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Monday, April 26, 2010


I have never written so deeply about selecting templates for a blogger. There are many free templates available in internet which you can select depending upon the subject of your blog. It is very important that a blogger must use the most attractive template according to their need and way of monetizing. Free blogger templates are available in  single column, double column, three column, four column and flash based templates. Here in this post I will write about the different aspects of choosing a template.

Quick points to remember while selecting a template

  1. Select a template according to the subject of your blog.
  2. If you wish to monetize your blog with advertisements, then you may use a double column template or three column template. This will help your visitors to view the advertisements along the blog post.
  3. Never take a template with complex scripts and multiple framed templates
  4. You should check the features of the template very carefully because some templates don’t approve additional gadgets.
  5. After installing the new template, find out how much time it take to download your blog and how the search engines crawl your blog pages. Please click here to know how successfully your blog is indexed in search engines.
  6. Always backup your existing template in your computer before uploading new template.You can backup your existing template ahead of time by going to Layout > Edit HTML.

If you have trouble in adding new template from other sources, then try GOOGLE TEMPLATE DESIGNER.


Go to to log in to Blogger in Draft.Go to the Layout where you can see Template Designer as given below.


You can make different changes including background, font colors, other colors, style, width of the layout and any essential change you want to make in your template.  Once your designing finished, then click on “Apply to Blog” tab.

Still not happy? Simply put  “free blogger templates” in Google  and submit search. The websites that offers best free templates of all sizes will be in front of you within seconds. If you want further consultation, please feel free to ask us using our Contact Us form.

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Unknown said...

Thanks,I ahve been looking for a way to download new template for my blog.

shenoyjoseph said...

cool templates i really impressed

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