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Wednesday, July 15, 2009


We are proudly announcing you that, we are actively present in blogosphere to repair and maintenance of any blog in BLOGGER.

We initiated this service absolutely free of charge. But due to the huge rush of applicants, we have decided to charge something as a donation for our Charity works. But you can decide by yourselves how much you can donate us and what services required by you.

Our Recent Maintenance Services

Include: Click on the Image to see the Blogs….








Our service aim to improve Page Rank, More Traffic and much more……

1. Restructure your blog

2. Inclusion of new layout depend upon the subject of the blogs

3. Restructure your blog so that Easily Crawl by Search Engines

4. Inclusion of New Widgets

5. Search Engine Optimization

6. Indexing your blog in Yahoo, Ask and Google

7. Setting Up Google Analytics

8. Setting Up Webmaster Tools

9. Inclusion of Twitter Account/Twitter Button/ Twitter

10. Inclusion of Blog Catalogue Widget

11. Inclusion of MyBloglog Widget

12. Inclusion of Traffic counters like Feedgit

13. Setting up FeedBurner account

14. Setting up of Adsense account

15. Setting up of Bidvertiser Account

16. Setting up of widgets and Account for your email

17. Setting Up of Headline Animator

18. Setting Up of New Adsense Slots

19. Setting up of Meta Keyword

20. Setting up of Meta Description

21. Changing Basic Layout HTML of Blogger basic templates

22. Comment box error repair

23. Any other special requests by you.


Negotiable depending upon the service required.


S K G Rao said...

This is reg my Blog repair,kindly send your bank a/c No.I wish to pay Rs.1001/= to see how good you are though I do not have any doubt.
S K G Rao

elpaso95 said...

Your good you know that! I did vote your blog (blogerschoiceawards) however, question? how can you vote for me when my blog was not even approved yet! i like you anywasy & thanks for the words of wizdom maybe someday i will have a fantastic amnount of subscribers as your blog.

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TayoBimbo said...

Nice article,keep it up

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