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Wednesday, October 20, 2010


Many bloggers email me and asked about the possibility of adding adult rated contents in the blog. I had a research about this topic and found some interesting facts. Please read the article and never miss the points before you think naughty. In order to maintain a safe online experience for users of all ages, Blogger is implementing some nice methods while opening more liberality to adult contents.

adult contentAccording to Blogger Content Policy, adult content is permitted on Blogger, with certain terms and conditions. Adult material used for the primary purpose of commercial gain is not allowed on Blogger. many bloggers got banned after including sale of pornographic material through their blog.

Please remember that, you must mention whether your blog contains adult content before applying to Adsense.

When an adult content is flagged by readers, then Google may show users a content warning page before they view flagged material to prevent people who don't want to see this material from stumbling on it accidentally.

For reporting about an adult material, a reader may flag the blog as objectionable using the flag button on the blog's Navbar. Google will  review the blog and take action as necessary.

Some readers who are not able to flag a blog, may use this link to report about abuse of blog and its posts.Click here to fill out an abuse report.

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