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Thursday, July 8, 2010


The much awaited Gadget, Zemanta  integrated to blogger,  that helps a blogger to add related contents like  latest news to learn more about the topic, link articles to improve the value of the post and to use pictures to make a post richer. Zemanta helps a blogger to add contextual suggestions of related articles, images, links and tags. Zemanta Gadget helps a blogger to save time and find amore accurate information related to the matters that he is preparing to post. Right now, I am very happy that the Zemanta Gadget on my live writer is showing some related images which I can use in this post with one click.

When you start writing a post, Zemanta automatically offers affiliate linking support which will help you to earn more money. Zemanta collects information from spam-free database of 10000 news sources and blogs and it has an additional copyright filtering of suggested images.

For using Zemanta no need of any signup process and it is 100% free of cost. If you are using blogger, then follow this simple steps to add it to your Dashboard, New post( Post editor) near Amazon Widget.

Click here to add Zemanta gadget. to your blog.

ZEMENTA Then select one of your blogs in the drop-down box, and click Add Zemanta. This will add the gadget to the post editor for your selected blog, and take you to a new post page.

Here is a video that describes from Google Youtube that Zemanta Gadget.


Zemanta is available in individual versions and downloadable versions. Zemanta supports Blogger, WordPress, TypePad, Movable Type, Drupal, Tumblr and email platforms Google Mail and Yahoo!Mail.

Visit Zemanta website Download and find the required plugins for your browser. The plugin for Windows Live writer will help you to integrate Zemanta Gadget with your Windows Live writer software.

So what are you waiting for? Post your article and Zemanta will recommend it to other writers when they write about the same topic. More links, more traffic, more income. Yes, Zemanta can change your blogging life.

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shabnamahsan said...

hi Reetha
thanks a million for this very useful widget which makes blogging effortless. Now writting post is less time consuming as Zamanta is there for searching properly licensed images,coming up with tags & looking up relating links.

shabnamahsan said...

hi Reetha
I successfully installed Zamanata in my blogger but when I tried to download Zemanta LiveWriter Plug-in it say to run the plug-in to install without saving it but the problem is that when I clicked on plug-in it opens a window to save as there is no option of Run without saving... i saved it & tried to installed it but failed....what to do? plz help...I tried several times with same result :(

Aswani (Admin) said...

Thanks reetha for this post. very useful for me. Keep writing...btw, where are you ?

Budi said...

Nice blog with rich content. I like it and I also get the benefit.
I'm sorry it took so long before I could visit your blog after your visit to mine. Thank you for your vote. Success to you !

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