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Thursday, April 21, 2011


An excellent trustful way of making money from tweets. This is what I felt about Revtwt even though the offered amount was much less when compared to many other moneymaking services. Few months back, Revtwt stopped sending Autotweets (ads) to Twitter accounts as a part of following twitter Rules and Regulations. Now the happiest news is that, RevTwt is back in action with an option to make money by following rules and regulations of Twitter.

Take an account in RevTwt. Then add your Twitter account. You can add upto 10 Twitter accounts.

To save you time and earn more, you can use RevFeed to have ads sent to you automatically in a RSS feed and you can use any RSS to Twitter service to post the ads into your Twitter accounts. One service is Google Feedburner.

How to configure Google Feedburner and Revtwt

Please use the following steps to set up auto-posting of ads into your Twitter accounts:

1. Open an account in revtwt by clicking on the picture above. Then add your twitter account.

2. Click on the "Twitter Accts" tab and copy the RevFeed URL for your Twitter account.

3. Go to Google Feedburner.Login with your Google account login and password. Paste your RevFeed URL into the "Burn a feed right this instant" box, click on Next and follow the instructions.

4. Click Next on the following page. Then, click on the "Publicize" tab at the top.

5.Click on "Socialize" in the left menu, and Add your Twitter account.

6.Don’t forget to select "Body only" in "Post content", un-check "Include link", and un-check "Leave room for retweets", then Activate.

The ads from Revtwt will be posted into your twitter twitter account.

More ways to make money from Revtwt:

Revtwt offers to display ads to Facebook and display blog ads too. Also, referral program helps you to get more money from referrals opened an account through your account.

So what are you waiting for? Click on the Revtwt picture given above and join at the earliest.

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