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Thursday, July 28, 2011


While surfing through my favorite Automated Affiliate Program, VigLink,I noticed that they are hiring smart brains from all over the world. Here are some of them, as they say in VigLink website. “ VigLink is looking for exceptional engineers with strong Java or Scala skills and a well-rounded background in computer science, including algorithm design and programming languages. You should have a proven track record of delivering robust, high-availability applications and understand the ins and outs of scalable data processing and storage. You must be capable of designing new data models, developing high-performance software, and architecting web-scale infrastructure.




A few of the hard problems we're working on:

Semantic Search
Develop or license a catalog that asserts that URL A on Merchant 1 and URL B on Merchant 2 sell 'the same' product (with all the nuances and edge cases that implies.) Extract related metadata like pricing information
Data Mining
Analyze historical buying behavior across millions of transactions to identify relevant factors in customer merchant preference and expected revenue by merchant and product.
Real Time Auctions
Build a real-time auction comparing expected revenue per merchant calculated across dozens of factors and return a result in 200ms.
About You
  • You've substantially built something you can point to. Merely following instructions is not enough. We need people who build things.
  • You work for startups. Not as an aspiration but as a way of life.
  • You can communicate the good work you've done to us and to the other rockstars you'll be recruiting in your first week.
  • You're fun to be around and you appreciate other people who are the same.


  • BA/BS degree in Computer Science preferred with a strong academic record (MS/PhD or equivalent a plus).
  • At least 3 years of multi-threaded server-side web application programming experience using agile development techniques.
  • Strong Java or Scala skills and object oriented design experience, including working knowledge of core libraries and design patterns. For Java developers, experience with Hibernate and Spring MVC are pluses.
  • Excellent database development skills including advanced SQL programming, a solid understanding of database technologies, and logical and physical data modeling.
  • Experience with Hadoop MapReduce and Cassandra (or a different NoSQL technology) is desirable.
  • This position is full-time and on-site in our San Francisco office.

Please include descriptions of or (preferably) pointers to code you've written.

Bonus points: Links to your GitHub account, open source contributions or personal code projects.

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