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Thursday, May 13, 2010


Do you feel that you have missed some money some where in the form of Bank accounts and safe deposit box contents or stocks, mutual funds, bonds, and dividends or un cashed checks and wages or insurance policies, CD's, trust funds or utility deposits, escrow accounts etc? Then it is the time for you to search about such money and claim it at the earliest. According to NAUPA,(National Association of Unclaimed Property Administrators that representing State Governments that actively find owners while protecting forgotten funds until claimed), “every U.S. state, District of Columbia, Puerto Rico, the U.S. Virgin Islands - and Quebec, British Columbia and Alberta in Canada have unclaimed property programs that actively find owners of lost and forgotten assets.

MISSING MONEY Unclaimed property laws have been around since at least the 1940s, but have become much broader and more enforced in the last 15 years. Unclaimed property is one of the original consumer protection programs. $1.754 billion returned to the rightful owners in Fiscal Year 2006 from 1.929 million accounts and a total of at least $32.877 billion is currently being safeguarded by state treasurers and other agencies for 117 million accounts. Claims can be made into perpetuity in most cases - even by heirs.”

If you find money, you’ll need to file a claim with the state government, including your personal information and Social Security number to get your cash in  few weeks. Here are some authorized websites, that help you to find your missing unclaimed money.

HOW TO CLAIM THE MISSING MONEY OR UNCLAIMED PROPERTY is a database of governmental unclaimed property records. They handle common types of unclaimed properties such as bank accounts and safe deposit box contents, stocks, mutual funds, bonds, and dividends, uncashed checks and wages, insurance policies, CD's, trust funds, utility deposits, and escrow accounts. You can do an individual, family or business search. An individual search is based upon your last name (current or prior name) and your full or partial first name. A family search only requires last name. The Business search just requires entering your business name in the last name field.  (NAUPA- website) will provide you a good information about the unclaimed property and other sources of unclaimed money and property. You will get the direct links to all US based sources, Bank of Canada, Australian Securities and Investments Commission, France Unclaimed Monies, New Zealand Unclaimed Monies and Swiss Bankers Association.

Beware of scams, email and other websiteS those who are charging to find missing money for you. You can use the both websites absolutely free of cost and find your missing money at the earliest.

So start the treasure hunt, and if you are successful, send me too some dollars….

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