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Thursday, November 11, 2010


Google Adsense rocking again. Much awaited new Adsense interface will soon be available for all Adsense accounts. The expectations of Adsense publishers since last November, now reaching an excited finishing point. Google Adsense Publishers will see a “Try the new AdSense interface” link appear in the upper corner of their own Google Adsense account. Clicking on that link will bring the new interface. We are very thankful to Google Adsense in providing the new interface that supports Adsense Publishers to make more money out of the program.

ADSENSE NEW INTERFACE Let us check what are the new changes that is going to roll out from this PPC Giant. The new interface primarily focus on

Data analyze and Increased Insights

In new interface, an Adsense publisher can now run even more detailed performance reports by ad type, ad size, ad unit, targeting type, and bid type for total earnings and other metrics, over custom date ranges. The graphs of the data available on the new Performance reports tab. One more important support is that, a publisher can quickly view impressions, clicks, and earnings all in one graph, compare text ad performance to image ad performance, compare date ranges, and easily analyze data to recognize trends.

Control over Running Ads

Till today, an Adsense Publisher have limited control over the ads that run on the blog or website. In this new interface, all ad controls are now in one place, on the Allow and block ads tab. Here, a publisher will be able to filter ads from specific advertisers, categories, and ad networks. This feature will help you to identify potential advertisers and thereby earn more money. 

Updated Ad review center

In the new interface, the ad review center is updated to make it easier to review and manage ads that have been placement-targeted to websites or blogs. This feature will help you to search for ads in the ad review center by ad type, keyword, URL, or ad network, and choose to allow or block them.

Easy Management of an Adsense Account

The new interface allows you to manage an Adsense account  quite easily and quickly by seeing earnings and payment information, find relevant features, and make necessary changes to your account. A help offered without leaving the account to bring other resources, like videos and blog posts, right into the interface.

So never hesitate to click on the button to try new Adsense interface.

Happy Adsensing

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