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Thursday, July 8, 2010


Another money making opportunity for all bloggers who are able to open your own directory. Directories are very popular to make links, make money and establish own blog or website for a  beginner. Here in this post, i would like to explain about how to make money by starting a directory. If you have any doubts regarding establishing a directory, please feel free to ask us. 

How to design a good directory

MAKE MONEY FROM DIRECTORY Designing of a directory is very important as the visitors must trust your directory. You can use standard design same like that of Dmoz. While designing, you must add more categories so that your clients can select any category of choice. You may use any template that is easy to download. Once you prepare your directory, please check its downloading time, by visiting here

Design must not be complicated for search engines to crawl. There must not be any broken links in the directory, and avoid spamming blogs or websites from the list. Upon every updating, you must check the authenticity and safety of a listed website.

Maintaining a good Page rank is very important factor for a directory to exist in the field. Your directory must have at least a Google PR of 4, an Alexa rank of below one lakh and get listed in almost all popular search engines. While starting a directory this is very difficult to achieve. So you can contact any good SEO companies to do the job, probably the only investment you need.

Once you design and establish your directory, then submit it to search engines. It is better to maintain a blog along this directory. Then submit that also to search engines. This will help to increase the visibility of your directory to search engines. Click here to know how to SUBMIT YOUR BLOG TO 51 SEARCH ENGINES.

You had to design a badge for those who apply for a link in your directory. Use photoshop to design a good badge. Then how you will make it available for others to copy from your directory - Click here for that technique. This method will help you know about how to make your “directory badge” available in your directory to make a link back to your directory.

How to make money from directory

The majority of directories earn their revenue from Paid Submissions in which a website or blog owner pays a certain amount to get listed in your directory.. A blog or website owner can list by using any of these three types.

Featured Listings where the submitted URL and details of a particular website or blog will appear at the top of a certain category in a bold and highlighted format. This helps the listed entity to  gain more traffic and higher PR. Here the directory owner can charge good fee for listing for specific term.

Regular Listings are normal listings in directories are classified according to PR, alphabetically, date of submission or according to any criteria that directory owner decides. Directory owner can decide a small fee for such listing.

Reciprocal Listings are a usually free service where the submitter has to link back to your directory in order to get listed. Some companies makes this also as paid service by quicker listing in the directory. If a submitter didn't pay the fee then it is not sure that when your submission will get listed.Reciprocal listings are helpful for the directory owner to make links for the directory and maintain the Page Rank.

Advertisements as another income source for directories

Advertisements are other major income source for directories. A directory owner can have different ways to make money using advertisements.

Link Money programs where the directory owner earns money from the links that are previously shortened with money paying URL shortening services. An easy way to make money especially in porn directories, where visitors aggressively click on most links. Major link money programs are Linkbee

Pay Per Click  or PPC is the most popular advertising program in which ads are placed on your blog and you are paid when ever your visitors click on it. Google Adsense or similar programs. The more the traffic you get, then more chances to earn money.

Directory affiliate program where a directory owner earn money from this is when the advertisement in your directory refer a user from your directory to buy a product from the advertising website. Eg: Google Affiliate Network and Amazon Associates.

Revenue Sharing sites are those sites where you can link your Google Adsense, Amazon Associates, Ebay accounts so that any revenue from impressions can be shared. This will increase the traffic to your directory also. Eg: Hubpages

Advertisement Slots – Here you must keep separate advertisement slots for individual advertisers to rent that space for certain period of time.

Ask for Donations for any good reasons by adding a PayPal donation button to your directory, requesting readers to make a monetary donation.

So what are you waiting for, start a new directory today itself

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