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Tuesday, April 20, 2010


Being a blogger, i was concentrating on how to develop a blog with certain tips and tricks. Recently some bloggers keep mailing me about their debts and seeking source for making quick money. So I did two month discussion with some of my fellow bloggers and friends who are leading a successful life. Here I am describing you about some tips that could raise some quick money as well as saving your wallet weight.

Make quick money

help sos Making quick money comes to your mind when you are in utmost need of money. Say for example, an emergency situation like, paying bills, taxes, health issues, payments related to family etc.


Sell a portion of your assets:

  • If you own some property or things, classify them to most required and less required. Sell some items that are less required for you to your friends, relatives or sell through auction websites. This way is suggested to avoid borrowing money for higher interest rates. Banks and individuals are ready to pay you in higher term of interests, which you may feel trouble in paying back due to compounded high rate of interest.

Donate your body parts

  • If you are not able to raise money any where, then think about donating some of your body parts like kidney, liver, hair etc. Seek medical advice and ensure your health before doing this.

Hire yourself

  • Many of us have special knowledge about certain technology like, mobile repairing, computer repairing, etc. Most of such knowledge are related to your hobbies and your knowledge may exceed than that of a professional in the same area. My one friend who is a health care specialist, had a hobby of collecting old motor cycles and now a master repairer of that brand. So, sell your knowledge, even if it looks meager for you, but can be a useful  for others.

Be a Street seller

  • Becoming a street seller or  a direct seller for a shorter period of time can earn u handsome money. I remember how we raised money during my college days, by selling candle to my college mates on the week before Holy Christmas. Selecting the right product is very important when you perform as a street seller or direct seller. Never try to sell woolen jacket on a hot sunny day.

Consider to take part in Clinical Trials

  • Many research companies require adult healthy young people to test their new vaccines, drugs etc in human being as a part of their clinical trials. Most of these tests are safe and well paying too

Seek Charity agents

  • There are some charity agents or trusts who provides money without collecting interests. Discuss your need with them and try to raise money for negligible service costs.

Ask your friends

  • Never feel shy to ask your friend or relative to lend you some money. Don’t forget to return the favor back when they are in real trouble.

Sell your beauty

  • If you feel that you are beautiful enough, then try modeling as a quick way to earn money. Other options are also there like money dating, escort service etc. Select the best one of your choice.

Make Regular income

Some people want to increase their regular income, and searches for multiple options

Do a part time job

  • Time is very precious and spent your time wisely by doing a part time job at least for 2 hours a day. The small income that you get from such jobs will definitely increase your bank balance.

Consider a part time business

  • I have friends who are doing small scale business after their regular duty time. Flower shops, evening restaurants etc are some of those options which you can select according to the nature of your living place.

Rent your  apartment

  • Never try to occupy full space of your apartment by yourself. Think about renting one or two rooms. This will provide you a small but regular income.

Convert internet as an income source

  • Many people waste their precious time by spending hours in Social media websites like  Facebook, Twitter etc. Try to develop a blog with monetizing it. The income may be less at the beginning, but you can earn a lot of money as you grow as  an active blogger. Adsense, Google Affiliate Network, Amazon, etc are good options for monetizing a blog or website. Many blogging jobs, freelance jobs are available in internet which you can try to earn some money. Remember not to invest huge amount of money in internet. Instead of that, maintain your website with all free monetizing techniques and then reinvest a part of that earned amount to develop it as your major income source.

Reduce your Life Insurance Premiums

  • Try to reduce your life insurance premiums by selling it to others, or cancelling it. Just remember that “Life insurance will never protect whose life is insured”. But never neglect Medical Insurances, as it will reduce the burden of your health maintaining costs in the annual budget.

Pay your bills and taxes in right time

  • Pay your bills and taxes in right time and save money from paying penalties. Remember, A penny saved is a penny earned.

Sell Serum or Semen periodically

  • You can consider selling your blood to blood banks or selling your active sperm to sperm banks. In certain cases, you will get a long term contract with such companies, especially if you own a rare blood group. Seek periodical medical advice before you opt this.


  • As the term indicates, try to produce food items in your own home itself. Ice creams, Cakes, Pickles are some of the items which you can make in your home and even try to sell it to known families or parties. Try to avoid packed food all time. Prepare fresh food and then market it to neighbors with all its freshness.

Reduce Utility costs

  • Try to save electricity, water, gas, petrol for car and all other bills. You can share this responsibility between your family members. Fix a target for them to achieve and then distribute prize for winners. The prizes must be something that is most useful for the winning member of your family. So save and earn money through fun.

Please try to implement all tips those suits you and comment back on us about how much you saved this month.

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Tomas said...

Your tips for saving were worthy pondering deeper. Many will found them beneficial. So I thank you for the sharing of you suggestions.
As for me, I couldn't apply into practice any, but that was so only due the specific of my concrete situation (I'm diagnosed as a sick for life, whose only source of income is the generosity of others)
Yet the utmost need of money teaches to save those, who have nothing except their love to life too - I do not print my artworks any more already for a long. So the "production cost" became much less.
While printing nothing, I have nothing to sell, yet I was greatly enriched by such comprehension of my situation - my gratitude to my family and all people who nurse me became much deeper.

Corporate Magician said...

Be careful when changing templates as last time I did I caused a load of broken links


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