useful, but if you look at a help page there are 20 posts and only 4 are answered. Google could make a difference.
My site about blogging and websites

TOMAS said...

It's great that Bloger Help Forum exists. Thank you for the link. Your post always are very informative and useful.
Unfortunately, in my case, I prefer direct correspondence- support to advices, because the dealing with any documentation results in terrible headaches to me (I head the head trauma and now live with these disabilities).
And I need support very-very much. My blogs were stolen from me: rewritten from my profile to another and I can't login to my pages any more ...
So now I look at the link of the thief and all I can to do is - to thank him for he left to me though one blog. Sorry for the black humor.
It's fine to read the advices on how to blog, yet I am hard to follow them.
Sorry for so long musings - that's all that was left to me.

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