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Thursday, July 21, 2011


After the tintinabulation by successful social networking and post submission services, the theory of survival of a blogger has been under constant revolution. Content is not the King. Instead of that, Link is the King. You may wonder how effectively I can prove this. Recently I saw a blog with copied stuff from different blogs and have a PageRank of 4.I was shocked seeing this, because it was against all my concepts of Content building. When I contacted that blogger, she explained about her natural way to link posts and how she overcome total links to specific post relatively to the original stuff. While thinking about the content, next question came to mind was about Templates.


Choose paid templates or Free Templates

There is nothing much to think. Choose free templates. Why? Two simple reasons. One is to reduce your cost in making a blog. Second one is that there is not much difference in paid template or free template from the angle of a Search Engine Bot.

Points to consider while selecting a Free Template

Check whether the Free Template delays your blog’s downloading time.

Check whether there is any hidden code included, that may display some unusual advertisements.

Check for links form that Template to any other website. There is nothing wrong in keeping a credit link of the original author.

Try to learn some HTML, then you can customize the Free Template and give a new look to it. Change the header image of your blog and make it in your own style.

Most of the Free Template offering sites are providing tips to edit, customize and to trouble shoot. Read it well before you install a Free Template.


Classic example of Free Templates is the one that is providing by Google Blogger. You can customize your blogs Template from your Dashboard as the way you wish.

So, don't waste money. If you have any doubt in fixing a Free Template, please feel free to ask me.


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