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Thursday, July 7, 2011


Many bloggers email me about the ways to increase the Adsense revenue. As per my experience, Adsense is the best source to create income from blogging and revenue sharing. After trying many other programs, now I am quite happy with Adsense. Initially, the income was very less. But after gaining PR3 and strong support from Google Search Engine, the income increased substantially. The income from Adsense for last month, is given below. I am not claiming that the amount shown below is a high level alternate income. But it is definitely a support to my charity works generated from seven posts per month and some revenue sharing.

 1. Increase Traffic: More traffic gives more clicks, that may produce more revenue from Adsense. So increase traffic to your website by

2. Select best subject for the blog : The subject or niche of the blog must be as popular as possible. Select the niche with high number of Advertisers available.

3. Best Format ad unit of Adsense: My suggestion is skyscrapers, banners or Text/link units in prime areas like header, sidebar etc. Link units can be incorporated where you provide some links related to your blog.

4. Location of ad unit: My opinion is that, the best location of an Adsense ad unit is on the header portion of the blog. Then left or right sidebars. Next preferred location is inside post or below post. Link units can be fixed anywhere.


5. Good Design to attract visitors: Text units will provide 3 or 5 ads at a time in the same ad unit, which have an increased probability of click by visitors to any one of them. Banner or skyscraper will display only one ad at a time, but are more attractive to get the immediate attention by a visitor. Link units  are relatively less productive.

6. Use Adsense sharing sites: There are many websites, approved by Google Adsense to share the revenue of your Adsense account. Simply provide your Adsense Id and let them bring the visitors. For example: Indyarocks

7. Choose the best Language: Depend upon your targeted audience and country, select the language. This may give some localized advertisements, which is having pretty high rates.


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