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Thursday, July 9, 2009


              Google updated the Page Ranks of most blogs recently. You may check your new Page Rank by using the PR CHECKER widget . Many of my readers, email me and ask about  how to improve their rankings further. I explain about some shortcut steps to improve your Page Ranks and  get more Traffic.

Have a look at how my blog came in a search of three keywords, like search engine optimization,finance,and stock markets information. My blog came in number two position and I will explain my readers some easy ways to achieve like this.


Before proceeding to submit your blog to online directories and search engines, just check whether your blog require any restructuring. Just read this and follow simple steps.




Benefits: Submitting your blog to search engines will definitely help you to get a higher Page Rank and get listed in those search engines. Here I will describe you about how to get indexed in Google, Yahoo,, MSN.

1. Google : I would like to take your attention to my previous article on GOOGLE INDEXING. It will provide a detail data with pictures on how to Index your blog in Google. In certain countries, Google have simplified the entire process than the one explained in my article. If you have any doubt, please feel free to ask me.

2. Yahoo : Please read this link to get a clear idea on index your blog in yahoo within five minutes. YAHOO INDEXING

3. Ask.comYou had to submit the sitemap to and get indexed quickly. Open a new Browser window, Copy and paste the below given link. Don't forget to replace the “xxxxxxx” in red color with the name of your blog. Then Click enter. If you have correctly copied this link, then it will show “ Your Sitemap submission was successful ”

4. MSN :  Submission of a blog to MSN is quite different from others. It require some complex procedures which I will describe you later. I suggest you a shortcut for this.

Submit your Blog sitemap to will automatically crawl and index those submitted to

Open a new Browser window, Copy and paste the below given link. Don't forget to replace the “xxxxxxx” in red color with the name of your blog. Then Click enter. If you have correctly copied this link, then it will show “ Thank you for your ping. ”

5. Alexa : It is very easy to submit your blog to Alexa for Crawl. Just click on this link and type the name of your blog at the end of the page and click “ Crawl My Site” CRAWL BY ALEXA



Benefits: Once you submit your blogs to below listed free social directories and communities, they will get automatically crawled and listed by various search engines. That means, you can save time and get higher rankings in shorter period of time. So start participating in these online communities and get listed quickly and earn higher rankings.

Click on the pictures to reach corresponding sites.

1. sd  Take an account, add your blog and actively take part in discussions. add your Twitter, Digg, and other similar accounts also. This directory helps a lot to get listed in Google

2.  image  Register, submit your blog, and submit your article links. Get noticed by AltVista, Google, Yahoo and many other search engines

3.  qw  Register and Submit your blog. Google and Yahoo accounts this.

4.  image Register, add your blog and submit blog article to others. Have significant effect on  Yahoo, Google rankings.

5.  image  Find right category of your blog, submit and wait for few weeks to get noticed by Yahoo, AOL, Netscape, Google, AltVista, Ask etc

6.  image  Submit your blog and get listed in many search engines like AltVista, Google

7.  image  Add your blog and Ping it. Get Indexed quite easily by Google and MSN

8.  image  Map your blog and find blogs nearby you. Get easily crawled by Google, Alta Vista

9.  image provides tools for both new and experienced bloggers. The submission to their directory helps to get listed in all search engines.

10. image Participating in bloggers choice awards also will help to get indexed in all major search engines. You are allowed to give each article wise URL and participate in that competition. It doesn't matter whether you get Votes or not, but you will get indexed by many search engines. Click on the picture to know how to take part in that Awards 2009.

Besides these blog directories, I can suggest another 300+ directories to you absolutely free of charge. Just read and follow the steps to know how to submit your blog to 300+ directories.

Click here to submit your blog to 300+ online directories free and quickly



If you are very lazy to submit articles by yourself to various directories, then I have a solution. Just use a free software, that can submit many articles to more than 50 active article directories.Submitting an article with a link back to our own blog is an important step in obtaining higher Page Rank.

Click here to submit articles from your blog to article directories free


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SentrUm said...

an excellent article, thanks, we are aiming to get a PR of 2. Hopes that your suggestions will work.

Alvin Tan said...

This is really a great tips for improving PR. I just started a Make Money Online blog last 2-3weeks ago. I am aiming to get a PR of 2 too.

Alvin Tan

anand said...

Hi, I am Anand. I have Voted your blog also. Its really an excellent blog. I read it frequently and learn a lot. Thanks

Reetha said...

Thankyou Mr Sentrum and alvin

Reetha said...

Thankyou Mr Anand for your kind comment

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Aswani (Admin) said...

Yes, Google recently updated page ranks. Mine was surprisingly updated to PR 4. bty, thanks for this informative post. very useful. Keep it up :)

Kathy Hodson said...

Thank you for posting on my blog, Jonah Blaine. I voted for you for the blogger choice awards. Great site. I really enjoyed this article. I will be following your website. Thanks again.

Reetha said...

Thank you jaya, Aswani and Kate..

Wajira said...

wow what a nice site. This is good article. Thanks for voting me for blogger choice. I voted you for best blog. Thanks.

ami said...

Thanks for this useful post. I have bookmarked this for future reference

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Reetha said...

Thankyou Admin and Ami for your nice comments

forexwatch said...

Very Informative. Thanks.

idyavie said...

Thanks 4 visiting my blog, feel free to visit my blog frequently.. thanks for your compliment in my blog.. actually i'm new-born in this blogging arena.. just 2 weeks. No nothing about blogging or www world. Thanks to all my supporter.. for advising, promoting me and give moral support. May i know which country you from? you girl? cause what i saw your nick name is collegegirl & Reetha? Still studying or work? Nice to meet you.. your blog very informative and i already voted your blog and being your blog follower.

Make Money Online said...

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Chandan said...

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Unknown said...

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SEO said...

Thanks for post. It’s really informative stuff.
I really like to read.Hope to learn a lot and have a nice experience here! my best regards guys!

Team Creatives said...

These are quite useful tips in getting your blogs noticed. One tip that you should remember is to use more than one strategy in getting your blogs noticed. This way, you will be sure to get the most audience.

Anonymous said...

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